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Legal basis for the WAR CRIMES TRIALS ....  



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MACHINE TRANSLATED (from original Norwegian)

"Published April 1 - 10,270 views Post

We have submitted a anmeldese by Jens Stoltenberg, Jonas Gahr Støre, Grete Faremo and Harald Sunde for war crimes and complicity in crimes against humanity. We sent out press release to the media of Norway. But they were not interested

We met up outside City Police, at 16, Friday, March 22. 21 people had sacrificed the first minutes of their Easter holiday to stand up plaktater with a picture of Jens Stoltenberg, Jonas Gahr Støre and Grete Faremo. Inscriptions read: "War criminal".

The media had could be taken Easter holiday. But if the matter had been considered to be to civic interest, for example, that in the aftermath will be counted as having historical value, namely that a government that has led our country to war, is charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, this first Easter vacation day , so had probably been the media interested in covering it?

Or can we assume that the editors of the major media houses in this country rather think it's more appropriate to have twenty cases on their websites about winter driving, queuing out of the big cities and kjedisnyheter?

I was actually called by NRK. An interview with a female journalist who asked lots of good questions, and she made a case for what was to come during the day. She sat for several hours and worked on the interview and the background information that I had given as sources. When the work was finished, she sent a text message: "Hey, the case is clear, but when it goes is up to the duty officer. Good weekend!"

The case was never posted on NRK's ​​website. I do not know who was the duty officer at NRK this afternoon, but that Støre and Stoltenberg Faremo was charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, was thus not interesting enough for public education channel NRK.

The only thing that matter was covered online newspapers. I was called and interviewed the day before the selection and submission of the review. The journalist put the case right out of the pages shortly after the interview was done. Examination there was possibly not as strong as in the state channel? Maybe not so strange. NRK have a lot of interesting things to cover. Many important issues. So our cause enough just not important enough for the Norwegian people to know about.

For the interested so I put the text under review. It will be up to whoever reads this to spread it on ...

"We welcome Edvard Vogt's review of Jonas Gahr Støre and Defense Chief Harald Sunde for violations of international law by going to war against Libya in violation of the UN Charter and Norwegian law., We also wants to write a series of violations of Norwegian laws on war crimes as it can be demonstrated that NATO committed during the war or that it is likely that Norway directly or indirectly contributed to.

Norway participated in the war against Libya from 23 March 2011 to 1 august 2011 with bombers and continued participation until 31 October 2011 with such To help choose the bombing target. 2. March 2012 offered up a commission of the UN Human Rights Council report, Report of the International Commission of Inquiry Wed Libya proves civilian targets were bombed by NATO and war crimes committed by their allies on the ground. We believe that the figures appearing in this report provides a basis for reviewing government Stoltenberg, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, former Foreign and Defence Ministers Jonas Gahr Støre and Grete Faremo and Defense Chief Harald Sunde after the 2005 Penal Code, Chapter 16 on Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The provisions of the 2005 Penal Code, Chapter 16 These provisions and the criminal code. 2005 The first part referred to below, entered into force on 7 March 2008.

We Contributor Jens Stoltenberg, Jonas Gahr Støre, Grete Faremo and Harald Sunde for crimes against humanity for

Size. 2005 § 102, paragraphs a and k,

likewise we reviewed Stoltenberg Government for crimes against humanity for

Size. 2005 § 102, paragraphs a and k, cf criminal code. 2005 § 27,

to have killed several people and committed inhumane acts which have caused great suffering or serious injury to body or health. The violation was as part of a widespread and systematic attack directed against a civilian population.

And for war crimes against the person for

Size. 2005 § 103, first paragraph, letter a and b

likewise we reviewed Stoltenberg Government for crimes against humanity for

Size. 2005 § 103, paragraphs a and b, cf criminal code. 2005 § 27,

for killing the protected person and to have inflicted great suffering to protected person and serious damage to the body or health.

The same reported for complicity in war crimes against the person for

Size. 2005 § 103, first paragraph, letter a, b, d, e, f, h, i, j and k, cf criminal code. 2005 § 15

for the Stoltenberg Government is concerned, cf strl.2005 § 27,

to have medvirkret to

- Murder of protected persons,

- Application of protected people great suffering and serious damage to the body and health, especially by torture or other cruel or inhuman treatment,

- In violation of international law to deport or forcibly relocating protected persons from an area where they lawfully stayed,

- To impose or implement punishment against protected persons unless people first have a fair trial in accordance with international law,

- Grossly violating protected persons dignity by humiliating or degrading treatment or

- Damage to combatants who have surrendered.

