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#SEAL Nukes To Be Detonated Nationwide #NWO TAKEOVER

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We have been telling you, and telling you. 
Monday, 8 October 2012

You didn't believe us, did you, even when we showed you INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF that your NAZI US Prsidents, are GERMAN NAZIS; the SCHERF FAMILY:  Saturday, 23 March 2013

200,000 Death Certificates Ordered By Louisiana

Perhaps you'll believe us now?  Note we say article BELOW CONFIRMED by this:  ASSASSINATED NUCLEAR GENERAL ;)

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"Navy SEAL Admits Nukes To Be Detonated Nationwide for Martial Law Agenda
Thursday, April 25, 2013 8:32

(Before It's News)
From Pamela Rae Schuffert

These were the urgent code words 
my NAVY SEAL contact
spoke to a high level military security source in
Washington DC only a month ago.
In the US military, the code name for a serious 
nuclear weapons incident is 
‘Broken Arrow’.

“..the rogue nukes were planted across various locations in America, and were set to detonate May 6th 2013…”
-Testimony of Navy SEAL sniper and explosives expert- 
This is probably the most urgent articles/emails I have ever sent out IN MY LIFE.NONE of the following information was “surfed off the net.” I just met personally with this man who gave me the following information:

I just spoke personally with a military insider, a NAVY SEAL sniper with a record 200 hits, who told me some horrifying information. He recently helped intercept, with other military men, nukes that were planted by NWO forces and destined to go off around MAY 5-6, to trigger martial law nationwide…RIGHT HERE IN MONTANA. And there are MORE across this nation. 

This is the fulfillment of my article written years ago, about “OPERATION RING OF FIRE”, in which an insider admitted that one of the final tactics which the NWO forces will use to irrevocably trigger martial law in America, is a series of massive explosions across this nation, forming as it were a RING OF FIRE.

The nukes which this recent military contact helped to defuse were obviously a perfect fulfillment of this warning that came from a personal friend and source many years ago, who was later murdered by the government (Ed Pack). See following articles about “OPERATION RING OF FIRE”:

My new contact told me that several cities in Montana had been targeted with these nukes which  they helped to intercept only a month ago. He told me that 9 men died in this defusing operation. He also mentioned that the nukes they helped to offset were in California and Oregon also….but we both agreed that they are undoubtedly also planted all across the nation for their martial law agenda.

He remains in direct contact with a biggie in the military in Washington DC who specializes in nuclear safety and security , who worked with him and the men to defuse these rogue nukes, and even showed me his text message from him the other day. I looked the guy up on the Internet. Gulp…yeah, he IS a biggie in military security! And this biggie is aware of me and my reporting…and told my NAVY SEAL source so in the text message which he later showed me.


AND WHILE HE AND HIS MEN MAY HAVE INTERCEPTED AND STOPPED THESE PARTICULAR ONES HE TOLD ME ABOUT… THERE ARE MORE ROGUE NUKES OUT THERE...AND APPARENTLY THEY TOO MAY BE SCHEDULED TO DETONATE AROUND THIS TIME PERIOD AS WELL!!! Honestly, we on the outside cannot possibly know the exact planned time of the detonation of the other nukes, but it would make perfect sense that they would follow the pattern of the previously intercepted nukes.

He admitted to me that we are talking about tens of thousands of innocent lives taken out or affected by every single one of these deadly rogue nuclear devices.

Readers, PLEASE pray as never before! 
Circulate this email far and wide! 
This is no hoax and is 

And pray for this man. He was warned by the aforementioned DC biggie that he was high ” on the hit list” now for termination because of his activities countering their NWO agenda. He admitted to me that he is going underground and disappearing rapidly. 

In fact, I will be giving him lots of my personal “bug-out” supplies and equipment before he disappears. No one gets paid once they are forced to go underground. Such people must rely on our help just to survive. His life is in danger for standing against NWO tyranny threatening our nation, and for daring to help intercept some of their nukes planted in America to trigger martial law. 

What kind of support does he deserve from the rest of us whose lives he is helping to save RIGHT NOW???WWJD? I will never let such genuine American heroes down…and neither should YOU.

He told me he wanted me to get this info out for prayer…because he has recently committed his life to Jesus Christ, after years of military sniper/assassin jobs as a SEAL and more hits than famed CHRIS KYLE (recently killed), former manager of BLACKWATER/the CRAFT paramilitary organization.

This contact is for real. We spent hours talking and he knows some very deep hidden facts and things that I knew, including personal contacts of mine, that blew me away…and I realized immediately he was the real thing. Pray for his safety and his walk with Jesus Christ to continue, and for his family as well.

Pray that all these other deadly nukes, planted to trigger martial law THIS YEAR, will be intercepted and neutralized across this nation by the “white hats” or good guys in the military who are against this wicked NWO agenda for our nation. God bless the Patriot military underground! Keep up the good work, guys! 

Obviously, pray for me as well. Do you actually think the government loves me for getting this kind of information out nationwide??? Somehow I suspect that there is a big fat hit list out there with my name near the top….

If my contact’s dates are correct, we may have only days to pray against these nukes going off to trigger martial law, apparently, based on the info he shared with me. 

Countless innocent lives are at stake!

God bless and keep you always, 
Pamela Rae Schuffert
Your ongoing support is urgently needed.
I recently lost both my job and my home, and consequently am forced 
to continue this important work operating out of my vehicle.
Please help me warn America! 
Support this urgently needed work TODAY..
because it is later than we think for America.
P. O. Box 2396, Columbia Falls, MT 59912

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"According to Glenn Beck in the video below, we have reached the “beginning of the end for so much of this administration.” “This is much bigger than we thought” says Glenn. A massive cover-up continues and Janet Napolitano, who Glenn feels will get jail time for her role in this cover-up, is going to be the first to fall. Will Barack Obama soon be impeached for his role in covering-up US government ties to terror in our own country? “A drowning man will pull everyone under, you better make sure they’re not grabbing for you.”
This report from Glenn contains much more new information, including news that unnamed and heroic federal law enforcement agents are deeply involved in investigating this cover-up and several other news organizations have censored reports from their own reporters and investigators. Glenn also shares that he feels that those major news media organizations will soon be “out of business”."

The White Rabbit!

Humanity Arising #Ascension2013 #TRUTH
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