Friday, 21 June 2013

#WANTA Americans: Wanta Be Free! #PATRIOTS ((MUST READ))

As regulars know, we're one of the few writers, other than Tom Heneghan, and obviously Veterans Today (who are now themselves seemingly in a huge spat) ... to write about this CLEAR TOTAL SOLUTION to the US FSCAL CRISIS, the return, of 27 TRILLION to the US TREASURY (minus about four trillion of Wanta's personal funds). The deficit is 16 TRILLION; America, would be rich again! ;)

We have over 100 posts on site about Ambassador Leo Wanta, and a full interview; we were just sent notification that the ENTIRE AUTHORISED BIOGRAPHY of LEO WANTA, is now available online, strictly for personal use (to be read) by ANYONE on the planet.  It's time you LOST the CIA imposed MIND CONTROL people, and learned the TRUTH about GEORGE HERBERT WALKER SCHERF, GERMAN BORN NAZI, and 41st President of the United States of America.

"Americans: Wanta Be Free   

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All opinions expressed in this book are the property of the Author, Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall. Reproduction, transmittal, storage in whole or in part, graphically, electronically, mechanically or by any other means is prohibited without Author’s express written consent. Proper credits must accompany quotations used in articles or reviews.The data as formatted and provided is the exclusive property of the publisher, The Global News and Views, and permission is required for any reproduction."

And now, you have NO EXCUSE LEFT


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Note, Leo Wanta gave his second interview in as many decades (Afaik) LAST NIGHT.  it's now available for download; click

 Listen online via the websiste:

#WANTA Where Did 27.5 Trillion Go? #BUSH #SOMALIA

Or of course, pass up on the opportunity to hear President Reagons National Security Director, tell you (I hope) more about BUSH!

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