Friday, 26 July 2013


Here we go; ASSASSINATION TRIX DEPT of the ILLUMINATI hard at play; RIP

Tunisia: Outrage Over Assassination by tvnportal

Whodunnit again? Tunisia reels after its second major political assassination in six months. Franois Picards panel looks at the timing  both domestically and in the wake of Egypts upheaval.
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"Tunisian opposition member Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead in the capital Tunis on Thursday, six months after the murder of another secular leader sparked a national crisis. Thousands of secularists have poured on to the streets in protest.
Several Islamist party offices and government buildings have been set on fire.  Police in Tunisia’s second-largest city of Sfax have fired teargas to disperse hundreds of protesters who stormed a local government office while demonstrators threw stones at them. There were no immediate reports of casualties. 
President Moncef Marzouki, who leads a secular center-left party, has called for calm in the face of “plots against Tunisia’s national security”.

Anyone know any EVIL BASTARDS who have no problem coving up GLOBAL CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES, and who might be self-interested in ensuring no SECULAR leader took charge of Tunisia?

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