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  1. Free Trade Is Piracy - there is no such thing as 'Free Trade' ! We have to reject this constant 'brain washing' to which we are subjected. - Dr John Coleman

    1. Piracy is theft (on the high seas); THEFT. FREE trade, is exactly that; and wherein trade is truly free, who can but complain of the exchange of two persons, of two goods and/or services, IF BOTH PARTIES TO THAT EXCHANGE agree to it.

      I fear you equate 'Free trade' with something else entirely; theft. I would suggest "Economics in One Lesson"; you need some real basics.

      I'm afraid the communists have your mind.

  2. In brief -[The British East India Tea Company: the men who owned this company became fantastically rich beyond belief through their nefarious dealings with countries besides their own, brutal in getting their way in order to gain the fantastic wealth and possessions that they have. It is their off-springs who carry-on that tradition, and it is these off-springs who formed The Committee of 300 in order to possess and rape the rest of this planet and kill off anything that stands in its way. (They make the Rothschilds look like 'pipsqueaks')]

    Dr John Coleman -
    ...Who and what is The Committee of 300? - They are a 'Super National' body that knows no boundaries, respect the laws of no countries, they are a committee of 300 men who rule the world they're known only to each other and nothing happens without their consent.

    The Federal government - the 'secret upper parallel government' that runs the United States DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ! that you have an 'upper parallel government' that 'calls-the-shots', that dictates what is going to happen to your lives and mine. What are their goals?: their goals are a 'One World Government' that will be called the 'New World Order'.

    The New World Order began with King George the 3rd, at the time when the colonists were brave enough to take him on. King George was already busy formulating a One World Government and he had lined up at least 50 countries that were willing to come into this future world dictatorship with him. The goal then very simply stated are to make the world over into a one world, new world order dictatorship controlled utterly and completely by this committee of 300.
    How can they possibly carry out their goals? They do it, by 'dint and by the virtue', of their fantastic wealth and the fact that they control thousands of the top banking institutions, the political organizations, insurance companies eg - they control the American giant - Metropolitan of New York (which is peanuts!) compared to the Assicurazioni Generali that's the biggest insurance company in the world - everything that happens in the world in the insurance field comes from out of Venice, that's why Venice is so important because in Venice we have the Black Nobility...more later...
    So their goals are a one world dictatorship of the most brutal kind and how they carry it out as they have, is that they have these interfaced banks and insurance companies, mining conglomerates, every conceivable control in politics including the Democrat party of the United States, which is of course since 1980 behind 'closed doors' at the 'secret quarters' of Washington DC the Democrat hierarchy took on the goals of the old Socialist Party USA ie based upon communist manifesto of 1848. In his book - The Committee of 300 - lists everyone of their huge gigantic corporations how they interface and this is an eye-opener because it gets right down to the nitty-gritty of your everyday life in the cities and towns across United States.
    ...also of course they have built up some special organizations of their own... revealed the existence of the Royal Institute of International Affairs located at Chatham House in * James Square in London. Also revealed the existence of the Club of Rome ...[25:00] listed all of these secret societies that run the world as executive arms of the Committee of 300.
    ...the Royal Institute of International Affairs is the executive arm of this committee which gives instructions to the United States government to this very day, the chain of command is as follows - every secretary of state as had been appointed since 1919 is appointed by the Royal Institute of International Affairs think you vote to put a conservative in the White House and then he appoints, supposedly or allegedly, conservative people who carry out the policies that you wanted him to implement,...cont

  3. ...find a conservative secretary of state since 1919 and if you search diligently and apply the correct rule you will come up blank...every one of the secretary of state was chosen in London by the R.I.I.A, as was President Wilson, as was Roosevelt, as was James Earl Carter (he was especially chosen because he had three mental break-downs, and they thought that he would be a good guy to manipulate)26:44 ...the Royal Institute of International Affairs had ordered David Rockefeller to find a candidate who was totally weak, preferably a little mentally weak and they got one of the greatest 'brain-washing' specialist in the world - trained by The Tavistock Institute - for human relations Dr Peter Bourne on the job, he said "Funny you should say that, one of my patient is a guy from Georgia, James Earl Carter, and this guy can't take rejections and he's been to me three times for nervous break-down." (27:30... &more)
    ...they also did exactly the same thing with William Jefferson Clinton (28:10 this one's an eye-opener) because we had the story of the Club of Rome ... more 29:00

