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Onto the mail; one day, if I keep publishing long enough, eventully even you THICK BASTARDS will get it, right?!?


Since this research, Monsanto and a whole slew of Globalist Illuminati companies have been seriously pushing the "Intellectual Property" Patenting issues, and winning all of them. Its not just about CISPA, PIPA, censorship, pirating, etc. Its about ownership. Ownership of Intellectual Property. Ownership of YOUR DNA.

If you have EVER eaten a Genetically Modified food, and Monsanto's Genetically Modified DNA/RNA Signature shows in your DNA, you are owned by Monsanto, you are cattle. DNA, and Re-combinant DNA (RNA) of everything you consume or absorb in any kind of way, joins your very own Genetic DNA Code. Monsanto's (and sister companies) push for Gene Patenting has very serious implications when viewed from this angle.

What you see below is where I dropped the whole thing, a year ago. So much more has happened since then. Viral and Bacterial outbreaks are through the roof. Now we've learned that Viruses and Anti-viruses are being dumped on us through chemtrails. Who do you think makes them?

Now think, who did Obama just put in charge of the FDA? Hum? Thats right, Monsanto's head CEO.

Look at what i put together a year ago, and then think about everything we have seen going on since then, in the past year.


My research originally began when Joplin Mo. was hit by massive tornadoes, and its resultant "Joplin Zombie Virus" that was infecting people. Of course, it turned out to be a rabbit hole, a rather deep one actually, and is ongoing in consequence and action.

I have learned so much more in the year intervening this original research.

this is just some e-mails.

From: i##############
To: ##############
Subject: RE: Monsanto and Global Genocide
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 16:34:51 -0500

Forwarded it all, follow the links, I only posted a few....people need to know......
From: ##############

To: ##############
Sent: Wed, June 15, 2011 4:07:09 PM
Subject: RE: Monsanto and Global Genocide

also, it looks to me like the Japan Nuke crisis, Nebraska Nuke crisis, and BP oil spill were all orchestrated, Designed, and implemented by this company/org. brotherhood....Monsanto's hand is in all of it, and these places are all having a 'New Organism or Hot particle or Bacteria/Virus' showing up....a "GMO'd Designed" thing that jumps genetic barriers.....a new element on the periodic table just to fit it in, and new definitions added to the records/research sites to fit in the new biolocgical hazards....they are WRITING THEIR FUTURE GENETICALLY........and killing us with it.....if our bodies recognize the DNA in the pathogens (because it is already in us through food/air) our immune systems won't try to fight it, because it is recognized DNA.........bang, your dead.

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 13:49:51 -0700
From: ##############
Subject: Re: Monsanto and Global Genocide

just sent your info out to people for comment.
fungus loves to eat radioactive particles

From: ##############
To: ##############
Sent: Wed, June 15, 2011 3:44:15 PM
Subject: RE: Monsanto and Global Genocide

*** More Excerpts from FaceBook Conversations, questions and answers I have come up with....***

(please note, that due to my unfamiliarity with this company in the beginning of my research, I was calling them "Marcosa" insted of "Monsanto", just got a little confused with the "M" word.....however, these companies do have an affiliation)

ANYWAY, what I am seeing as I read on and on into the Mosanto business, is that they are splicing in up to 3 "unknown/unidentified" DNA Markers; AND, of the ones that are being spliced in that ARE Identified, are coming from plant/animal life DNA that has already shown a predisposition for suceptibilty, as well as the possibility that enzymatic pathways introduced to synthesize small molecules such as vitamins can interact with endogenous pathways to produce novel molecules, such as Virulent strains of Bacteria. Meaning that Marcosa's style of 'hit or miss' placement of a Genome into the DNA Strand can affect the total long term outcome of the GM'd Crop/Soil/Pesticide, by causing strains of Bacteruim to be produced that may in other 'normal' natural settings be mostly harmless to Humans.

