Sunday, 23 June 2013

#MOVIE Kuroi Ame (1989) Full (English Subtitles) #HIROSHIMA #日本

The only country ever nuked, until Afghanistan, and now Syria, Japan still stands alone, as the only country, which has been nuked TWICE, more than fifty years apart.  To those that do not understand, credible reports exist, that Fukushima, was no accident.  The evidence for that, appears throughout our site.  To fail to understand history, condemns one to repeat it.  Where as Americans, en-mass, are yet to understand they have and continue to fund their own genocide, to the people's of Japan, GENOCIDE, is what FUKUSHIMA COVERT ATTACK was; a largely successful attempt to GENOCIDE an entire country.  The evidence which those that doubt, need to review, are the revelations from the  New Zealand archives that in association with the US Government, New Zealand developed a TSNUNAMI CREATING BOMB ... And that Fukushima CORE materials, were EXPLODED from INSIDE the reactor areas, spreading CORE materials, up to one and a half miles away; thus confirming a MASSIVE EXPLOSION (much more powerful  than one that would have been created by a HYDROGEN GAS explosion), took apart one or both of the reactors that went BANG; you know, BANG, as in EXPLOSION.

Of course, we're now looking at NUCLEAR CHINA SYNDROME, as being MASSIVELY GLOBALLY COVERED UP, by the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY OWNED Media.  So many cannot handle the REAL REALITY; I hope you're different.  All that said, onto the MOVIE:  For all those BTW, that think this is too wild, it's time you got up to speed with the real reality, according to Veterans Today, of the NUCLEAR ATTACK ON AMERICA, that was the destruction of the WTC.  Insane psychopaths rule.

MOVIE Kuroi Ame (1989) Full (English Subtitles) #HIROSHIMA #日本

Facts, are facts. These facts, MUST be dealt with by RATIONAL ADULTS.  Unfortunately, they're in global short supply; as most alleged human, prefer to act like Ostrich. The hardest fact of all.

Published on Jan 24, 2013 The story of the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing, based on Masuji Ibuse's novel. Director: Shôhei Imamura - Includes Full English Sub-titles

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