Monday, 22 July 2013

#EXOPOLITICS Sentient Fluid Session I, II, III & VI #BASES18 #AMMACH

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And so, for those who value the deepest of holes, we go the deepest yet, with Nano-Engineering, and Exopolitics.  Having covered the background (which we must admit we originally dismissed ... not so, anymore, and we would invite you to start at the beginning, if you have not already watched the 6 hours of video on this subject already on site). Onwards, away from Secret British-Argentine Treaties, Thule and the Falkland Islands war, and get much, much closer to home, with the London Sewage system, and the suggestions made in this series of interviews, about what is (now) living down there.

REMINDER: 11 minutes of REAL HISTORY: CALL FOR WAR INSIDE USA, from 3rd Most Senior Privy Councillor on Planet Earth (beaten only by the Queen and Prince Phillip).

For those still too brainwashed by the psychological operation employed (ridicule) to even contemplate some of these subjects, you need this Best Ever UFO taken from Popocatepetl; once you've lost the mind control that 'We are alone', and realise something is entering live volcanoes, from space, that is ONE KILOMETER LONG, and travelling one heck of a clip ... click here to start this journey at the beginning; in total, it's going to take you about 10 hours to get up to speed in total, on this subject, and the basics of it, as known at the time of publication.

Nikola Tesla Secret

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