Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Having put Clark McClelland on earlier today, an interview you should all listen to:


We decided to follow up with one of the few remaining true Americans, now dying, like so many others, whilst the FAST SLOB BLOBS cheer on the TERRORISTS in the CIA, blowing up their country, as HEROES.  Whilst slowly, the REAL HEROES, get MURDERED by POVERTY, and EXCLUSION, and the BRAINWASHED MASSES, continue to watch 'REALITY TV', which of course, isn't even reality.  The delusions, inside the delusions, warpped up, for children, with a nice Bunny! ;)

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And now the in-depth:

Not that you're interested in REAL REALITY, just FAKE REALITY TV, and FAKE TV 'NEWS'. Hey Americans 'Terrorist Killa's'  ...

Except, when they are responsible for 911, and aren't Muslim, hey cowards?.

 You're NAILED!  Endless BULLSHIT about the Great American Heroes Defending Liberty & Justice, and you, you freakin COWARDS, have TERRORISTS in DC, and DO NOTHING!  And the world, watches on, in HORROR.

The White Rabbit!

Meantime, someone has tech developed from SIXTY YEARS of TRILLION DOLLAR BLACK BUDGETS, right?

And it's NOT YOU; the person that paid for it.  Your job, to DIE for Country, in FAKE OIL WARS to keep the COVERT OPERATION on YOU, secret, for ever more.  Simple, really.  Fuckwit.

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