.......The Zygomycosis Fungus has been found to not be 'all' fungus, but lends its existance to a Bacterial beginning. Marcosa's use of Selenium and Phosphates with their modified GM prods can actually cause the growth, not inhibition, of the Fungus, as it is a food to the Fungus; Fungus actually has a symbiotic relationship with plant life in that it helps the plants to 'eat' by providing synthesis of phosphates naturally found in the, does that compute? Do you get the Gist? This Fungus is naturally orruring, and normally mostly harmless to humans, but as it has its origins in bacterium, I think I am finding that when symbiosis with the GM'd plant occurs, it can 'absorb' traits from the inserted DNA, which is usually taken from live organisms, such as Bacteria. I think the GM can actually cause the Fungal Bacterium to become more virulent.....

....."In addition to their primary sequence of amino acids, the structure and biological activity of proteins can be modified by the addition of molecules such as phosphate, sulfate, sugars or lipids.Once modified, the biological activity of the molecule may be changed..... but there is, at our current state of knowledge, no way of knowing the biological effects of these modifications......potential for inducing the synthesis of poisonous or toxic compounds following the introduction of a foreign gene......the introduction of a single gene invariably alters the gene expression pattern of the whole cell and each cell of the individual or plant responds differently."

...."Rhizonin, the First Mycotoxin Isolated from the Zygomycota, Is Not a Fungal Metabolite but Is Produced by Bacterial Endosymbionts".....

Phosphate and Selenium are one of the marcosa's most widely used substanc.....Welll, what I'm seeing is that there can be a 'crossover' of GM'd genes from one cell to another....meaning that the GM traits can be passed on to inhibitive symbiotic bacterium.....i.e. the naturally occuring fungus
To: ##############
Subject: Monsanto and Global Genocide
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 15:28:57 -0500

Nancy, waking up is hard, and I have learned so much over the past two weeks. I started having a lot of questions regarding the Joplin events, and started digging. I think you may have an interest in my research. I have never heard of Monsanto, or the Depopulation agenda before a week ago. What I am finding is scaring the holy living shytt out of me. I think this is right up your alley with the BP/Gulf issues. Please take just a moment ot look this over. This needs to go VIRAL so I am sending it to anyone who will listen. Sorry to waste your time if you have already come up with the same conclusions.

This organism has been Designed to be a "Crossover Bacterial Organism", meaning can 'change' to infect just about anything. Current events of the past two weeks confirm its existance is real. If you want my links and documentation, I have them, until I lose my history on my laptop, that is. Look at the new E-coli/Bubonic Plague crossover bug.

What I am sending you is my line of reasoning only up to a few days ago. I have learned even more since then.


I sent this to a reporter who showed some large amount of interest....said she would write a story, and then got a little dodgy and is no longer replying to e-mails, implied fear of being sued by monsanto and other "agencies". Our President has just signed a contract with a 'Brotherhood' of World Gov't agencies and Corporations, in " ongoing effort to share research information worldwide, for the good of the people" which brings my conclusions to a very scary reality. This "Contract" is due to be in effect by 2014. We are seeing the groundwork.

****E-mail Excerpt to a friend***

Good Morning, hope you slept well and are refreshed! Sorry it won't feel like such a good morning after reading this.....

Remember what I was saying about finding the Zygomycosis Fungus in the water and infecting Marine Life? Ok, I think I've done most of my homework, and all the stuff I've learned says in short:

a) Zyg. Fung. has early life as a BACTERIA before growth to Fungi;
b) It has a Symbiotic Relationship to plant life, helping to provide the plant with Phosphate from the soil by attaching at root of plant, mainly beneficial in an ecologically sound environment;
c) until recent Decades, the rate of Human Infection has been relatively low;
D) Monsanto makes GM'd Seed that is Genetically Spliced with up to 3 Unidentified BACTERIUM DNA, as well as other Identified DNA; ---- -- Monsanto seed is GM'd to Resist Fungal Blights (need to use a specific Fungal Bacterial Slice to insert RESISTANCE TO THAT PARTICULAR FUNGUS into the DNA Strand of the plant )
e) GM'd seed becomes resistant to the Symbiotic Zyg. Fungus attached at the root of the plant in a Bacterial/Fungal form, that helps to provide it food; as well as GM'd to be resistant to Pesticide Roundup
f) Symbiotic Relationships are known to adapt for each other in response to environment and needs of both partners to keep a natural balance
g) the Spliced in DNA that Monsanto uses in ALL their products has been proven to be a "Crossover Bacterial DNA" meaning it can cross over from one species to another (in article I sent you)
h) Monsanto has copyright Patents to own anything this DNA shows up in, as it is their 'DNA design'
i) Monsanto produces pesticide that is Engineered to further deprive both Plant and Symbiotic Bacterial Fungus of needed nutrients from soil; (plants and soil both deteriorate due to excessive build-up of Phosphate and Selenium in soil, Pesticide Roundup also based on Phosphates and Selenium, furthering deteriative state)

