Tuesday, 28 May 2013

#DOCUMENTARY Apocalypse Conspiracy; Illuminati #WORLDWARIII

Planned and executed by shadowy multi-generational fascists bent on world domination and genocidal depopulation, the wars surrounding Israel and Nuclear Armageddon are being scripted to usher in a totalitarian one world government for the western and European oligarchy, and elite bankster class. The film paints a very bleak picture of the state of world affairs with few glimmers of hope, however viable options are presented, and the brutal truth is revealed on such issues as Syria, Iran, Russia, China, DPRK, Missile Defense, Depleted Uranium Munitions, Israel and Palestine, past and current wars, economic slavery, and the march to Nuclear Winter.

The balance of M.A.D. is more precarious than it was during the Cuban missile crisis days, with preemptive nuclear war doctrine on the table, doomsday seed vaults and D.U.M.B.'s, NATO encroachment in post soviet satellite states, and antimissile shield elements chipping away at Russian and Sino- nuclear deterrence. The global war on terror is an obvious facade to the not so secret agenda of world hegemony and domination by western and European elites. UK through NATO and American military surrogates make clear the war planning is ultimately global in nature and it is clear that Russia, China, and all countries not under the forced depopulation and debt slavery N.W.O. system will ultimately be targeted.

The Apocalypse Conspiracy - Illuminati World War III


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Comments are now being screened. Please do not preach, insult other commenter's, or attack the personalities in the video. They are just messengers. I dont work for anyone, I didnt make any of the video segments in the film, and Im not making any money on this. Regarding all the comments about doing nothing because its Gods will, look, they've changed the bible and used it as a war script. That should be clear by now. Faith and believing in God is one thing but expecting him to save us is a cop-out, whether you believe in God or not is irrelevant if you ask me, we all need to expose evil and fight it for our very survival. Besides, doesn't the bible teach that God works through people? How is waiting for him to show up and kick ass going to help, meanwhile millions die in wars and the planet is being poisoned. We need to fight now, end the wars and agenda 21 crap and end the suffering. People in positions of power arent all bad, its these good people fighting corruption on all levels that can save us, and its up to regular folks to snap out of our trances and warn our public officials of the creeping holocaust and demand reversal. Illegal wars and agenda 21 forced depopulation cannot be ignored any longer. If you want to be an activist there is plenty you can do, fight your local administrators to remove fluoride in water, join an anti-war movement, talk to farmers about the dangers of GMO, get airtime on radio and tv to point out the dangers of chem-trailing, and the risk of nuclear war. If nothing else just find out about the true evil agendas in the upper echelons of power and expose them every chance you get, even to complete strangers. Also, take steps to wean yourself and family off the system. They count on us being so dependent that when they collapse everything, we just die off. But the struggle continues. To learn more check out my documentaries playlist and uploads, read the articles linked above, and follow the news links onhttp://blogdogcicle.blogspot.com/.

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