The basis for the first two groups of crimes

The Commission examined 20 of NATO's 9700 bombing and documented that in these attacks killed at least 60 civilians and wounded 55 Norway participated in 564 angrepstokter. (What goals Norway attack is unknown to us, but will be provided information for prosecutors.) Commission identified several bombings of civilian casualties where it can be proven military targets near:

* The largest civilian casualties in a single bombing Commission has reached a NATO attack against the town of Majer 8 august 2011 where NATO to have killed 34 civilians and wounded 38 (p. 17). Commission "found no evidence on the ground or through satellite images, that the area should have had a military function. Based on the information the Commission has received, it seems clear that all those killed were civilians" (p. 165).

* 20 June 2011 will NATO have killed five civilians and wounded eight in Tripoli. Of the five killed were two children. No sign of military activity should have been observed in the area prior to the attack. (Pp. 165 - 66)

* 4 August 2011 was the house of a 39 year old doctor bombed the city Zlitan. His wife, his son and his daughter were killed. The mother and another son were injured. There was no indication that the house had no connection to military activities. (Pp. 166-67).

* 29 august 2011 the two houses bombed by NATO that killed a couple and their three children in Bani Walid. The buildings had no military function. (P. 167)

The Commission concludes that it can verify a number of civilian victims of NATO bombing and more cases where civilian lives have been lost without it can be shown to have been any military activity around bomb targets. (P. 22) There is therefore good reason to suppose that the subjects have been guilty of gross violation of Penal Code § § 102 and 103

The basis for the involvement of crimes under the criminal code. 2005 § 102

The Commission's report demonstrated that these breaches of thuwar, anti-Ghaddafi rebels-who served as NATO allies on the ground. Among the most serious are:

* Executions of between 65 and 78 tied behind their backs Ghaddafilojalister in Sirte in October 2011. (P. 9)

* Imprisonment and torture of "a large number" of suspected loyalists, in a number of cases resulting in death. The Commission states that it is about war crimes. (P. 10, 12)

* Unconditional force used against the cities loyal to the regime. Particular mention Sirte (previously around 75 000 inhabitants) where "almost every building" must have been damaged in the bombardment (p. 16).

* Ethnic cleansing of the town of Tawergha, who had 30 000 inhabitants with black complexion. NATO allies brigades from Misrata burned and looted the town and chased out the population, which they described as slaves and animals, threaten to return (p. 13). During the fighting firing Misratabrigadene untargeted rockets against Tawergha and killed and injured civilians in their homes. Misratabrigadene also attacked tawergher to flee the city, among other they shot at an ambulance that evacuated casualties. (P. 120). At least Tripolis arrested Misratabrigader least 85 refugees from Tawergha which several demonstrably have been subjected to torture (p. 12 - 13). Misratabrigader should be arrested and tortured tawergher over Libya. According to the Commission, this is considered as a crime against humanity (p. 14).

The Commission concludes that war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed by NATO allies thuwar (p. 22). It is also known that NATO bombers took part in the coordinated attacks against Tawergha, Tripoli, Sirte and other cities that enabled these war crimes. Al Jazeera described Misratabrigadenes conquest of Tawergha as "a highly coordinated operation with NATO" (Libya rebels eye Brega oil installations, Al Jazeera English 13/08/2011) and press releases from NATO show that they performed bombing Tawergha during matches (see NATO Press Releases from 11 ., 12 and 13 August 2011). This was at a time Norwegian officers still participated in the war to help choose the bombing target.

There is therefore good reason to suppose that the subjects have been guilty of complicity in serious violations of Penal Code § 102

We expect this to be prosecuted.

Aslak Storaker, Movement for Socialism, sign.

Marielle Leraand, Deputy red, sign.

Ola Tellesbø, lawyer and 1.kandidat for the Greens in Oppland, sign.

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One or both of which (investigative journalists in Norway) are currently subject to ILLEGAL military intelligence HARRASSMENT over their investigation!


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