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EXTRACTED (part only)

"Battle lines are being drawn
Lines have been drawn, a war is now officially afoot, but a war like no other. The “allies” are led by Russia under Vladimir Putin. Today’s world struggle brings Russia to the forefront for the first time, openly at odds with her own Zionist oligarchs.
  • - With Putin, and read carefully, are the following groups:
  • - President Obama, the Defense Department, State Department and Pentagon
  • - The Islamic Republic of Iran
  • - Syria
  • - Iraq
  • - Hezbollah
The “Central” or “Axis” powers make up the following:

  • - Germany
  • - Turkey (and Iraqi Kurdistan)
  • - Israel
  • - Saudi Arabia and Qatar
  • - Britain and France
  • - Senator John McCain and Al Qaeda
  • - The AIPAC/Israel Lobby in Congress
  • - The world’s corporate press as spokesman for world organized crime
The war has begun, fighting, not only in Syria but as terrorist attacks inside the United States supported by a carefully orchestrated press campaign to spread fear and lies, setting the stage for continual escalating acts of false flag terrorism, most recently Boston and Woolrich.
When the world went to war in August, 1914, the colonial nation states of Europe and the Ottoman Empire began four years of slaughter, driven by secret alliances and treaties. To the world’s intellectual community, the “Great War” signaled an end to civilization. They may well have been right.
Today, despite misdirection and censorship on a massive scale, the state of Israel stands close to annihilation. Russia stands ready, backed into a corner with no other option, to obliterate the Jewish state with thermonuclear weapons.
As in 1914, it began simply. Then a Serbian anarchist killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, setting off a chain-reaction of events that led Russia to defend Serbia, France to defend Russia, Germany to defend Austria-Hungary and so on.
Sarajevo 2013, 99 years later
The realities of today’s world conflict, one fought both “cold and hot,” false flag terrorism, staged revolutions, economic holocaust and a mounting list of casualties, now in the millions, is closer to that of August 1914 than many realize.
That was a Rothschild war, pure and simple. The machinations of colonialism, central banks, debt-based currencies and key government officials, bought and sold much as they are today, brought us our first world conflict.
The war today is, in actuality, a continuation of the world conquest begun then, moving from stage to stage, communist revolution, the obliteration of Germany, the new “soft colonialism” and an unending “low-intensity conflict,” the war on terror, theatrical, scripted and phony.
Perhaps the world may be ready to learn the lessons of history that ignorance has brought to endless repetition.
It seems a few, a brave few, a “band of brothers,” may face down the narrative of victimization mythology and corruption.
What we see now, watch the controlled media, is desperation.
This war began at 2:30AM on May 2, 2013 with the sinking of an Israeli manned German Dolphin submarine that was supporting commando infiltration off the Syrian coast. The sub was spotted, submerged to 150 meters and was hit by a sophisticated guided torpedo.
Syrian helicopters remained over the site of the naval disaster until a Russian flotilla arrived, escorting a salvage ship to secure the nuclear-tipped Tomahawk cruise missiles onboard.
In retaliation, Israel began an artillery bombardment of Syrian positions outside Damascus on May 4. During that bombardment, an Israeli submarine off the coast of Lebanon launched a nuclear cruise missile. High resolution video from fifteen miles away clearly identifies the massive flash, the telltale mushroom cloud and the lightning, leaving no doubt that this was a nuclear attack.
The explosion was picked up by American Vela satellites and confirmed.
Why the White House now stands with Russia, Syria and Iran
Russian President Vladimir Putin then contacted American President Barak Obama. Putin confirmed that Russia would not allow any further nuclear attacks without responding in kind against Israel and that, under the circumstances, the United States would be advised that “Israel has made her bed, and, if she chooses, she will die in it.”
The Obama administration agreed to stand aside. As partial recompense, America bought Russian helicopters for the armed forces of Afghanistan and agreed not to actively oppose installation of an S-300 air defense system in Syria, one that makes Israel’s air superiority over the region but a memory.
The May 23 Obama “bomb”
On May 23, President Obama spoke for 48 minutes, outlining American policies. The speech, one of epic importance, was misquoted, lied about and eventually censored from the press. Why? What did Obama say?
- America’s rendition program is a war crime and that prisoners are being illegally kidnapped and “tortured.” Yes, President Obama called rendition “illegal “and waterboarding “torture.”
- All drone attacks (outside Iraq and Afghanistan) were authorized by Congress and that further drone attacks require oversight. Obama admitted that many drone attacks were wrong and that there was inadequate accountability and that drone attack policies were wrong and irresponsible.
- By presidential order, no armed drone could ever be flown over the United States.


Nikola Tesla Secret

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