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#SUCCESSION Surviving America V #JoeHarrison #REVOLUTION

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Friday, 3 May 2013
#GUEST New Gun Owners - By Joe Harrison #ARTICLE

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Sunday, 5 May 2013

GUEST ARTICLE: The Road to Secession #USA

"Surviving America V

By Joe Harrison

At this point, I have heard from many, many of you; most are in complete agreement with what I have written so far and I truly appreciate that. There still seem to be some, however, who somehow feel this is all too extreme. Perhaps it’s too much for them to comprehend that the government simply cannot be trusted any more, or that there is no such thing as a peace loving Islamist. There are a plethora of scandals going on now I could cover, but the one that bothers me most is the Boston bombing. It seems to have faded into the background. There are many issues the average citizen may not have picked up on, so I’m going to go over them in detail in this section. Maybe it will get you thinking and questioning.

As we watched the events of the bombing, my first thought when I saw the explosions was that they were too small for such an event; they seemed to be more flash than bang. My previous training led me to believe this was a decoy bomb, one that was set to draw crowds to the site, bring first responders in close and draw media attention, at which point a larger bomb would explode. Every one of the first responders there should have had the same training, caution should have been exercised and a hard perimeter should have been set up. None of this happened, the first responders flooded right to the bomb site and allowed crowds to gather, it was almost like they knew there would not be another explosion or they were just incompetent.

As the events unfolded, we were steadily doing research. The first thing we discovered was that there were civilian military contractors hired to provide extra security for the marathon. Here is where it starts to get interesting. The company hired was owned by Chris Kyle. Where was Kyle at the time? Dead, from somewhat mysterious circumstances. Are you thinking yet?
Being a former law enforcement officer, the next thing that literally blew my mind was the shootout with the suspects. Of course we know one was killed, but what about the other one? He was just a kid; he was wounded and somehow escaped capture by hundreds of law enforcement officers. This was crazy, a squad of six officers should have been able to capture him with no problem; they do it every day. How did this happen? Were all of these federal agents and officers that incompetent, or did they just let him go? We may never know the answer to that one.

What I do know is what happened as a result. The city was literally put under siege. People were not allowed to leave their homes. We watched incident after incident in which agents kicked in the doors of citizens at gunpoint, there were even a couple of times we heard flash bang grenades go off followed by multiple gunshots. We never heard a single explanation of what happened. In my eyes, what it boiled down to was a live practice for martial law, even though it was never declared in the area. It looked to me as if someone was trying to push the limits to see just how much the citizens would take. How far could they push them? How many constitutional rights could they violate before being questioned or stopped? Amazingly, I guess I was the only person who saw a problem there at the time it was taking place.

Now let’s jump ahead to after the capture of the second suspect. He was charged as a citizen and allowed to have an attorney. A deal was immediately cut for him to provide information in exchange for a lighter sentence. Why?
Well anyway, he gave up one of his associates who was now living in Florida. As FBI agents were questioning him, we are told that he became combative and pulled a knife on them so they shot him dead. Really??? Every rookie in every police academy is taught to search and secure a suspect; wouldn’t you think an FBI agent would do that? On top of that, the suspect was shot one time in the back of the head. Does that not seem strange? Are you thinking yet??

We could ask those FBI agents if it weren’t for the fact that a couple of days after the incident, they were both killed in a bizarre training accident. NOW are you thinking yet?

So let’s review, we have Chris Kyle who could hold valuable information as to the facts of the case…dead.

One of the bombers…dead.

A deal cut with the other.

Another possible suspect…dead.

Two FBI agents with valuable information…dead.

I doubt we will ever know the truth of the events surrounding the bombing because frankly, we’ve been so distracted by all of the other scandals going on that no one is looking at it.

If you are not thinking about these things, if you are still not questioning the actions of the administration, if you think we can go on without some type of civil war, revolution or coup, you truly have your head in the sand.

More to follow tomorrow.

Posted by Irish Joe Harrison at 7:06 AM"


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