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This is Part 1 of a 2 part video that was created from 5 different interviews of Ed Slade, a scientist that worked with the aliens at Area 51. He tells all the secrets he could tell in these interviews! Please be patient with Ed in these interviews because he talks slowly and sometimes drifts off topic but stick with it and you'll find things you've never heard anywhere else! This is the first time that a scientist that worked in government for over 50 years and worked with the aliens at Area 51 has ever come forward. This information will NEVER be on your CIA controlled TV's of course. It's up to everybody seeing this video to share it with others so more people will learn the truth about the Aliens.

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Ed was killed not too long after these interviews

Before he was killed, Ed told Stew Webb that he was seeing the "invisible men" inside his house. The "invisible men" were referring to people wearing the cloaking technology similar to the video in the projectnsearch youtube channel titled, "Soldier Using Invisibility Cloaking Device in Iraq?" (TWR: that video next):

After Ed Slade died they did an autopsy and found that Ed Slade had over 200 strokes that damaged his brain. These strokes were caused by constantly getting hit by microwave weapons, sometimes strong enough to bring him to his knees. Ed Slade was attacked at a conference with Bo Gritz with some type of weapon that put into a coma with a stroke for a long time. In fact when he came out of the coma it took him 10 years to learn to talk again! That's why he talks so slowly, because of the strokes that were caused by the dark forces of the new world order that don't want this information getting out!

Published on Jan 25, 2013
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Special thanks to Chris Zucker of and Stew Webb of for doing these interviews in 2009 and 2010! Support these patriots by visiting their sites and sharing their information and incredible interviews. You'll also see lots of interviews of Stew Webb on Youtube if you search for his name.

Please spread this information everywhere and understand that he talks slower because of the strokes that they gave him. Lots of gold nuggets here that you've never heard before because Ed was there!

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