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#30 count Indictment came forth on June 27, 2013 against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev  and I alleged it is FRAUDULENT!!!! The initial media released indictment was not signed by a Deputy Clerk and had no criminal case number. I was able to get the court stamped indictment because the Guardian posted it; now it is supposedly signed by a deputy clerk, I assume this would be a Deputy Clerk from the Grand Jury. They wrote the case number 1:13-cr-10200 (MBB) which is Magistrate Judge Bowler. The case number on the docket is 1:13-cr-10200-GAO which is US District Judge O'Toole. How did they get an unsigned copy from the Grand Jury? It is a fake case and Judge O'Toole will never be aware of the case. They finally assigned this Capital Case a US District Judge and then an immediate order supposedly by the US District Judge referred the case back to the same Magistrate Judge for all pretrial matters; these orders are fraudulent -they did not appear on the court's all recent orders docket!! On July 10, 2013 with a 30 count indictment and threat of the death penalty they will force this kid to take a guilty plea!! Very strange that his assigned attorneys would not be present at the press conference to make a statement when Carmen Ortiz announced the indictment as she stood there with the corrupt Massachusetts authorities and the FBI lead agent who has recently announced his retirement. What is going on here is CRIMINAL! Who am I supposed to take this to; one of the upstanding agencies of the US government such as the FBI or to the corrupt Administrative Offices of the US Courts? The US Congress has been notified multiple times of what is going on and what followed was show hearings that carried the lie; they have been updated to this latest development. Clearly we are under one rogue government where the three branches are in collusion to terrorize the American people with a goal to rob them in multiple ways; if this kid is not part of the fraud upon the American people he will be serving life in prison for an act he had no part in!! Do you think for a moment that they will not use the LIE that they learned how to make bombs from the internet to go after the internet.
FBI Agents Caught Red Handed Boston Hoax "

"Friday, June 28, 2013

Top Official Admits F-35 Stealth Fighter Secrets Stolen « Breaking Defense

Posted by Charleston Voice


How can we be so sure the "plans" were not simply given to the Chinese or anyone else, for that matter? Could we possibly have traitors within the DoD? Are the US defense contractors given access? Would the Israelis undertake such an invasion after selling 69 of our missiles to Red China (that we know about)? Could this be another "False Signal Scare" to 'justify' internet regulation over the masses. Would our govt go this far? Foolish questions, of course not.

What personnel loyalty investigations for sensitive employment positions are conducted today? Any? Or, are they similar to our gold reserve "audits", ie, non-existent?

Watch: Treason at the Highest Levels in Washington
EXPOSED - High Treason Within Our Gates: Sen. Joseph McCarthy: Marquette Audio CollectionBy Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on June 20, 2013 at 2:21 PM


"WASHINGTON (AP) — CIA Director John Brennan is launching a new campaign aimed at pressuring CIA officers to keep the intelligence agency's secrets secret, after a series of leaks to the media.
In a memo to the CIA workforce this week, Brennan says the "Honor the Oath," campaign is intended to "reinforce our corporate culture of secrecy" through education and training. The Associated Press obtained the memo Wednesday, marked unclassified and for official use only.

Result!  ...

The Ghosts - Everything Will Do by The Ghosts

But then ...

WESTERN GOLDEN GIFTS CONTINUE; and stackers continue to question, the CORRUPTION , BLACKMAIL nMOR!

"There is not enough space on airlines flying in to Dubai to meet the rapidly rising demand for physical gold in the emirate since the price plunged to record lows this week.

 Video: A look inside the Kaloti gold refinery
■ Glitter comes off South Africa's gold
■ Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in India

The price drop led to a rush of buyers for Dubai gold from the Middle East, South East Asia, the Balkans, Turkey and parts of Europe according to Tarek El Mdaka, the managing director of Kaloti Gold in Dubai.

"I cannot find a place for transporting gold on Emirates, on BA on Swiss Airlines this weekend," Mr El Mdaka said. "I am shipping in one-and-a-half to two tonnes of gold every day and it is going straight out."

Mr El Mdaka added that gold is in such short supply in Dubai that he is able to charge a US$3 premium per ounce. "In the last week or so that has gone up from $1.25, $1.50 to $1.75. But

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