j) GM Sequenced BACTERAL DNA crosses over to Zyg. Fungus
k) Zyg. Fungus recognizes the Infecting Bacterium DNA and does not reject it
l) BIG BAD TORNADOES AND THUNDERSTORMS PASS THROUGH THIS FARMING REGION IN A WEST TO EAST DIRECTION, picking up massive amounts of soil containing Mutated GM'd Fungus and carrying it into the Atlantic Ocean
m) GM'd Fungus Infects Human Population EN MASSE......ZOMBIE ATTACK PREDICTED BY CDC/FEMA
n) Zyg. Fungus has been proven to exist in Water and Marine life
o) Mutated GM'd Fungus/BACTERIA that has been deposited in Ocean from Crops again jumps species barrier to the Zyg. Fungus in the water creating a further new species of BACTERIAL FUNGUS in the Marine Zyg. Fungal Myocites
p) Mutated GM'd BACTERIAL Fungus again jumps species barrier, into the Natural Marine form of Fungus....BACTERIAL ALGAE
q) the Mutated Zyg. Fungus and its Mutated Bacterium infect FISH and a Marine Plant life, further causing HUMAN and ANIMAL INFECTION THROUGH INGESTION AND OTHER MARINE RELATED CONSUM
PTION) sudden CORPORATE induced overgrowth of ALGAE which is likely Infected by the Mutated Fungus/Bacteria, further destroys environment by killing mass amounts of marine life
s) Selenium/Phosphates/Pesticides carried into the Ocean via afore mentioned TORNADOES AND THUNDERSTORMS further POLLUTE and DESTROY Marine Life/Environment

Through this process, we will see diminishment of Human and Animal populations through infection of these mutated bacteria and fungi, as well as widely impacting the economy and environment! This is ob vious once you have done the homework. These GM'd Fungus, Bacterai, Soil, and Pesticides produced by Monsanto are also introduced to the Ocean through other natural processes such as rainwater runoff. It is also shown that these Fungus Myocites and Bacteria can infect Human and Animal life through inhalation of these substances carried through airborne particulate matter such as dirt, dust, and water vapor.

Now send this letter to everyone, including Dr. Don Huber. Don't forget the links I sent you, if needed I can cite my sources, as they should be in my History in the form of website addresses. There are many that I did not send to you, but I did the Homework, and this is what I found through investigative means of Public On-line Sources.

Scary Reality, even Scarier Long-term Future Impact.


Peace n Luv

***Excerpt 2****

A few 'cut and paste' of the questions I am now asking my new friend......

Wondering if Monssanto also has a hand somewhere in the REFINING TECHNOLOGY used to Refine oil into usable fuel and other petroleum products? The collaboration of the "Organisation Brotherhood" in the story you sent me on "In the Grip of Mad Scientists: Business as Usual for Monsanto, Fort Detrick, and Atlas Venture" makes this all a very scary picture. This smacks of "World Domination" through gov't funded agencies as well as Corporate Agencies.
Which means that the High-up People, the People "in charge" know what is going on, have collaboratevly planned it, and is very quietly, subtly, but publicly putting the plans into motion, all while the people watch, and don't make the true connections, because we a too busy trying to live in a failing economy, which has ALSO been orchestrated to keep the people busy and struggling, too busy with personal worries to look at the real picture. Truly Monstrous.
These agencies are all in cahoots, and know what is happening, and causing it to happen. Orchestration and Implementation of Global Genocide. And HAARP Being used as a tool to further disrupt and deflect public attention by weather disasters, as well as aid in the mass spread of the poisons being introduced to kill us.Bet we could find MONS. active in the Weather Manipulation Technology, since they are cloud seeding with biological agents....would be willing to bet that these Bio-Agents are GMO's as well.
now tell me the relationship between Monsanto, Marconi, and BP Amoco? Is this whole thing just an Orchestrated movement by Corporate America (Illuminati?) to own the people? Right down to their Genes?
Is this GM'd DNA also part of the new finding that there is a new linked virus of E-Coli/Bubonic Plague?Just alot of really big, really 'hmmmmm....' stuff. Too many questions.

