Tuesday, 18 June 2013

DOGGON DOG DAY MUSIC MOR .. Just What Would They Do? #JOE

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Just What Would they Do??

Just What Would they Do??
By Joe Harrison

By now everyone knows that I am really into history and I use it a lot in my writings. Everyone may not remember this incident, or may not be old enough, but it certainly poses an interesting question.
The incident I speak of took place in 1972 when 200 members of AIM (American Indian Movement) captured the small town of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. I won’t get into too many details, but the bottom line was that they wanted the removal of the President of the Pine Ridge council. They felt he had used voter fraud and intimidation to get elected…sound familiar? They felt he was using a sort of goon squad along with the tribal police to persecute traditional believing Indians…think DHS and constitutionalists…it will sound more familiar. Anyway, the tribal police along with federal authorities surrounded Wounded Knee and held it under siege for 71 days. During that time, the two groups exchanged gunfire almost every night. Day by day, more and more AIM supporters were able to sneak their way past the siege and bolster the numbers inside as well as bring in fresh supplies of food and ammo. To make a long story short, eventually an agreement was reached and AIM relented, hundreds of them were arrested but they were all acquitted.
So that brings up my question, there are just not many Indians around any more, so that was pretty much all they were able to pull off at one time. There are, however, millions of us. What would happen if the same sort of strategy was used, capturing not one, but 20, 40, maybe even 100 places across the country at one time, involving thousands upon thousands of American citizens?
How would the government handle that? What if every single group had the same demands? Maybe something like the immediate resignation or removal from office of the President, Vice President and the entire cabinet for example.
The DHS does not have the resources to handle such an event; they would have to rely on local law enforcement. Would that law enforcement support the government or the protestors? Would the government simply kill that many American citizens? Because if they did, that would surely spark an all out revolution.
Would they call in the military and if they did, would the military support the government or the protestors?
I think all of these variables would differ depending on the location of each event. Those 200 poorly armed, poorly fed Indians lasted for 71 days, I wonder what half the population could pull off.
I would be very curious to see how it would all turn out.


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