    So the R.I.I.A - the Royal Institute of International Affairs does control everything that happens in the United States. They give their orders to the Morgan Guarantee & Trust Bank on Wall Street. The chief executor of that organization is Dennis Weatherstone and he duly relays the order over to the Secretary of the State, whoever that happens to be, and he then relays the order to the President . There was one exception to this and that was during the illegal 100% unconstitutional 'Gulf War' illustrate the power that the Royal Institute of International Affairs exercises over the affairs of the United States of America. When George Bush was hesitating and didn't know whether he should get into the Gulf or not the Prime Minister of Britain Mrs Margaret Thatcher came over to the Committee of 300's headquarters at the Aspen Institute of Colorado and this is the phone call she had with George Bush, she said "George this is Margaret, get your ass up here I've got some orders for you about the Gulf war!" And Bush went scurrying up there like a little messenger boy and the next thing we know there was this massive out pouring of propaganda to start a war against the nation of Iraq and a nation that had NEVER done this country one iota of harm. I use those illustration in order to give you the extent of the control exercised by this Committee of 300.

    There are many other societies that are operating for the R.I.I.A - the Illuminati which has been around for many, many years (Illuminati In America, 1774 to 1994 - Dr John Coleman). A lot of people think that this an ancient secret society that's gone away, they think that Adam Weishaupt had a quarrel with the catholic church...Don't you believe it ! Thirteen of the top family of the United States are in the Illuminati today and they have a BIG SAY on everything that happens politically in this country.

    Then we have the Society of Cincinnati, that is an ultra, ultra secret society to which every president of the United States is forced to belong including our so-called president. I point this out to you to show you that it doesn't matter 'who' is in the White House this Committee of 300 through the Royal Institute of International Affairs, through the Council of Foreign Relations, exercises complete control, but their strongest arm is called the Club of Rome.

    The Club of Rome is one of the most insidious baneful organizations in existence today [32:50], which has done intolerable, immeasurable harm to the United States of America. He immediately wrote a paper in which he said, "There are too many people on the earth that the United States with its industrial development and its agricultural redevelopment is responsible for this ? over population." [33:32]

  4. And he picked this documentation of his work from Lord Bertrand Russell the senior statesman of the Committee of 300. Lord Bertrand Russell had written a work called "The Impact Of Science On Society", and if you can ever secure a copy of that book which I doubt you'll ever be able to get, you will see in there that he said, "The world is grossly over populated we have to get rid of at least half of the worlds population and it doesn't matter how we do it."

    So the Club of Rome was instituted and organized to start an attack on the world's population using the United States as the whipping boy. And they came up with the paper called 'The Zero Growth Industrial Post Plan for Industry and Agriculture for the United States of America'. Three days after that plan was accepted by the official United States policy by James Earl Carter I was able to through my intelligence people to get a copy of this insidious document. Basically what it said was, "That the middle-class of the United States of America has to be destroyed because in the coming push to a world order the middle-class would be the stumbling block, because history has shown that the peasant-class in ancient days when they had revolted were just easily crushed, there was no resistance, but now they have grown a new 'super-class' of people in the United States called the middle-class who had long-term employment, they had job security, who were well paid, who could afford to buy the products that were made by the United States didn't need to buy products from China or anywhere else and the Club of Rome's post industrial zero paper said "This has got to stop! We have to bring down the middle-class of the United States, and the way that we will do this, the way that we will accomplish this task is: By Crushing Their Industries! "

    In 1980 based on this report I wrote a small 'work' a booklet called "The Death Of The United States Steel Industry" - Dr John Coleman, in that I told of a French aristocrat [36:12]....& more...

  5. All of the above ALREADY on site in MULTIPLE LOCATIONS.

    Truth is, the USA JUST LOVES BEING A **SLAVE CAMP**.

    Just LOVES GENOCIDE; the FAKE FIAT MAGIK TRIX DEPT had their MINDS; and now it's cming to KILL THEM, and they STILL only think 'How much can I make on my INVESTMENT in my OWN GENOCIDE'.

    They're LOST.

    They're COWARDS.

    And they're BRAINWASHED.



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