Sunday, 25 August 2013


We've totally had to quit on the formatting on the last post, now EVIDENCE of the VAST GLOBAL COVERT CONSPIRACY; no less than an English lawyer, being attacked (we quit; successfully for the first time) in telling you about the CRIMINAL HARASSMENT of Honorary Judge of the Italian Supreme Court Ferdinand Imposimato  We've been helping him NAIL BILDERBERG if you didn't know:

Onwards, to MOR MOR MOR TRUTH, about the CRIMINAL SCUM that need WAR CRIMES TRIALS for IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, LIBYA, and for conductnig CHEMICAL WEAPONS illegal transhipment (UK > Benghazi > Syria (ever wonder why 'Ambassador' Stevens got RAPED?) ...  :)

Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - World Of Ruin

Published on Aug 19, 2013  Gerald talks about the upcoming summer edition of the Trends Journal.

Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Show

BONUS - if you dare?  (we tend to, with great trepidation)

Democracy Exposed - Tim Rifat 2013

The White Rabbit!  

Operations PRONTO U Human!

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