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Obviously many might think this is a worthy subject for a short documentary. I'm minded to agree, but then, contrarian auld ... The White Rabbit! ... Me!  I thought .... I wonder what the comments would be if I put a shot film documentary about the under-representation of MEN in the subject of HOME ECONOMICS ... I think there would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE squeal, like THE MOUSE! (apt, it being a tech documentary, we thought!).  Wouldn't men simply think it PATHETIC that a guy 'fellt unconfortable' about being the ONLY MAN in a class of women (LOL ... do I need say MOR?>!?!) <g>... I think not ... But the point is THE point.  Isn't it time women GREW THE FUCK UP and stopped COMPLAINING all the time about 'men', and just GOT ON WITH IT ... You know, like men have to. ;)

Reinventing tech for the next generation of #goodgirlsgonegeek.

"Brought to you by she++."

Don't SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember, I'm just defenceless The White Rabbit! 

I can sum up BTW, what I think about women voting; it's right here (published for a feminist, that just would DRONE ON, quite literally, ALL night long, increasingly ABUSIVELY ... In the end, my women followers had to drag her off, having totally disgraced herself in front of 10,000 odd people (and finishing with the hilarious line "I'm ging to tell all Occupy about you" ... To which I couldn't resist the truthful reply "No need (and letting the impartiality slip, just that once in four or five hours of ABUSE coming inbound) DARLING ... I've been  retweeting you to ALL my followers, ALL night, and as my account if FOUR TIMES the size of yours, and just about every occupy on planet earth follows me, THEY ALL ALREADY KNOW! LOL ..  Sometimes, they just WALK into them! ;) 

Humanity Arising #Ascension #TRUTH          SEND COPTERS!!!!!!  Yes, yes, even you MEN! :) 

Feminism, Capitalism, and the Cunning of History + BONUS!

Cunning ... like The Fox!

Feminism, Capitalism, and the Cunning of History by La Vie des Idées

In this lecture, Nancy Fraser situates the feminist’s movement in relation to three moments in the history of capitalism. First, the movement’s beginnings are located in the context of “state-organized capitalism.” Then, she considers the process of feminism’s evolution in the dramatically changed social context of rising neoliberalism. Finally, she contemplates the possible reorientation of feminism in the present context of capitalist crisis and US political realignment, which could start a shift from neoliberalism to a new form of social organization.

Lecture by Nancy Fraser, New School for Social Research and editor of Constellations.

La Vie des Idées / Books & ideas /
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Nikola Tesla Secret

Producing (Real ;)) Futures

Marxist Roots Of Radical Feminism 

Part One of three The Goddess That Failed - The Marxist Roots of Radical Feminism by Valdas Anelauskas. Given at The Pacifica Forum in Eugene Oregon

Marxist Roots Of Radical Feminism 1of3 by rcoones

Marxist Roots of Radical Feminism - 2of3 by rcoones

Marxist Roots of Radical Feminism - 2of3 by rcoones


The White Rabbit!


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Nikola Tesla Secret

#MUSIC Medine feat Orelsan "Courage Fuyons" #LIVE

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