Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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It's COSMIC MUSIC on #OTB http://dai.ly/x11s4h0/123013



Astronomy & Space | Gaia Journey to the stars:  

Latest astronomical research shows there are at least 60 billion red dwarf stars all with extra solar planets, and there are around 100 billion stars in our Milky Way. GAIA is a spacecraft from the European Space Agency that will launch soon to go and look for them.In this program we lean all about our Milky Way (Galaxy) which is nicely on view during the Summer months.  

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NASA EDGE Astronomy Expo  preventing the Ocular Ring

NASA EDGE: Astronomy Expo by tvnportal  Wow http://dai.ly/xwzfuu/123013

The Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo:  .  Producer  NASA

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Dame Jocelyn Burnell: Is Astronomy Research 'Useless'?

Chatham House - Is investment in science the path to future economic prosperity?This international conference will bring together political leaders, investors, scientists, industrialists, experts, analysts and commentators to examine the relevance and role of science in building prosperity and enhancing the quality of life. Key questions addressed will include:What role can science and innovation play in encouraging economic growth?What solutions can science provide in tackling global challenges such as security, health and climate change?What impact does investment in science have on an economy?What policy action is required to encourage such investment and where is it best directed?


The White Rabbit!
#BankstersRabbit   Don't be no Dumbo Know Mor!

How To Use A Telescope http://dai.ly/xggt3q/123013

How To Use A Telescope by VideojugFamilyEducation

Nikola Tesla Secret

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