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Profile: President John F. Kennedy by WatchMojo

And so another morning in NAZI slave state Europe, and our first 'news story' is of the fact that Liz Cheney's lying on a GOVERNMENT form, is being censored in the UK, to The White Rabbit!

A click on this story,

Reveals this URL (on the face of the page; where DETAILS of the story, reside):


If one click that story on the top link, one obtains this from BT of their fiber-optic:

Note both INTERCEPT SOURCE (that would be politico, POLITICAL NEWS) and PARTICIPANT ID (that would I assume be Operation Occupy The Banks; me, The White Rabbit), and the screenshot below of what BT Internet (but not), presents to me, when I try reach the detail of the story, from politico's link, on it's page:

Using tor, of course, I get the full article, no problem.

But the vast majority of people in the UK would just assume the link was bad, and move on.


Welcome, to NOT BEING TOLD LIZ CHENEY (standing for Congress, of course, and daughter of wanted WAR CRIMINAL and THE main 911 PERP, Dicky Cheney), is so dishonest, she lies on goverment forms, even when the TOTAL maximum 'saving' for having done so, is get this, but USD $

We thought we'd move on to the ASSASSINATION of SWEDISH POLITICIANS; so luck there, not via Chrome:

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

Access a cached copy of www. thelocal. se/ 49764/ 20130821/

Never mind, we can obtain that from a another site:  wrong again:

Failed assassination of politician caught on camera by telegraphvideo

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

Access a cached copy of somalimidnimo. com/ salafi/ 2013/ 08/ swedish- politicians- shot- in- somalia- drive- by/

Assassinated Tunisian politicians killed with "same gun" by euronews-en
Oh well, you'' have to hear the 'truth' from the US 'Media' then (how convenient TRICKY DICKY, hey!):

Somali Gunmen Kill Swedish Politician, Wound Woman
MOGADISHU, Somalia August 21, 2013 (AP)"

Unidentified gunmen shot and killed one Swedish politician and wounded another in a drive-by shooting on Wednesday outside a university in Mogadishu, said police in Somalia.

The assailants in a car opened fire on the vehicle and no group immediately claimed responsibility, said Capt. Ali Hussein, a senior police officer.

Of course, REGULAR readers of .... The White Rabbit! ....  They know ALL about ABC's veracity:


But do you?

Politician assassinated in India by CNN International Give me a reason to continue.  Donate please.

Note, don't ATM send cash via the post, even with MORE than enough postage, we have now at least one report in, that your money will be returned to you, 'insufficient postage'.

Violent protest leads to politician assassination in Tunisia ‎ by PressTV

If you want to live in a freee world, and have at least ONE The White Rabbit! ... Telling you the TRUTH about the SLAUGHTER OF YOUR POLITIICANS, then you'd better STEP UP NOW.


The Politicians who Have Survived Assassination Attempts - Wolfgang Schäuble and Oskar Lafontaine | People by DW (English)

PS. Don't be a DUMBO; the link likely WORKS for YOU; it's CENSORED TO PUBLISHERS LIKE ME! ;) (someone confirm please via comment).  Do note the LOGOS on the GRAPHIC .... you know BRITISH (but clearly NOT) BT, and of course, NSA Yahoo.

Hint: no more stories (you know, REAL ONES, unlike ABC News, still panning out the MUSLIMS DID IT, BULLSHIT, etc, etc, etc, until more donations.  U work for free, doing a dangerous job, do you?

How do you pay your necessary expenses?  Summer's almost over, and thus the FREE FOOD (that I GREW, ready, for this day).  No more donations, NO MORE REAL NEWS; and you can watch your own destruction on the PAEDO-MK-BBC (but not ;))

I cannot continue; I need FUNDS, to be able to pay for VPN and other goodies, to keep the intel flowing, and ALSO FOOD and RENT; I'm NOT BORROWING ANOTHER PENNY to save ASSHOLES who WON'T HELP ME IN ANY WAY; takers, SCUMBAGS, and PATHETIC NINNIES, scared of NAZIS.  Those people, this planet, CAN (and SO WILL, mark my words well), DO WITHOUT).

Don't have ONE DOLLAR; don't MAKE ME LAUGH.

A way to advertise on site, coming up, hopefully later today (and long overdue). But no donations, and stuff like the above, is likely going behind a paywall. After all, you pay the BBC for 'news' that isn't; time you learned, if you don't donate, REAL news, costs, too.

I'm correcting my faults (I'm gong to focus on ME, like YOU do). Are you going to even try dissuade me?




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Hacking The Rabbit (Tryin ;))

And no, I cannot be bothered to tell you the INFOMATION THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE (been doing that all along, and ONLY 15 of you ACTUALLY DID DONATE! 

Get it DUMBO?!?!?!

NO donations - YOU SNOOZE NOW; you LOSE.

Playing it safe; a DEADLY GAME. ;) 

The White Rabbit!  

Operations PRONTO U Human!

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  1. Note, CONTRARY to our report above, it seems Ms Ann-Margarethe Livh survived this assassination attempt:

    "Gunmen have killed two men and wounded Swedish politician Ann-Margarethe Livh, 64, after firing on their vehicle in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, officials say.

    The three were shot as they were returning to Ms Livh's hotel after she gave a lecture on democracy at the city's university, witnesses said.

    The motive for the attack is still not clear.

    Somalia is battling an Islamist-led insurgency and high levels of crime.

    'Fleeing gunmen'
    Last week, medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said it was closing all its programmes in Somalia because of "extreme attacks on its staff".

    Somalia has been without an effective central government since the overthrow of long-serving ruler Siad Barre in 1991.

    Police officer Capt Ali Hussein said Ms Livh was being treated at a hospital run by the African Union (AU) force in Mogadishu

    "Ann-Margarethe Livh, group leader of the Left Party in Stockholm, suffered a gunshot wound in Mogadishu today," her party's spokeswoman, Aasa Mattsson, told AFP news agency.

    The two men killed are believed to be a Somali translator and a police officer acting as a bodyguard, Reuters news agency reports." Continues.


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