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A few previous posts on this HUGELY IMPORTANT issue seem to have gone over people's heads, and so, a short intro to this one, for those, struggling to understand the significance.

"Michael K 2 days ago:  Mate, what the fuck are you on about. I've watched a half dozen of your videos and I have no fucken idea what you are on about exactly ·

m. mackay 14 hours ago If you dont understand the fuckin guy then youre a fuckin idiot .This guy is a straight shooter. 1/2 dozen? This guy flew support for air force one ! and combat in central America. Qualified for ALL. Let me help you .Katrina put the boots to New Orleans.Builbings all over were knocked down. Some of these buildings were storage for DOD biological weapons.Not bombs but containers of deadly virus .That virus was blown far and wide Suicide Virus/ Katrena Virus"

And the typical response Europeans get for alerting 'Patriotic' Americans to this information, the best Americans, and the best they can muster, these days:

Read my sign Fuck Head.. "

Nice huh, and now you know, why Europeans, back Russia, against these DANGEROUSLY brainwashed Americans,  in the coming world war; quite happy to have these people scrubbed off the map, much safer for all, than having a bunch of MORONS around, wit votes, and nukes.  Pakistan, seems a bastion of rationality by comparison.

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Published on Jun 20, 2013

No one is safe from the Katrina Virus. What makes Catherine so important is that she worked for the Federal Judiciary as an attorney in New Orleans and she was my friend.

["To all the many friends of Catherine, she passed away this morning at around 7 AM. I would like thank you all for your outpouring of love, support and prayers for her and the family. It is comforting to know how many people loved her and how many lives she has touched. I will keep everyone posted on the funeral date." --Gordon]

My friend Catherine Mills will die in Hospice Murdered by Obama and the Judges of the 5th Circuit
5th Circuit Court of Appeals Catherine A. Mills has massive stroke and is in a coma/Katrina Virus
Please go to Facebook page: "Friends of Catherine Augusta Mills" and select "Like".

You can now put a face to the Katrina Virus. Catherine is the second friend of mine to have a massive stroke. Louisiana Chief Judge Kitty Kimball had a stroke as well and had to retire.
V367 YouTube stood by me and the 1st Amendment. Huge victory against Obama. Katrina Virus.

V147 Here is the story of how you will be assassinated by the Federal Government. Factual and Verifiable.

V142 What is the Katrina Virus, where did it come from and how does it spread? 

V149 US Military murders Americans in New Orleans. The soldiers are now classified as terrorists.

V2 I was classified as a terrorist by the DOJ. "The Why".
V1 My book: "The United States Supreme Court and The Katrina Virus". 

The United States Supreme Court and The Katrina Virus
A Prelude/Reference Book/Appendix
Book 7
By David Andrew Christenson
ISBN 978-0-9846893-8-5 Hardback SCKV
ISBN 978-0-9846893-9-2 EBook SCKV
LCCN 2012933074
Copyright 1-724163643
Persimmon Publishing
Box 6374
Miramar Beach, Florida 32550
An Epic Constitutional Crisis. I am talking about the political destruction of all three branches (Executive, Judicial and Legislative) of our Federal Government. One hundred and fifty five million Americans and Canadians may be infected with The Katrina Virus. Did the United States Supreme Court participate in the criminal cover-up? Misprision is a crime/felony. In simple terms it means that you had knowledge of a crime and did nothing. Did the Supreme Court have knowledge? YES! I gave them the knowledge. The real question is: what did the Supreme Court do with the knowledge of The Katrina Virus and the cover-up?
There was no simple way to present this story. I fully acknowledge that the material is presented in an incoherent manner. What you are reading is a compilation of my communications with the Supreme Court since my arrest for cyberstalking FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes on March 15th, 2011. It must be emphasized that I was arrested on a Louisiana Warrant (not a Federal Warrant as one would expect.) and I have never been charged with a crime. A Louisiana Search and Seizure Warrant was used by the FBI to steal my evidence, documentation, etc. of what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In simplistic terms chemical warfare contaminates were released from DOD and CIA classified facilities. The United States Military conducted operational missions in violation of Federal Law and killed Americans. 1500 Americans are still missing. Were the contaminated bodies recovered, analyzed and burned in Federal Government incinerators? Are some of the bodies being kept alive in vegetative states so that the Federal Government can study the long term effects of the Katrina Virus? (Remember the Syphilis Studies in Alabama and Guatemala.)
This is a Prelude/Reference Book/Appendix. The end of the story has not been written. Judgment must not be passed upon the Supreme Court at this time. The Supreme Court may have actually protected me. Think about it. Who could the Supreme Court have turned to? Congress and the Executive Branch are responsible for the murder, genocide, treason and crimes against humanity. The only option for the Supreme Court may have been to provide me with the protection needed, to not only uncover the truth about the Katrina Virus, but to bring it to the attention of American and Canadian people.

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LISTEN TO THIS MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR TIME! Ask yourself; Isn't it time U personally put some pressure on your elected federal representatives to your own benefit? It's about time we all stuck our necks out for this man, who has clearly demonstrated his courage and loyalty to the American people and the people of other nations. I'm not going to write you a script for you should do this in your own words. Don't let this be another 3 day wonder until the next big news article comes along. Keep asking your government what they are doing about this issue that affect us all in the USA and other country's. If you really want to change the world here's a great opportunity to do so! Question, don't threaten! Read the book at Listen to this interview;
Formulate what you what to say and don't give up until the job is done.
Here is the contact list of US officials.
Others please add your country's Officials list in the comments. It's past time we stood up for men and women who have put their lives on the line for us.

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