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Top HERO COP! Joe's back with another insightful article about the State of the State, of the Union.

REPRINTED, with kind permission, of the author.

Surviving America I - By Joe Harrison 

Surviving America I Surviving America I By Joe Harrison I receive requests to write on different subjects almost every day. Sometimes I can, sometimes it requires Angie to do a lot of research and sometimes I just can’t put anything together, even though I try as hard as I can. Lately, the most requested subject I have received has been that of secession. Every day I get more and more requests for it, so I am going to knock this one out. There’s a lot to consider here, this one is going to be pretty long so I am going to do it in a series. I will write a section each day until it’s done so check the page every day.

First of all, the term secession is probably less than accurate. In order for secession to occur, the government of a state would have to officially secede from the Union. Once one did it, others would probably follow but the reality is none are going to do it. There is not one politician I can think of at any level of government who would have the guts and be willing to do it. You may have your favorite candidates and may even think that someday one will be elected to straighten all this mess out; the truth is, if they were honest and trustworthy, they would not be in the position they are in. In the world of politics today, in order to maintain any position at all, the person will have to be self serving, willing to be controlled by special interest groups and large donors; otherwise they will not be re-elected. They are all very disconnected from the common people and really don’t have your best interests in mind at all, sorry but that’s just the hard, honest fact of the matter.

So this will actually have to be more of a revolution than a secession, it will have to be started by the citizens. Don’t lose heart though, keep in mind that when we fought for independence from England, all of the government officials were appointed by the Crown, it was the citizens themselves who started it all…it can be done.

The one thing those colonists did have that we don’t however, was leadership. We need strong, brave leaders. People who are not afraid to speak up and take a stand. People who come from the common public and know who we are and what we want. People who have the intestinal fortitude to not back down, no matter what. We do not need any more politicians. I don’t know who these people will be yet, hopefully they will come to the forefront soon because we are desperately short on time.

For those of you who feel that all of the current scandals will bring the current administration down, let me assure you that it will not. If it even begins to look like it will, there will be some nationwide event that will tear us apart giving Obama the opportunity to declare martial law and take over by brute force. An example of this would the armed march on Washington DC on July 4th. There’s not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that the administration is behind this event. One shot fired and all hell will break loose, giving Obama the justification to deploy the DHS to disarm us all. Perhaps it will be continuous terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims, eventually there will be retribution attacks, there is only so much we will take, once again giving Obama justification for martial law. There are way too many possibilities available to him for me to list them all, but you can be sure that if you can think of it, he has a plan for it.

The fact remains that the country is far too divided to survive in its current state. At some point we are going to have to be split into two different Nations, there’s just no getting around that. It’s either going to be that, or we will become a Nation of socialist subjects. Every single day, we lose another freedom. When it gets to the point that Christian groups, constitutionalist and those who believe in the founding fathers are deemed threats to the government, there is a serious problem.

There’s another reason we must act quickly before this all catches us unprepared. Our conservative leaders are working on a deal with those on the left that will grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Make no mistake about it, if this happens it will be the death of America as we know it. It will break us financially and by that, I mean completely, the great depression will pale in comparison. What we should be doing is using all these DHS resources that we have amassed to round these people up, deport them and then secure our borders instead of using them to demonize and harass law abiding, legal American citizens.

Well, that is about all for this section, there will be more tomorrow. In the meantime, think of a separate America. A place where the constitution will remain intact. A place where your freedoms will be safe and yes, a place where you can actually trust your leadership. In short, a place that our founding Fathers had in mind when they risked everything to form this country.


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Irish Joe Harrison Follow me on Twitter @IrishJoeHarriso Or you can directly email me at hjoe543@aol.com You can also friend me on face book https://www.facebook.com/joe.harrison.7161 I will be adding stories while they are still in progress, this is the reason why. On May 5th of this year I was involved in a motorcycle accident and as a result received a severe brain injury. I am able to write for about an hour at which time I literally pass out for about 45 mins. After coming back to conciseness it takes 3-4 hours to recover making my writing process very slow. At one point I had decided to stop writing because of this. If you find any of this interesting, please let me know, it will really help me stay motivated. Keep in mind that they are not finished until I say they are complete so there is really no need for you point out that there are grammatical errors in them, I know that, besides, I write them like I tell them. If you would like an individual copy of any of these stories please send an email address capable of receiving a word attachment and we'll be glad to send you one.

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