Sunday, 26 May 2013

#MOVIE All That I Love #Borcuch #POLISH #FEATURE #FILM

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Poland, 30 years ago. It’s the spring of 1981. Solidarity movement initiates a massive wave of workers’ protests, which sweeps throughout Poland. In a little seaside town, four 18-year-olds form their own punk-rock band. Their lead singer is Janek, a sensitive poetic-type and son of a navy captain. In this ambiance of rebellion, Janek expresses his adolescent dreams through his big passion, music. However, the Pro-soviet totalitarianism hasn’t vanished yet, and as the tanks enter the streets on December 1981, a whole generation of adolescents will be brutally rushed into adult life…

ALL THAT I LOVE by Jacek Borcuch (Full movie) by Eye on Films

Available only in Great Britain ! ALL THAT I LOVE will be available for free on Dailymotion Monday 4 February from 6p.m. to midnight before its VoD launch !  «Jacek Borcuch brings considerable energy and conviction to the material» Chicago Reader • Poland's official entry to the Oscars® 2010 • Official selections : Busan, Sundance & Rotterdam Film Festivals • Polish Film Festival Los Angeles - Hollywood Eagle Award • New York Polish Film Festival - Best Film

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