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You decide who you listen to, this guy:

"n 2005, Glenn Greenwald began blogging about politics and national security to complement his day job as a constitutional and civil-rights lawyer in New York. Two years later, his blog Unclaimed Territory was picked up by Salon. In early June of this year, Greenwald began breaking for the Guardian newspaper a landmark series of stories culled from top-secret National Security Agency documents obtained through his relationship with whistleblower Edward Snowden. Greenwald’s facilitation of the NSA leaks has placed him close enough to the epicenter of a divisive political debate about privacy and security that he has himself become integral to the discourse. I spoke to him about his experience over the phone from his home in Rio de Janeiro.
Editor’s note: the transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.
Did Edward Snowden reach out to you directly, out of the blue?
He emailed me back in December of last year, anonymously, and said something along the lines of “I and a few other people have some things that you’d be interested in. The problem is we can only communicate with you by encrypted email, so do you have PGP encryption?” I answered him and said “I’ll do it in the next couple of days and then you can email me back.” And he emailed in a few days and said “Did you do it yet?” and I said, “No, I haven’t done it yet,” and then he sent me step-by-step instructions — encryption for idiots, basically.
At this point I still didn’t know who he was or what he had. I frequently get people saying, “I have a huge thing for you,” and the vast majority of the time it turns out to be bullshit. So I didn’t prioritize it, but after a couple of days he wrote me back, and I still hadn’t done it. Then he made me a step-by-step video that he posted on YouTube about how to install and use PGP encryption. But I still didn’t do it, and so then he got frustrated and went to Laura Poitras, who he knew I had worked with and was friends with, because she does have encryption, and he said, “I’m going to give this stuff to you and then get Glenn involved.”
So I almost lost one of the biggest leaks in national-security history because I didn’t bother to install encryption."
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Or The White Rabbit! ... Who wrote these lines, back in 2001:


Every 'confidential' unencrypted email you ever send is being stored, copied and 
possibly redistributed widely and this could most certainly lead to your  professional or corporate 
ruin; worst case scenario,possibly jail!!"

You decide, who knows a little more, about online security, and even, National Security. Decide well.  Because GLEN GRENWALD is a proponent of BLOWBACK about 911 (no doubt why he was comfortably ensconsed by the Guardian, as their NATIONAL SECURITY writer.;)).

For those of us who have been in effective HIDING, for the last twelve years however, until Edward Snowden appeared, and YOU finally (we hope) started to wake up), we have  a VERY VERY DIFFERENT VERSION of 911 that YOU need to listen to, because CONTROLLED OPPOSITION GLEN GREENWALD (who has been sent these facts by this author publicly on Twitter at least once), STILL ISN'T TELLING YOU SHIT about what's REALLY going on.

For that, you'd need the VIDEOS PROVIING NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON, and SHOWING one FLYING OVER AND AWAY from the PENTAGON, are the REAL REALITY, and THOSE VIDEOS ALONE, should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the VERACITY (and frankly, BRAINPOWER) of GLEN GRENWALD....  Here's but one, TWENTY TWO SECOND example; the rest, on the linked page (well not at all 'the rest' but for sure, SOME OF THE REAL BASICS GLEN GRENWALD DELIVERATELY KEEPS YOU IN THE DARK ABOUT (for pay ;)) or is TOO THICK to have WORKED OUT ARE TRUE.  It's time, to TAKE THE GLOVES OFF, and most especaially with ANY controlled Opposition.

We did tell you:  Sunday, 29 July 2012


If you can HANDLE THE TRUTH u Humane, you need (Amongst many others on this site):
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  • So which is it Glen Greenwald?

    Too thick to work out the basics about 911?

    Or too busy enjoying the CIA salary?

    If there's a third option (like you just don't give a fuck about the truth, just your own ego), feel free to leave us a comment and let us know.

    Really, you should.  We don't want to have to write another page like this one:


    But we will young man, if we hear ANY more BULLSHIT out of your pen, on 911. ;) 

    You've been warned.

    The White Rabbit!

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