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#UK #MSM *CONFIRMED* MI5 'tried to recruit' #WOOLWICH


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Did We Tell You (and the FT; note) or ... Did We TELL YOU!

"Another VT correspondent in Britain is under indictment for, and you will love this, reporting a terrorist threat to an intelligence agency that may well have been fully complicit in planning what was to be an act of false flag terrorism. “Let no good deed go unpunished.”"
Who tried to STOP us telling you; #UK MOR NSA CRIMES *DOXED* #MENWITHHILL

"Let us never entertain any outrageous conspiracy theories"

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IoS exclusive: MI5 'tried to recruit' Woolwich attack suspect Michael Adebolajo

Terror suspect was among group arrested in Kenya en route to Somalia two years ago. Family say torture there ‘pushed him over the edge’

SUNDAY 26 MAY 2013

Evidence emerged last night that one of the suspects involved in the killing of the British soldier Lee Rigby was well known to anti-terror police and the security services for at least three years before the brutal Woolwich attack. Michael Adebolajo was arrested in Kenya under suspicion of being at the centre of an al-Qa'ida-inspired plot in 2010, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

He was one of seven men arrested by Kenyan police after landing on an island off the Kenyan coast in November 2010. Local press reports of the arrests referred to Mr Adebolajo as a "Nigerian with a British passport" who was "suspected of masterminding the racket". Police claimed the men were travelling to Somalia to join the ranks of the al-Shabaab terrorist group. His family claimed he was held in detention and tortured before being deported back to Britain without charge.

After the incident, members of his family said he was "pestered" by MI5 agents pressuring him to become an informant for them and infiltrate radical Islamic extremist groups. Relatives said other family members were also harassed and questioned by the UK authorities. In an exclusive interview with The IoS, Mr Adebolajo's brother-in law claimed constant demands to get him to spy on Muslim clerics might have pushed him over the edge.

The allegation that MI5 ... "


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