Thursday, 29 August 2013


"BREAKING NEWS: Rolf Harris charged with nine counts of indecent assault in the 1980s and four of making indecent images of a child in 2012

  • The entertainer, 83, biggest name to face trial following Operation Yewtree
  • Charged with 6 indecent assaults relating to girl, 15, from 1980 to 1981
  • Accused of 3 indecent assaults relating to girl, 14, in 1986
  • Charged with 4 offences are of making indecent images of a child in 2012
  • Star will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on September 23

"KARMA - Payback is a Bitch - Yours is coming

 we DID tell you! ;) #censorednewsnow :) Way back :)   V 

"Currency Spikes at 4 P.M. in London Provide Rigging Clues

"Brokerage giant Merrill Lynch has settled a racial discrimination lawsuit for $160m (£103.1m), which could affect as many as 1,200 employees in the US."


"Dr. Paul Craig Roberts * Counterpunch

Washington and its British and French puppet governments are poised to yet again reveal their criminality. The image of the West as War Criminal is not a propaganda image created by the West’s enemies, but the portrait that the West has painted of itself.
The UK Independent reports that over this past week-end Obama, Cameron, and Hollande agreed to launch cruise missile attacks against the Syrian government within two weeks despite the lack of any authorization from the UN and despite the absence of any evidence in behalf of Washington’s claim that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the Washington-backed “rebels”, largely US supported external forces, seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.
Indeed, one reason for the rush to war is to prevent the UN inspection that Washington knows would disprove its claim and possibly implicate Washington in the false flag attack by the “rebels,” who assembled a large number of children into one area to be chemically murdered with the blame pinned by Washington on the Syrian government.
Another reason for the rush to war is that Cameron, the UK prime minister, wants to get the war going before the British parliament can block him for providing cover for Obama’s war crimes the way that Tony Blair provided cover for George W. Bush, for which Blair was duly rewarded. What does Cameron care about Syrian lives when he can leave office into the waiting arms of a $50 million fortune."

Medine feat Orelsan "Courage Fuyons" en live dans Planète Rap. by skyrock


The White Rabbit!  

Operations PRONTO U Human!

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