Friday, 26 July 2013

#OCCUPY SOLUTIONS #Boycotts #Buycotts (& #BUYOUTS ;)) #OccupyVentureCapital Dare U?

It's time to REVERSE the PROFITABLITY of the CHILD SEX INDUSTRY; it's time to DESTROY those companies, who would profit from CHILD RAPE; companies, inclduing the British (but Israeli ?) Broadcasting Corporation; known CHILD RAPE COVER-UP ARSETISTS (sic).

SEND Conspiracy Chicks 07 - Protest The Pope! (HD)  It's TIME!

It's time to DESTROY those businesses, using PERFECTLY LEGAL means. ;) Yes, yes!  It's TRUE!

It's TIME to focus on SOLUTIONS!

Humanity Arising #Ascension #TRUTH          SEND COPTERS!!!!!!


And also we would like to add BUYOUTS, if you'll support us to get UP AND RUNNING with:  (not yet live) ;)

Contact us if you're interested (and are an accredited investor, willing and capable of proving it).

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Nikola Tesla Secret

Producing (Real ;)) Futures


The White Rabbit!

PS: U wanted SOLUTIONS We've been digging 4 HUMANITY!

  1. RADICAL Problem needs RAD SOLUTION!!!!! 
  3. SOLAR - Do It Yourself DUMBO!  It's almost FREE!!!
  4. Heritage Seeds EVERYWHERE  Order Yours Now!
  5. Use the Solar Power 2 Effortlessly IRRIGATE 
  6. Heat: Home /Power Plant (sell excess; BUY METAL)! 
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Nikola Tesla Secret

#MUSIC Medine feat Orelsan "Courage Fuyons" #LIVE

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