Monday, 22 July 2013


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Was there not a time when someone who has DELIBERATELY set out to DESIGN a system that woul CRIMINALLY CHEAT people out of VAST sums of money would be CHARGED and JAILED?

Was there not a time when such a person (and ALL those working with them with knowledge) would have been BOOTED OFF THE EXCHANGES for the CROOK they so clearly were.

These days, in our MAFIA 'capitalism' no such things EVER happen.

You want to LIE and you want to CHEAT and you want to STEAL, no problems, not for the 'regulators' of 'financial markets' in either the USA, or the UK.  Your business; WELCOME! ;)

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"High frequency trader fined more than $3m by regulators

Regulators have been taking a closer look at high frequency trading

Financial regulators in the UK and US have fined a high frequency trader and his firm more than $3m (£1.95m) for manipulating commodities markets.

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fined Michael Coscia $903,176, while two US regulators levied the rest on him and his company, Panther Energy.

High frequency traders use ultra-fast systems to place buy or sell orders far quicker than can be executed manually.

It is the first time the FCA has taken action against a high frequency trader.

Between 6 September 2011 and 18 October 2011, US-based Mr Coscia used algorithmic programmes that he developed to create false orders for oil and gas on trading exchanges in the US and UK.

He made about $1.4m during the period using a computer programme which placed and quickly cancelled trades to manipulate the price of commodities, an illegal process known as "layering" and "spoofing".

Tracey McDermott, the FCA's director of enforcement and financial crime, said: "Mr Coscia was cheating the market and other participants."

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No jail sentence, NOT EVEN ARRESTED AND CHARGED; no jury gets a say, and the CRIMINAL who was DEFRAUDING BY DESIGN, never spends even a day UNABLE TO TRADE.

Such is the nature of MAFIA CAPITALISM; of REGULATORY CAPTURE, and of frankly, MAFIA CAPTURE of our systems of finance in the West.

And how the CRIMINALS laugh on.

Mind, when you can expect a CHARGE for attempting to arrest a KNOWN and CONVICTED WAR CRIMINAL, in the United Kingdom, is it any wonder it's OPEN SEASON ON ANYONE.  No problems, no problems at all; MAFIA GOVERNMENT, MAFIA MARKETS< and MAFIA REGULATORS.

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"We Need to Put the Brakes on High-Frequency Trading" say S&D Euro MPs by Synaptic Digital

Personally I think it's time Trading Standards charged the financial 'regulators' under the Trades Description Acts; for they regulate nothing at all, as this fine shows; happy to have the criminals running the exchanges, and YOU ROBBED BLIND AT EVERY TURN.

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