Wednesday, 22 May 2013


As usual, you have to go to IRAN to find out any TRUTH about what's happening in the UK.

BBC war criminal RUBIN, may soon be charged.  And if as is likely the case, the charge is not accepted by a British Court, proof of that, will be sent to Italy, so that Rubin, can be tried, at the ICC.

Be the second person on planet earth, to WATCH TRUTH; the **DESIGNED** destruction of the UNITED KINGDOM by the NAZIS ... ably assisted by their CRIMINAL BUDDIES in Parliament, and the media; busy brainwashing the DISABLED are LAZY, THIEVING CHEATS, which of course, they DUMP DEBT (now 400 YEARS to repay) on the backs of the UNBORN for their BANKSTERS CRIMINAL BUDDIES, for the PAYOFFS from eh FIFTEEN TRILLION, no doubt.

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