Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The fun last night, if you missed it:


OK, OK, big statement, and we all know we all like fast browsiing, but the plain truth is I've tested this so many ways, over so much time, I'm absolutely sure of myself on this point (you can see here who doesn't want me TELLING YOU THE TRUTH), GOOGLE CHROME is beiing USED IN EUROPE to MASSIVELY CENSOR the TRUTH to publishers like me... that means, to CENSOR REALITY from YOU!  There can only be one response to such PROVEN TRUTH; and that be to DUMP GOOGLE CHROME, in the DUSTBIN of HISTORY, where this NAZI SOFTWARE, truly, really, belongs.  NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.  Now whether Google understands this reality, or not (being a CIA venture capital firm funded start-up .... it's not so complicated for anyone with a brain cell to work out) .... NO MATTER.  The facts are the PROVEN facts, and if you understand The White Rabbit writes real right REAL REALITY, you should join me, in DUMPING GOOGLE CHROME, in favour, of ANY OTHER BROWSER, and you should do that TODAY.  ENUF of letting the CIA control the EUROPEAN internet.  Supporting this allegedly open-source browser, is just no longer acceptable to ANYONE that loves freedom.  For truely perhaps we have entered a time, when the phrase, 'Give me liberty or give me death' needs to be updated to USETRULY FREE, LIBRE, OPEN-SOURCE SOFTWARE (aka FLOSS) or GET TYRANNY, CENSORSHIP and UNREAL, UN-REALITY, as many regulars, now know, we have been, for simple 60+ years.

This is perhaps the most considered post made on this blog; these statements not made lightly, AT ALL.  Maybe the censorship isn't effecting YOU yet (you think), but I'm TELLING YOU NOW, it is; this blog's coverage of GEOPOLITICS and EXOPOLITICS has been SEVERELY restricted over the past 10-12 days, and after mor mor mor testing than you can throw a SHITTY STICK at, we're TOTALLY SURE, something about the way GOOGLE CHROME is either coded, or coded, nefariously to interact with somethiing else, is TRASHING the REAL NEWS COVERAGE we provide.

The choice, as ever, is truly yours; the brainwashed 'activists for truth' still paying their BBC TV licences, unable to ween themselves of the OPIUM OF THE MASSES, will of course, continue to do what the brainwashed masses, do CONTINUE TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN ENSLAVEMENT, the ASS-RAPING of their OWN CHILDREN, and the CONTINUED SLAUGHTER of their TROOPS, and of course, like BRAINWASHED BBC SLAVES DO, will ignore this advisory too, because they like FREE, and FAST, and are TOO BRAINWASHED to understand the COSTS of those choices.

But for the REAL SMART READER OF RABBIT, I'm telling you, there is SOMETHING about GOOGLE CHROME that is GIVING OUR FREEDOM AWAY to the DARK CABAL ... I'm no longer falling for the CHROME CON. And you, shouldn't either; even if it's working for you just fine (so you think) right now ..... If you're not an IT expert, and don't have a torproject.org install/VPN, etc, you should do this little test, over the weeks ahead.....

1) install torproject.org TOR BROWSER BUNDLE (it's a stand-alone bundle; justextract and run it!).

2) when you hit "This webpage is not available" TEST THAT 'GOOGLE FACT', by tryiing to access the same page, using tor browser .... over time, for sure, you will start to see the CENSORSHIP of the WESTERN WORLD, **ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY** being imposed on YOU!

And then, you'll believe ....

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