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Before we get on with the Linux lovely ... reminder, if you're using Windows as an Operating system, you can use THIS SOFTWARE TO AUTOMATE TWEETING and MUCH MUCH MORE, and it is our MOST RECOMMENDED product on this site for an ENJOYABLE easy ride to END the NWO!

nb also works on MAC and Liuux (beta on the latter). 

But if you want FREE ...  FREE SOFTWARE; FLOSS! ... 

Sometimes, a second ban on Twitter, makes you realise, like you did the first time (but then ignored), that however cool Twitter is (and my, did we love it <g>) ... One trick ponies, soon get tired.

Having realised the MESH NETWORK future of REAL (uncensored) Communications (having written and then withdrawn from market upon advice, in the weeks after 911 a copyright, which is GOING BACK ON SALE, very, very soon), after our first ban on twitter, we went looking for a MESH NETWORKED SOCIAL MEDIA like Twitter, but MESH NETWORK, being the key.

If you missed our MASSIVE coverage including VIDEO TUTORIALS and an ANON GUIDE to IDENTI.CA ( ... as of two days ago, renamed with a code version jump included to it's time, this time, whether we get our Twitter account back or not, that we NEVER make the mistake of investing ALL of our SOCIAL MEDIA TIME-MANAGEMENT, into JUST ONE social media (though, my, did we enjoy it <gg>)) ... And so, we got onto, and of course, got re-introduced, to FLOSS, from whence we came, and BENEFITS of FREE SOFTWARE for FREE USE, FOREVER, with never a one time, or reoccuring cost to AUTOMATE ASPECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA.

Now, if you're on Twitter, and on that LOSER WINDOZE PROGRAM, you need this page, but if you're already a ready follower of the recommendations of The White Rabbit, and jumped to FLOSS, and UBUNTU or DEBIAN (though I assume this is fine on ANY LINUS SYSTEM), then you need to meet the latest great toy of ..... The White Rabbit!   HOORAY, at last, all the bullshit and fluff gone, back to the SIMPLICITY of COMMAND LINE TWEETING (on AUTO-PIOLOT, and RUN AS A SERVICE); fire and forget marketing, for you CAUSE RELATED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS!

What, you missed it?

TUTORIAL:  CAUSE RELATED MARKETING; get paid to marketed you idea (hint, like a pro ;))/
TUTORIAL:  INDENTI.CA/STATUS.NET: The Best Video Tutorials; All on ONE PAGE!


"TTYtter for Perl

*** TTYtter is currently at version 2.1.0 (27 December 2012). You can skip to the changelog/download if you like.
*** Subscribe to updates over Twitter! --
*** Want to expand your TTYtter? Check out these extensions from @vkoser@reuteras@stormdragon2976@colindean@pr4wn@FunnelFiasco, and@IvanSanchez! Send yours @ttytter!

Noooo, not another Twitter client! Yes, another Twitter client. The difference here is that you're dealing with a multi-functional, fully 100% text, Perl command line client.

  • In interactive mode, it is a fully interactive client with asynchronous background updates and commands. Use it over telnetssh or even a dummy terminal. SupportsStreaming API, ANSI colour, UTF-8, hashtags and Twitter Search!
  • Works within your favourite environment: use a compatible readline library (like our own bespoke Term::ReadLine::TTYtter), or modify prompt and input methods for many popular window and session managers. Or don't: basic editing and screen management features built-in.
  • From the command line, use it to update your Twitter in shell scripts, from cron, and so on.
  • Security: Supports Twitter OAuth and HTTP Basic Authentication, and SSL where supported by your user agent.
  • Notification support with Growl and libnotify (and extendable to others via the API).
  • Geolocation support: hand your GPS coordinates to TTYtter for any application.
  • Lists support, including fast creation and modification, and merging lists with your timeline as "custom timelines."
  • Supports Twitter-alike APIs, compatible with Twitter API 1.1.
  • Supports standard timelines and automatically fetches direct messages, and optionally replies/mentions, and runs queries against the Search API and incorporates them into your timeline as well.
  • New and old re-tweet support.
  • Write and use your own custom extensions!
  • Run detached in -daemon mode, and make your own Twitter bot!
TTYtter minimally requires Perl 5.8.6 or better (if you are using 5.005 or 5.6, please see this support note for old Perl versions) and either cURL or Lynx (chosen on purpose since more people are likely to have one or both of those instead of LWP, and also to allow people to carry over their proxy settings and whatnot). Support for OAuth, which is required to access Twitter, requires cURL. Lynx is only supported for servers allowing Basic Authentication. Nothing else is necessary; it does not useNet::Twitter and does not require it, and in fact will run happily with just a bare Perl and cURL/Lynx with no libraries at all like on my OLPC XO-1. It will work fine over any dummy terminal, serial connection or telnet/ssh login. TTYtter is offered as freeware under the Floodgap Free Software License.If you are using a Perl version prior to 5.8.6, please read this important support note. You may be able to use TTYtter with Perl 5.005 and 5.6, but these versions are no longer routinely tested as of version 1.2. Perl 5.004 and earlier are not supported at all.

New users: Setting up TTYtter and getting OAuth keyfiles"

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