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Hero Putin helps persecuted American Edward Snowden!  What a man, and certainly no MORON, unlike one MAFIA CRIMINAL RUNNING THE UK, one certain BANKSTER THIEF IN CHIEF, and CRIME SINISTER over the MAFIA SLAVE PLANET known as EARTH; a ROTHSCHILD PAWN PUPPET, WAR CRIMINAL, CHEM and NUKE ILLEGAL ARMS DEALER, one certain, for certain: David 'I'm a MORONIC MORON CRIMINAL MAFIA COWARD' CaMORON!

"Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has been given an official pass to leave Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, Russian airport officials say.Russian media say the migration service issued the document, but the service has not yet commented.

However, Mr Snowden's lawyer said his client had not received the documents and would stay in the airport.

The US authorities want him extradited for leaking details of government surveillance programmes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to hand him to the US authorities, but said he could stay in Russia only if he stopped leaking.

He has stayed in the transit area since arriving from Hong Kong on 23 June, and recently requested temporary asylum in Russia.

Mr Snowden's lawyer Anatoly Kucherena visited the airport on Wednesday, and said that his client was staying in the airport.

Mr Kucherena contradicted airport officials, saying his client had not received travel documents, and his asylum request had not yet been decided.

Unnamed airport officials earlier told local media that the lawyer had handed Mr Snowden the documents he needed to leave the airport.

The Interfax news agency reported that the American would be provided with new clothes before leaving the airport.Asylum offers

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Snowden leaks timeline

5 June: First leak published in the Guardian saying the NSA is collecting the telephone records of millions of Americans

6 June: Details of the Prism programmepublished by Guardian and Washington Post

9 June: Guardian identifies Edward Snowdenas source of the leaks, at his own request

14 June: US files criminal charges against Mr Snowden

23 June: Mr Snowden leaves Hong Kong for Moscow, applies for asylum in Ecuador

2 July: Bolivian leader Evo Morales' plane apparently searched for Mr Snowden

6 July: Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua say they would offer Mr Snowden asylum

12 July Snowden gives news conferencesaying he is seeking asylum in Russia

Who is Edward Snowden?

Where will Snowden end up?

Q&A: Prism

There was no official comment on news of the pass, which is believed to be an official paper confirming that his asylum application is being considered and allowing him to enter Russian territory."

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Meantime, in BULGARIA, they know how to TEACH MAFIOSI POLITICIANS a thing or two, like HOW TO DENY THEM THE BENEFITS OF THE CRIMINAL TAKEOVER of the BULGARIAN STATE; meantime of course, MORON and his MAFIA, continue to RAPE and PILLAGE planet earth, with barely a wimper from the BRITISH PUSSY SLAVE DOGS to MAFIA BANKSTERS robbing them BLIND, time and TIME again! With NO COMEBACK WHATSOEVER! IES; no BULLDOG in SIGHT!

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