Thursday, 15 August 2013


Just in, from the Orion Belt. ;) 

"Humanity's time is now. Deep down in the essence of our heart, we have known that something in this system is wrong. We are now consciously realizing that it is the system itself. It has given us a false sense of growth, one that will not suffice anymore. We are becoming aware of this and are connecting back to our core essence - LOVE. In awareness of that, a new system is emerging. This is 'The Love Revolution.'

NOTE: This event is global. If you cannot make it to New York on 9/23/2013, unite locally. WE have the power. WE will be the reason this movement succeeds. WE will be the reason the system changes.

The reason why we are meeting at New York on 9/23/2013, is because there is a UN meeting on that day. Representatives of all countries will be there. The reason why the importance of this event is so critical is because we have an ambassador that is not 'from here' who reveals truth to humanity at that place, on that date. Now I may have gotten your attention thus far, and I may have lost you just now, but please be open minded - for the sake of humanity's future depends on it.

This person I talk about, she is an ambassador of her kind. You can follow her on twitter at @Cynthia_418. When I say her kind, it does not mean she looks like an alien. Her biology is that of a human, but her consciousness is not. The changes we see throughout this planet is that of consciousness, and she has come here with a mission. That mission being to unite humanity, and to reveal HUMANITY'S TRUTH to us on that day. We are working together with her in order to bring full potential to this movement.

If you are skeptical on aliens being on Earth already, please watch this video:

This is just a simple video of Canadian Ex Minister of Defense publicly disclosing aliens working with the government and being on this planet.There is much more evidence out there if you do the digging. Even if you are skeptical, please consider. Humanity needs it. The state of this world will not be fit to live in with the current ways of this system. It needs changing.

If you need a reason for you to come on that day, please read this article:

Again this is simply very generic, mind opening, information that will help to give you a nudge in the right direction. We have known this system was wrong. We have known that we need to stand up, but we were too scared. It is time to break free from that fear and say enough is enough.

This event cannot succeed to it's full potential without YOU. The unification of a collective consciousness such as humanity's is essential in the succession of this event. The UNITY of HUMANITY is what will bring change in this system. We will stand firm, we will not harm, we will love - and through love we will bring change.

Bring signs. Bring noisemakers. Bring your friends. Bring your family. Bring everyone. Bring your love, and bring your positivity. This is a peaceful gathering, there will be no weapons, no causing trouble, just love and a powerful message.

Humanity needs this. The system lacks love. Anything that lacks love for too long will run it's self to destruction. We are on that path of destruction. We are killing our brothers and sisters daily. Our brothers and sisters starve and lack clean water because we refuse to distribute resources fairly. We are ravaging the planet's resources at break neck speed. There is corruption in the government. The government lacks transparency. They take away our rights daily. Free energy is suppressed. Our foods manipulated. Big pharma continues to poison us. There is fluoride in our water. Manipulation of media and information. The monetary system tainted with greed and corruption. We have been turned into slaves feeding a perpetual debt system that will last eternity if we let it. The list goes on.

This is not freedom. This is not living. This goes against every part of our being. Change will come. But only if we unite. The unification of humanity on this day is what will push for the system change. STAND STRONG. IF YOU DON'T STAND FIRM FOR YOUR RIGHT, YOU WILL HAVE NO RIGHT.

We stand up for a better future. Our actions now will lay the foundation for what it is like for our children. The seeds we plant now will determine the fruit we harvest. Don't be afraid. Unite.

Social media will be our bestfriends in assisting with this.

Follow us on twitter:

Follow Cynthia on twitter:

Share this movement, invite all your friends, tell everyone.

Use the hashtag #theloveevolution
Tweet positive messages, tweet messages waking people up, just tweet about it. Raise awareness, because OUR efforts are the DIRECT OUTCOME of this event.

You have received the message. It is your responsibility to pass it. This event is very real. The movement has begun."


You think I'm joking?

  1. 9/23 is the day. We will be at the UN to reveal truth. It is time. :)
  2. What u mean I've gotta try stay alive another 7 days <gg> oh shit <g»

  3. They are bullies and cowards. They ran for the hills when they realized they are not the strongest. We evened the sides. :)
  4. Do you want to pastebin me your thoughts for publication? Why not. If u r who you say u r, teach these Human ;)
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It's TIME!


Let's ROLL!


Friday, 15 June 2012

The Dalai Lama's consciousness soars to new heights with one of the planet's only living gods realising gods do not exist - a clearer sign of ASCENSION there could not be: the Dalai Lama has ASCENDED INTO FULL RATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS!   Superstitions and Lore no more for the Dalai Lama!  Like The White Rabbit:  THE ONENESS - WE ARE ALL ONE ... as this short video calls it, or, as The White Rabbit prefers to mischievously re-title:  

Quantum Mechanics, Buddha & ... The White Rabbit!"


Will U make the QUANTUM LEAP??? RABBIT 'WE R 1'    it's COSMIC! RT  

Or alternatively, meet the visitors .....

Or are WE the visitors?


The White Rabbit!  

Operations PRONTO U Human!

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