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Someone really doesn't want this read; so much so, we thought we'd republish in full!


PART EXTRACT (machine translated):

"04 X3 X3 HEARING (SECTION ROYAL FAMILY) - Participants in the evenings: Prince Charles Prince of Belgium King Baudouin LIEGE LIEGE 1 Prince (Young) Prince Charles - Victim SOLANGE (enucleated by X3 at a social evening). X3 victim from March to December years (rape, torture, orgies, bestiality, prostitution)From 03 to 08 years: rapes her parents and friends of his parents Familly little sister or easy it was delivered to the winner oforganized bridge parties Initially her: touching but then made increasingly violent until partial removal of the clitoris Participants: COPPENS Roger ADRIAANSSEN Henry SMET François and his wife Jeanne, René EYNDE VANDEN doctor who retapait after sessionsdeflowered by her father then raped by the men present Towards 07-08 years: partial removal of the clitoris by COPPENS in the presence of other cities food poisoned childrenthat one of them is sick at a party the game was to bring him any kindobjects into her vagina and other body orifices (carrot, poker) Rape by VANDEN EYNDE in his home OOSTDUINKERKE - report painful12 years after it was introduced in a pedophile network with three types of evenings Evenings pictures Her mother made as attractive as possible for the men who came to see the children She departed sex Evening shows Her mother used drugs (medicines) to doze (injection or oral - PHENERGAN?) Her father drove her to a place of rendezvous She was supported with other children in a black Mercedes, interior leather with two benches facingAlso supported in American car pink with white roof Journey led by CHARLY long enough with yellow lamps luxury homes 

Always note: it is about the two "houses" distinct that when unfolded and shows where the hunts took place Its the resumed at the venue up and brought her to the house where the cared VANDEN EYNDE On site car stopped on a parterre before the hoEssentialuse house surrounded by a park Two supervisors on site: RALF WALTER and children were brought to one stone turret with natural wooden door there was probably one floor to the left of an underground turret turret to underground caves without light - land and slope In the cellars there were cells where the children were locked in waiting their turn There were also cells for the dogs (dobermans)The corridor overlooking a theater in the tower: dead children's body in various stages of decomposition (sometimes dismembered and / or missing parts) and carcasses of dogs Spectators: always the same but difficult to identify - about fifty She recognized the regentCharles, King Baudouin and King Albert and two other and she called CHARLY POLO She thinks to have recognized Willy CLAES and Dr. VANDEN EYNDE dogs obedient to RALF WALTER Dogs and drugged to be excited Spectacles = orgies, kills children and dogs ... Theater with strong smell of dog excrement Dogs loose in the garden --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- GILLES (12 years?) POLO has been emasculated by the other children have to drink his blood She believes have seen cut into theroom with the dead ------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- - Girls slashed with razor blades lips sex X3 were partially cut and were given food to dogs ------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- ---Hunting prepared by CHARLY POLO and Present: Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb (??) In another place Big white house with floor stables Park fountain with round basin and out of character naked children were released and when they were caught, they were violated hunting ended with torture in the theater the fat lips of a girl were sliced ​​and given to dogs --------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- deflower a girl 7-9 years a dog exciting product on the sex of the girl The other children have to lick the blood ---- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------Around the age of 10 years she has other children learn note: she said, however, that This happens after the 12 years ------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- A baby eaten by dogs ---- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Childbirth Cesarean Baby teenager ripped belly and gave the dogs She saw the POLO dismembered mother to death in the room
She saw dead dogs in this room ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ She's eating human flesh cut on the corpses of the dead piece She had to eat pieces of children (fingers) served in gelatin Good taste - slightly sweet This caused a huge sensation of hunger and thirst Drinking blood relieved the thirst - -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Delivery of a single woman soon birth the baby was eaten by dogs after birth: the mother rape by POLO ert CHARLY Theremains of the child had to be eaten by children attending POLO kills"


U getting it yet Yanks?!?!?! They're SATANISTS: PROOF:



Producing (Real ;)) Futures
Automate Sales/Meme Growth
International Ritual Child Sacrifice, Torture and Trafficking: SURVIVOR SPEAKS OUT!


