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#METALS Physical Silver Price Disconnect #MANIPULATION

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Sunday, 17 March 2013


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By Al Doyle for CoinWeek …….

The situation in the silver bullion market is interesting, to say the least. Many voices are saying this is the time to buy with low spot prices, but those who expect to pay something close to a paper (not real) value get a rude awakening when they discover that the cost of the real thing currently has little relation to the manipulated spot price.

Even those who are willing to adjust their thinking and deal with the new reality in pricing often find themselves unsatisfied. That’s because much of the silver sold in recent weeks has been on a future delivery basis. Dealers often have little or no inventory, and they aren’t about to sell from their personal holdings when they can’t readily replace what’s on hand. In such circumstances, buyers can place an order and lock in a price for future delivery of newly minted silver Eagles, Maple Leafs or privately struck rounds and bars. Any estimates of delivery dates are educated guesses at best, and more than a few buyers are grumbling about long waits for their silver.

silver dollars group SILVER 101   CHECK THOSE SILVER DOLLAR PREMIUMSIn the vast majority of cases, the delays are because of demand outpacing supply rather than any games being played by bullion dealers. Supplies really are that tight, and many merchants say they could turn a greater volume in silver if there was a way to get their hands on more product.

One old favorite of hard-money investors has held firm despite the recent slump in the commodities exchanges. Circulated Morgan and Peace dollars have dropped to a second-tier bullion play since silver Eagles and Maple Leafs debuted in the 1980s, but the old coins have done quite well compared to other silver options.

Silver’s post-1980 peak of $48.50 an ounce came during the Central States convention in April 2011. Anyone in the market for circulated 1878 to 1904 Morgans in the Fine to Very Fine range could shop the bourse and choose from a large selection at $38.50 each, which was just a little above melt at the time. Those who remember prices from two years ago might expect to pay somewhat less for “circ” dollars with the current spot price of $22.50, but that’s not the case.

Web sites for major dealers are offering pre-1921 Morgans in Very Good to Very Fine for $32 and up depending on the quantity purchased. Silver shoppers who want 100 pieces or less are going to pay $33 or so. That’s a modest 14.3 percent price decline during a period when spot fell by 53.6 percent."



By Al Doyle for CoinWeek


"Thursday, May 30, 2013

With Paper Gold Contracts Defaulting, Capital Controls Will Likely Be Here Before You Know It!

Here are the five potential tactics that I fear may come to pass in the next few months.

  • First, look for a repeat of what the US government authorized the COMEX to do at the January 1980 peaks in gold and silver prices.  The COMEX stopped price increases by prohibiting new purchases of gold and silver contracts by investors.  Investors who already owned COMEX contracts were limited to either continuing to hold the contract or to sell it.  They were not allowed to increase their positions.  The recent actions taken by the ABN Amro Bank and the unidentified major Swiss bank are almost exactly this kind of development. The consequence of such a development is that those who own little or no precious metals may find it almost impossible to buy any or any more, no matter whether paper or physical.
  • Second, to forestall the failure of a major world bank, that nation may impose a bank holiday in order to seize some or all of the checking and savings accounts and retirement assets held by the bank’s customers.  This is precisely what has happened in Cyprus, with a growing number of nations stating that they will adopt this tactic.  There are several large banks that are reportedly near insolvency, but I won’t fan the flames of panic by naming them here.
  • Third, look for there to be limitations on being able to withdraw funds from bank savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposits, at brokerages, and any other forms of “money.”  This tactic was used against Ohio residents in the late 1980s that had accounts at certain financial institutions in that state.
  • Fourth, at the same time, the government is likely to limit the ability to send funds out of the country, similar to the financial restrictions now imposed on Americans who seek to surrender their citizenship.
  • Fifth, the US government could prohibit the purchases of physical gold and silver investment products.  By doing this, the government could not be accused of confiscating gold or silver (except for the private Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and 401K accounts) similar to the fully-compensated, mandatory redemption in 1933.
Through these measures, the US government would make it virtually impossible for people to protect themselves against the continuing decline in the value of the US dollar.


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Officials: Man Who Knew Boston Bombing Suspect Was Unarmed When Shot By FBI Agent

MAY 30, 2013
A Chechen man who was fatally shot by an FBI agent last week during an interview about one of the Boston bombing suspects was unarmed, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.
An air of mystery has surrounded the FBI shooting ofIbragim Todashev, 27, since it occurred in Todashev’s apartment early on the morning of May 22. The FBI said in a news release that day that Todashev, a former Boston resident who knew bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed during an interview with several law enforcement officers.
The FBI has provided few other details, saying that the matter is being investigated by an FBI review team that may not finish its probe for several months.

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