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This (the part in red) confirms my deepest suspicions. Read it and weep, Brits. Read it and weep, for just as long as you need to, before you get ANGRY, and DEMAND the LEGAL SYSTEM of the UNITED KINGDOM does it's job; ARRESTS TONY BLAIR, DAVID CAMERON, GEORGE OSBOURNE, LORD SASSOON, LORD ROTHSCHILD, and just a FEW PRISON LOADS of BANKERS.
"Another VT correspondent in Britain is under indictment for, and you will love this, reporting a terrorist threat to an intelligence agency that may well have been fully complicit in planning what was to be an act of false flag terrorism. “Let no good deed go unpunished.”"
If you sit, and you STARE, like The Pet Goat do, world war three will be upon us, just faster, than you can blink an eye; Russian Fleet having entered the Med, and of course, Israel having already nuked Syria (whilst Obama Brainwashing (able assisted by the ever present WAR CRIMINALS in the BBC), try to convince you Assad used Chemical Weapons (which, if chemical weapons have been used at all, would have course, most likey, been supplied (for an ENOURMOUS SUM, let's not forget) by UK Britam (sic). And you sit, and you teke the bill being sent to you.  You disgust me.

We may have been the first on the planet (again), but were we right, or where we right:

Monday, 29 April 2013#MI5 Britain Biggest Failure Needs To Be Abolished #INTEL

And we even beat Gordon Duff to it.  Now then, now then, onto the allegations of CRIMINAL TERRORISTS RUNNING THE UK INTELLIGENCE APPARATUS:  Note, we reside in the United Kingdom.  Less than 15 miles from MI5 and MI6.  If we get charged with any TRUMPED UP criminal charges, or stop posting, you'll know we were got to.  And hopefully, after 6000+ posts, you'll have some idea, of what you need to do about things.

"More of the Things You Aren’t Supposed To Know

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

It is time we differentiated hard intelligence and rational analysis from conspiracy theory addiction. Remember, it was Fox News and the Limbaugh crowd that created the addiction for wild conspiracies and fabrication.

They, of course, did so out of knowing treason, as time has proven out rather conclusively. Let’s look at what we know, what we can prove and, especially, what can never be published.

A reader coined our media here in the west, the “LSN” (Lame Stream News). That one may stick. The shame is even Colbert, Maher and Stewart are shamefully dim witted and gutless.

They make me sick.


The AP or “Associated Press” is hardly real press. Why shouldn’t the government bug the press? We pay the government to protect us from dangerous criminals. In recent years, those who aren’t wearing uniforms or badges, carry press passes often as not.

First of all, at VT, we have certainly been bugged all along by a dozen governments. We get followed and a few claim that helicopters are over their homes continually. I am not so sure about that but we have endless evidence of continual infiltration attempts by paid informants and petty “terrorist groupies,” all pretending to be activists of members of the “alternative press.”

We have had several of our editors and correspondents imprisoned, including a UN Ambassador and member of congress and one who served as White House intelligence chief.

Their crimes? One tried to tell Bush his Iraqi WMDs didn’t exist. The other refused to assign a huge amount of money belonging to the people of the United States to the Bush family. That got him a 22 year sentence. These moves “on the press” were done by two “Bush league” presidents.

Another VT correspondent in Britain is under indictment for, and you will love this, reporting a terrorist threat to an intelligence agency that may well have been fully complicit in planning what was to be an act of false flag terrorism. “Let no good deed go unpunished.”

The lesson, if you are going to report terrorists, please ask them if they are working for the Mossad, CIA or MI-6 beforehand.

If they say no, they are with the Department of Homeland Security, America’s answer to Al Qaeda.

Bush and Cheney ordered the assassination of another of our editors, Gwyneth Todd, a member of the National Security Council. “Gw” escaped to Turkey and then to Australia. The attempt on her life was featured in a five page Washington Post article and is mentioned, with some regularity, on television in Australia. Todd, while at the White House, was privy to some of America’s darkest secrets, not just the illegal invasions but broad spying by AIPAC and even planning of the 9/11 attack as well.

Three VT contributors have been killed while reporting in zones of conflict.

One was kidnapped and tortured by Israelis, an issue now before the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

Another, an Israeli citizen of Jewish ethnicity, is under “sentence of death for honesty in journalism,” a common form of recognition in Israel.

As for the AP and “others,” we are fully behind government efforts to investigate them. We have found the “Lame Stream News” isn’t quite so innocent. Minimally, anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows the news delivered to the undiscerning American, Brit, German, Canadian or what have you is pure propaganda.

What few realize is that the acts of domestic terrorism know openly accepted as “false flag attacks,” certainly Sandy Hook and Boston, and 9/11 most of all, would be impossible without full complicity by the press.

If the government wants to stop domestic terrorism, they are going to have to wiretap the LSN, catching the text messages, emails and phone calls from the spy organizations and terrorist groups that we believe are regularly in contact with the press.

Key press assets are notified in advance of attacks so that stories can quickly be “spun” to blame the “favor of the month” patsy and to cover up blunders. On 9/11, when Building 7 collapsed though undamaged, the BBC had predicted that collapse 20 minutes in advance by mistakenly getting the timing of the demolition schedule wrong.

They had been notified in advance.

To any idiot, this has to be obvious: The BBC was working directly with the terrorists.

No other explanation is possible.




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  1. I'm a terrorist groupie, well a groupie of independent investigative journalists. Same diff these days. And I've had helicopters buzzing my house, but even more spooky when I visit a friend of mine who's parent was a staff member in the Australian refugee detention centers there was ALWAYS a helicopter buzzing around and they blamed ME because I'm a 'terrorist groupie'. I've only recently realised it was probably because I was in a position to solicit information from the parent, because since the parent stopped working there, we haven't seen any helicopters. I could still solicit information but of course I'm not in a position to solicit the information I want; because the parent no longer has access to that particular data base. Actually it never occurred to me to ask this parent to violate the code of conduct just for my nosiness. I don't know how much it costs to keep a helicopter in the air for the length of time I would visit my friend, but 'whoever' 'if ever' was being very paranoid. ~ Shona Duncan

    1. Hang in there Shona; the world is waking up.

      Soon, the REAL terrorists, had better RUN!

      Trouble is, they have NO WHERE LEFT TO HIDE! :) HOORAY!


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