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Having had a discussion with US Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr about this issue of the US Control over the Internet via DNS servers, I find myself compelled to publish this; Roseanne, here's what I was talking about, in practical application, as nailed by one Jim Stone (grateful! ;)).  My emphasis, supplied, in RED.

"I just nailed the Holonet BIG TIME

Jim Stone, June 18 2013


This may sound like an old theme here that is boring to you, but I suggest you pay attention to this particular rant BIG TIME

It is now obvious that all the supercomputers that have been purchased by various intelligence agencies are likely not for snooping. They are for faking a completely alternate internet universe, to cause people to not see the world as it really is

I just did an ambush log in to the forum server, which I have never accessed since starting the forum over new at a new location three months ago. I did this from a clean Linux boot through a Wifi connection I have never used before, and made the log in the first thing I did, to deny my machine the time it would need to synchronize with any spookware. Totally clean log in. And what I saw blew me away.

Here is what is happening - There were approximately 450,000 hits to the front page list of the forum, where you can see the discussions. But after that, GET THIS - THE NEWS FEED PAGE GOT 87 TOTAL HITS TO THE LOCAL SERVER. AND WHEN YOU HIT THE FORUM THROUGH THE "FRONT DOOR", THAT THREAD HAS 868 COMMENTS. HOW DOES A PAGE GET 87 HITS AND 868 COMMENTS? ANSWER - THAT PAGE IS HOSTED ON A BLACK OP SERVER, NOT MINE.

After seeing the legitimate stat page for the forum issued from the legitimate server, the connection was terminated and I could not re connect through it even to only access google. And to that I have to say, SCREW YOU, I ALREADY SAW IT.What this means? The front page to the forum gets hit through the legitimate domain access, and upon the initial hit, you get secretly re-directed to the spook server and my server gets no hits at all. And I don't care if some genius mails me saying that they have software that can detect secret re-directs and he is not seeing that happen at all, THE STAT PAGE ON THE LEGITIMATE SERVER PROVES THIS IS GOING ON, and I really don't care if even with a security program people cannot see it, because that is meaningless when the DNS server is owned by the people performing the redirect. They can show your machine anything they want.
What this means to truth site Web admins -
Your stats are not likely to be true to life. Chances are, your site is in fact running on a spook server, and they do perfect spoof log ins and re-directs, and you don't even know it, it just looks like you are administering your own server. And when you look at stats, they are probably not coming from your own server. People are not hitting your own server. Chances are, you are not seeing things as they really are, and your readers are not seeing things as they think they are. The only reason anyone would have to run your site (or my forum) on a server other than yours or mine is to create a separate holonet reality for everyone accessing it so that key comments can be destroyed, key messages censored, and spooks get the first hit at public opinion, all in the background, ON YOUR OWN WEB SITE.
And to that I have to say: When unfettered peaceful discussion and resolution is made impossible, VIOLENCE THEN BECOMES THE ONLY ANSWER. To the elite: There is only a certain extent to which you can get away with screwing the public without direct physical consequence. The public has proven to be very tolerant so far, but for many you have already crossed the line.

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Hacking The Rabbit (Tryin ;))

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