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South Koreans protest against Japan and North Korea

South Koreans protest against Japan and North Korea by reuters

South Koreans vent their anger over Japanese colonial rule in Seoul on Friday.

March 1st is the 94th anniversary of resistance to Japan's occupation of the Korean peninsula between 1910 and 1945.

Protesters demanded apologies from Japan for the past, and have boycotted Japanese goods.

In a speech marking the anniversary, South Korean President Park Geun-hye said Japan must take on an "attitude of responsibility" if it's to play a leading role in East Asia in the 21st century.

President Park also urged North Korea to stop its provocative nuclear activities, after its nuclear test explosion two weeks ago.

Park said that provocation by the North would lead to stronger counter-reponses.

North Korea's latest nuclear test, its biggest and most powerful to date, has led to further sanctions by the United Nations.

North and South Korea are still technically at war since the 1953 Korean conflict ended without a peace treaty."

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Critics of South Korea's national intelligence agency held "one-person protests" across Seoul on Wednesday. Protesters condemned the agency's recent scandals and alleged political maneuvering to support the current conservative government. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) is accused of running an online smear campaign against liberal opposition candidates during the 2012 presidential elections. 
Wednesday also marked Constitution Day in South Korea, a national holiday when citizens celebrate the adoption and public declaration of their constitution. Using Korean hashtags that translate to"Constitution Day one-person protest" and "NIS-gate", activists called for more accountability from the NIS.

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"Posted on : 2013-05-20 18:02

On May 19, a National Intelligence Service (NIS) document which classified opposition politicians as North Korean supporters was newly uncovered. And an NIS official involved in creating this document was confirmed to be working in Cheong Wa Dae. These latest discoveries have further fueled the NIS "political intervention" scandal.

People claim that prosecutors investigating the allegations of online posts by a psychological intelligence team under the third deputy director of the NIS should immediately expand the scope of their investigation and look into the national interest division, which is suspected of having drawn up this document, under the second deputy director. In particular, it was uncovered that a senior NIS official who received a report of this document has been working at Cheong Wa Dae since President Park Geun-hye took office, stirring controversy.

Democratic Party lawmaker Jin Sun-mee released a document titled, "Block a Series of Attacks by Spreading Word that the Left's Argument on Tuition Was Fabricated" this day, and Jo, a grade-6 public official in the national interest division's society team, under the authority of the second deputy director, was revealed as the person who created the document. According to this document, Chu, who seems to have been the head of the society team, was one of the people who received a report of this document."

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