Tuesday, 21 May 2013


#MarchAgainstMonsanto the Boycott (forever) list of NEW WORLD ORDER companies Humanity can WELL do without being in business, from now on; let NO NWO Deed go UNPUNISHED; print and carry when you shop, and NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN by ANY product produced by ANY of these GENOCIDAL companies; seeking to profit from the DESTRUCTION of HUMANITY by STARVATION of HUMAN!
Crash EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM RIGHT NOW; print this page, put it in your purse or wallet, and NEVER EVER EVER buy ONE more product from ANY of these SCUMBAGS!
If you're feeling particularly revolutionary, why not take a pen into the shop, and leave a nice message on their products, if that would be legal where you live; you know, something like COCKSUCKERS BUY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY.



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