Maybe having not been aware of the 'Depopulation Agenda' is why I was able to see it? Basically, Stefan contacted me through youtube about some really weird stuff I was seeing through the Sakurajima Live-feed Cameras, and hollering "why isn't someone asking questions about this?". I started bouncing questions off of him about "what is HAARP" and "who is Ron Paul" and "who is Monsanto" etc.; we have basically been using each other as sounding boards, and he is just being friendly and helping me to become more aware of other current events in the world. Maybe I have eyes to see because I have been in the dark, and the Light is strong to my New Eyes?

One World, One People.

Peace n Luv

***EXCERPT 3 ****

Oh, my next question in all of this is: How much of this Genetically Modified DNA of Monsanto's is showing up in me, and you, and everyone else; and in the long term 'Agenda' of all these interlinked Gov't and Corporate Entities and Agencies, am I already "owned", Property of Monsanto if we have it? Chattel and Slave?.....sure makes me want to stop eating, drinking and breathing, and run out to get a DNA test, just to be sure......think about that one!

Article I just found after googling "DR. Don Huber"......

8 minutes agoElizabeth

Look at this..........“The organism is prolific in plants infected with two pervasive diseases that are driving down yields and farmer income — sudden death syndrome (SDS) in soy, and Goss’ wilt in corn,” he said. “The pathogen is also found in the fungal causative agent of SDS (Fusarium solani fsp glycines). Laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of this organism in a wide variety of livestock that have experienced spontaneous abortions and infertility. Preliminary results from ongoing research have also been able to reproduce abortions in a clinical setting.”
Huber, a retired military Colonel, closed his letter to Vilsack by imploring the government to commit the resources necessary to find definitive answers.
“It is urgent to examine whether the side effects of glyphosate use may have facilitated the growth of this pathogen, or allowed it to cause greater harm to weakened plant and animal hosts. It is well documented that glyphosate promotes soil pathogens and is already implicated with the increase of more than 40 plant diseases; it dismantles plant defenses by chelating vital nutrients; and it reduces the bioavailability of nutrients in feed, which in turn can cause animal disorders. . . (The pathogen) deserves immediate attention with significant resources to avoid a general collapse of our critical agricultural infrastructure.” "Copy of Dr. Huber's letter to follow in later post. This information needs to be "out there" for the public to become aware of the dangers......."""

****EXCERPT 4*****

*** cut and paste from FB conversation with a friend as follows***

this thing is going fast, i think faster than anyone ever imagined it would....... it has been loosed, and it will dominate fast. This fukkin thing is changing faster than we can put new names on it....and remember that Mons. has a hand in Energy Production as well....besides the oil crap, remember what Gunderson was saying about the new "Hot Bug"?....the microscopic AIRBORNE RADIOACTIVE PARTICULATE....can only bee seen with an electron microscope....??? Now a new disaster in Nebraska....the flooding....the Plant going hot, used rods boiling....???? Are you shytting your pants yet, cuz I just about am.......

****Look at these articles......******,_Fort_Detrick,_and_Atlas_Venture.html

This website shows all Disaster or Biological related events of ANY nature, around the world, and confirms my logic on a very large scale

youtube post that came out the same day i reached MY conclusions.....scary other ppl are getting it too, same message.

I can cite all my research on this from public sites such as CDC, Dept. of Agriculture, Wikipedia......etc. all approved and accepted public information sites.

Peace and Luv


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