Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Of course, unlike the 300,000,000 COWARDS in America, busy right now desperately finding EVERY LAST EXCUSE under over and through the sun, to NOT go on an ARMED march on 4th to DC, the Bahraini's, go out, night after night after night, UNARMED, to deal with their US ARMED Oppressors.

Dare you even WATCH Mr America 'Brave Hero' (who just happens to have spent a decade BOMBING GOAT HERDERS, you know, like 'brave' people do, in the NEW TOTALLY FUCKED UP and BRAINWASHED American NAZI Empire 'Homeland'.


Let the FREE world, forget Americans ever existed ... Their COWARDICE in the FACE OF OPPRESSION, is an EMBARRASSMENT to every last living HUMAN on this planet.

PS.  If you're too DUMBED DOWN and DRUGGED UP to understand the ROYALTY SUPPORTING USA docks it's FIFTH FLEET in Bahrain ... U need MORON RABBIT!

Of course, Gwenneth Todd, she knows ALL about how the US 5th FLEET COMMANDERS, are ALL CRIMINAL TERRORISTS ... ;) 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Of course, no Americans will traffic this page .... because it's about MUSLIMS, and we all know, they're ALL TERRORISTS, right!  ... Now go off a run back under your BED, they're EVERYWHERE!  Didn't the TV tell you?

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