Monday, 27 May 2013


Proof the US Government has fallen to a fascist coup.




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PROOF The U.S. Gov't Has Fallen To A Fascist Coup 


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"Prescott Bush’s wife spent 2 weeks with Aleister Crowley
in Paris. 9 months later George Bush Sr was born.
Both Georges were skull and bones Freemasons.
Prescott was a major bank player in loaning money
to Hitler. Hitler kept Madame Blavatskys book
the Secret Doctrine on his nightstand. Published
by the Lucifer Trust (now Lucis Trust)."

"Are you certain of this? Because Barbara Bush is often said to have been fathered by Crowley. It’d be a hoot if Both George and Barbara were fathered by Crowley. Very incestuous… and the perfect explanation for their dimwit offspring. GW can probably play a banjo.
John Adams"

May 27, 2013 at 4:05 am · Reply

Chris you are correct, you’ll find the allegations were that Babara Bush was the daughter of Aleister Crowley.

Also Prescott Bush did assist funding Hitler, however where did Prescott Bush get the funds… from the Jewish Bankers who print the money out of thin air. You’ll find Rockefeller and the Rothschild families of Jewish Dynastic Bloodlines funding both sides of WWII.

Freemasonry is admitted Jewish Kabbalah (satanism) and you’ll also find Blavatsky, Crowley were also practicing Jewish Kabbalah. Blavatsky, Crowley were never in control of the system, merely puppets, it has always been with the Satanic Jewish Bloodlines, their place was just to popularize Kabbalah and spread it under a different guise (theosophy), you see Judaism (the religion of the followers of Lucifer) has many masks, guises and levels.

Theosophy is another branch of “freemasonry” mystery school indoctrination for mostly not Jewish bloodlines, it is Jewish Kabbalah.

I welcome all to research more and keep following the clues to the source… there’s a saying “the fish rots from the head”.

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Welcome to your new future; where it is illegal for the rich, as well as the poor, to eat from garbage.

The All New America .... ;)

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  1. Crowley is that famous Satanist. I have a theory about George Bush's parentage: himself. Note how fascinatingly similar they two look, Sr & Jr. When you clone from an older person/mammal the clone has aspects that suggest they were born already aged, and that could explain Bush Jr's 'murds wuddled up', his father has alzheimer's disease. ~Shona Duncan~

  2. On the discussion linking Grandad (Prescott)Bush, who was president of the bank that held the Nazi gold; some say that the Nazi's deposited and the only non-Semitic Jews, the Germanic AshkeNazi Jewish tribe that assumed ownership of Palestine got the lot. Remember Shakespear's 'Methinks you doth protest too much', that applies to the Israeli Jews who INSIST they are Semitic and anybody who questions anything about individual or group members are called 'Anti-Semitic'. Semitic means 'Arab', so while I support the self determination of the Semites, I don't count Israeli AshkeNazi as Semitic so I'm fairly immune to the usual gut reactions that people get when called 'Anti Semite'.
    Back to Gold. The AshkeNazi have 'gold fever', notice most of their names have 'gold' in them, that is mostly since WWII when many, including my uncle's family changed their name to add 'gold' into it. I'm not sure of what it means to have 'gold' in your name for post WWII Jewish Germans, but someone might be able to shed light there.
    Back to the Ashkenazi. They are European and their historical seat of learning and commerce has been Germany. If you think they fared poorly under Hitler during WWII then perhaps an examination of the democratic data from about that time. I have found on the internet that pre 1900 the Ashkenazi accounted for only 2% of the world's Jews and after WWII at least, they were 98% of the worlds Jews. That is disturbing.
    Back to 'Methinks you doth protest too much', how are Holocaust deniers treated? I would think 'so flipping what' if someone didn't believe that the holocaust didn't happen, certainly not worth jail time for the mere suggestion. But this matter matters to the AshkeNazi so much that once cast a Holocaust Denier a person will often be sentenced to visit a grisly WWII showcase that was built by an AshkeNazi, to learn the error of their thinking. I think that is over the top. Who cares if some people don't think the holocaust happened. I believe there was a holocaust, I just don't believe the AshkeNazi version, for obvious reasons.
    And now to the Illuminati/Mason/Satanic symbols in the Israeli Supreme Court, you will find plenty of YouTube video's that show the connection and distinction of these symbols. That court was built by the Rothschild's.
    Rothschild is a very old Ashkenazi family who adopted the HEXagram as their Shield. Actually 'Rothschild' means 'Red Shield'. The HEXagram is a very old Satanic symbol of 6 sides, 6 points and 6 triangles. It is the perfect and sacred geometric 666. I vaguely remember '666' from somewhere, anybody?
    More on Rothschild. This family owns every reserve bank in the world. Yes, your government doesn't own it, it's an AshkeNazi attempt at fiscal world domination. Note how they exchange pure gold for printed paper 'funny money'? What a hoot. Yes, indeed. Not only do they have the reserve banks that syphon gold out of sovereign economies and replace it with paper and imaginary 'digital' currency ... they also are the only family in the world to FIX the price of gold at the beginning and close of business in London. Oh what a creepy feeling. Are you getting a handle on this?
    So that's all from now, from the recesses of my troubled mind. You do the searching, Google to your hearts content. Remember that most of history was written by ... dare I say it? .... no, I don't dare. ~Shona Duncan~


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