Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Now then, now then.  Anyone can be homosexual or bisexual, that is NOT the problem.

The problem, is when they go on to become PM, and KNOWINGLY lie our troops into a WAR CRIME.

It's time the REAL Anthony Lyndon Blair; STOOD TRIAL.  And if the British Justice System is INCAPABLE of dealing with BRITISH WAR CRIMINALS, then the ICC will have to do it.

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"Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair(Tony Blair,former PM of the UK)

He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street magistrates court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man, little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him off with a fine, because he is one of them."



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#CrowdActivism: #MASSARREST Tony Blair #TREASON #WARCRIMES http://www.crowdactivism.com/2013/03/massarrest-tony-blair-treason-sedition.html

We suggest the RENDITION of TONY BLAIR, to any government with HONEST politicians, WORLDWIDE.  At the moment, he's protected by ... get this, POLICE!

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