Meet Toos of the family Nijenhuis. She is a 54 year old Dutch lady, and is quite possibly one of the bravest people we have ever had the privilege to gather information from. Words can simply not describe this tale of horror that Toos so delicately portrayed to us.
According to Toos, she was ritually raped and tortured from the age of 4 years old by her parents, family doctor, and the minister of the local church. Toos has also been trafficked all over the world with many other children, some of whom were murdered in terrible ways. Toos described various acts of sexual abuse and torture, as well as being made to partake in human hunting games at castles all over Europe, Wales and Scotland.

Perhaps the most shocking part of this tale, is that in the list of names given by Toos, were the highest members of royalty and church.

This case is being documented and entered into evidence in the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State's European office, to be used as evidence in future hearings.

If anybody has been ritually abused, or has any information that can help with our investigations, please get in touch with us:"


Onto the other side of the pond .... believe it or not, the main faire for this page! <gg>


August 13, 2013 · by Vox Populi · in Anonymous, Human Rights, Restore the Bill of Rights,Restore the Constitution, Vox Populi. ·

Vox Populi

Vox Populi

Restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

  • Leave journalists alone so they can do their job
  • Stop all domestic surveillance programs
  • Get your grubby hands off The People’s Internet!
  • You’re not taking our guns!

Political Re-establishment

  • Dissolve the current system of political parties
  • Remove corporate and special interest influences in politics and government
  • Re-establish the US Constitution….by The People, for The People
  • Re-vamp the compensation packages for all elected officials
  • Completely remove the lobbying system from the political process
  • Any person that has a link to, or is a member of the top 1% wealth is not eligible to participate in creating public policy or government of any kind, period.

Reduce the Size of the Federal Government

  • Re-Align Federal agencies and end redundancy and waste

Remove and/or Reduce the Powers of the Federal Government & The Office of The President

  • Eliminate the Executive Order powers of The President
  • End indefinite detention without due process of law
  • Repeal and declare The PATRIOT Act unconstitutional
  • Abolish all weather and climate control programs, including HAARP andChemtrails.

Dismantle the “Big 7″ Overpowered Government Agencies

  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • National Security Agency
  • United States Federal Reserve System
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Internal Revenue Service

Re-Vamp Government Agencies that are Broken

  • Social Security Administration
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of State
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Transportation
  • Veterans Administration

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Follow the US Constitution to the letter and balance the Federal Budget
  • Re-establish funding for Social Security so it can not be raped and pillaged by crooked fucking lawmakers and/or agencies
  • Re-establish the Gold Standard
  • Eliminate income taxes
  • Establish a new tax system based on purchased goods and services
  • Eliminate all tax exemptions for non-profit groups, including all church groups, faith groups, and religious entities.
  • Promote manufacturing of goods in the United States
  • End the abuse of public assistance programs


  • Get serious about the infrastructure issues we are facing
  • Start a real program for fixing roads and bridges


  • Petroleum dependence must end!
  • Promote programs to develop clean energy NOW!

Human Rights

  • Ban all GMO food. Manufacturing, development, import, export, sale or distribution. NO GMO!
  • End all drone operations world-wide. This policy of mass murder needs to stop.
  • Stop treating our Veterans like shit. The entire VA needs to be re-done from top to bottom.
  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Stop trying to control who we can love and be married to, regardless of gender.
  • Equal rights for all people, period.
  • Re-affirm the separation of church and state. Religion has absolutely no place in public policy or government, period.
This is certainly not everything that needs attention, but we need to start somewhere. Now let’s work together to get this done.

heh! V

The White Rabbit!  

Operations PRONTO U Human!

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