Monday, 27 May 2013


"The bottom line is we were 'given' two videos from the same vantage point and 'one' of them was doctored. It does not really matter which one is authentic, only that deception and trickery was used by the PTB and distributed to the people. Another reason to not trust anything you are shown on TV."


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"I do believe this whole event was a hoax. however it is important to point out in the second clip where the is no blood, the entire colors have been altered. The lines on the street are called red route lines. Those lines are supposed to be red but clearly you can see in the second clip the lines are orange. THAT is the altered pic. It IS a hoax I don't doubt that. But ask anyone living in London if I am correct about the red route lines."


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Do note, the Prime Minister, is in Ibeza, for the weekend ... ;)

Obviously, there's those that know, and then there's ... those that know so well, they go on holiday. ;)

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