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#NWO Surviving America IV #Nuke #GENOCIDE

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Surviving America IV
By Joe Harrison

This is part four of a series, the others can be found here:

So now I would like to get into some of the things that we may have touched on but not gone into detail. Things that we as citizens simply are not going to accept. Things that when you put them all together, add up to us wanting secession or even revolution. Things that we take seriously enough to fight for.

The first one is the granting of amnesty for illegal aliens. We as citizens strive every day to obey the laws of the land, although it is getting tougher and tougher to stomach some of the laws being passed, still we try our best. Make no mistake about it, every one of us descends from immigrants at some point in history, but here is the important part, when our people came to this country, they did it legally, they came here attracted by the very freedoms and principles granted by the constitution, they came here to better their lives for themselves as well as their descendents. When they arrived here, they were well aware that they were now in a different country and were more than willing to assimilate to the culture and way of life here. They did not come here to change us, they came here to be part of us and as a result, they prospered and became valuable and respected citizens.

What we are facing now is masses of people who came here illegally so they are already criminals. They come from third world, poverty stricken countries. We are being asked to accept them and their cultures and to assimilate to their way of life. No, we will not accept that. We will no longer accept the fact that people are taking American jobs who cannot even speak English. We will no longer accept non English speaking children in our public schools. We will no longer accept these people living here, working under the table for cash money and receiving every form of public assistance available. No matter what laws are passed, no matter what policies the administration adopts, we the people have our own policies and these people will have to live in OUR world every day. I am a little shocked that it hasn’t started happening already, but if the amnesty bill passes, you will be sure to see actions taken against these immigrants. They will definitely not be made welcome and will probably find it would be safer for them to return to wherever it is they come from. Sorry, but that is the plain fact of the matter. No matter what provisions are made, we will not accept or obey any amnesty laws.

Now let’s talk about freedom of religion. This is one of the most basic freedoms we have; it is one of the most important foundations the country is built on. It does not matter what religion you are, we have always been very accepting of each other, that is, until the Muslims came along and we started losing our rights. Let’s be clear on a few things:
When children are not allowed to gather before school for a prayer, that is not freedom of religion.
When a high school kid wins a track meet and points to the sky and is disqualified for it; that is not freedom of religion.
When we are not allowed to say things like “Merry Christmas, God bless you, and I will pray for you”; that is not freedom of religion.
When Muslim children are given time for prayer in school but our Christian children are not, that is not freedom of religion.
We will no longer accept these practices and we will have our freedoms returned to us. We will gladly accept people of all religions, even atheist, after all it is their right to worship however they choose as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. We will accept all of them that is, except that of Islam. Islamists are a threat to our very existence; this has been proven time after time in attack after attack, not only here but all over the world. They are a threat to our safety which is definitely an infringement on our rights.
No, we will NOT show tolerance for these people; no, we will not coexist with cowardly killers. We have been extremely patient with the government in the fact that there have been very few retribution attacks on these people, we have somehow held out hope that they can be brought under control. I say this, but we are about one attack away from taking matters into our own hands. If our government cannot protect our safety, we will do what ever it takes to do it ourselves. Let me remind you that we are now more armed than we have ever been and we have had enough of this nonsense. It is only a matter of time before we follow the example of many European countries and remove these people from our country one way or another.

That is it for this one, there will be more to follow tomorrow.


Follow me on Twitter @IrishJoeHarriso Or you can directly email me at You can also friend me on face book On May 5th 2012 I was involved in an accident in which I was rear ended on my Indian Motorcycle. I received many injuries, most of which have healed with the exception of the injuries to my brain from head trauma. My stories will be short because after I have written for a while, my brain gets exhausted and I literally pass out and takes most of the rest of the day for me to recover. I will write longer stories in series form. Please feel free to share anything I write anywhere you want, I do this so they will be read and appreciated.

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