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The most important story of our lifetimes; he's not wrong.  If you FALL FOR IT again, America, your country is OVER.

Holy shit, this is it!!!!  DUMBOS; your TIME IS UP!  If you can't work it out, GLEN BECK is going to TELL YOU!

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BOLLOCKS the Glan Beck vid just got disappeared, trying ot relocate and add again NOW!

NOTE 2:  the reason Boston was BLOWN UP was to STOP you knowing CONGRESS NAMED BUSH, OBAMA, PELOSI, ERIC HOLDER etc as MAFIA RACKETEERS and WAR CRIMINALS!  That report: DOWNLOAD and RE-UPLOAD; already CENSORED on TWITTER (reports in): http://www.scribd.com/document_downloads/136567314?extension=pdf&from=embed&source=embed

Lt. Col. Roy Potter: "I know who my father is... and he's not yours."

Students should be forced to watch this. This is one of the greatest impromptu speeches I've ever seen. He is a former US Army LTC of 28 years. He served in various Military Police and Military Intelligence positions around the globe. He was also a municipal police officer for about 3 years. Find him at www.youtube.com/roypotterqa
Bless you Sir.

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Back to Back C-span callers - Boston Marathon Bombing a false flag to take away more rights

PART EXTRACTED: PROOF of the MURDER of the PATSY! (via veteranstoday.com HEREOS!

Older brother caught, then killed

We now have reports and video showing that the older brother, was captured alive and then beaten to death or run over by a car, while his younger brother, Dzhokhar, was shot in the throat, which means that he can no longer speak. How convenient! The older brother, Tameran, was a boxer and the younger a wrestler, who was active in school, including the drama club. Their parents are protesting loudly that they are innocent and have been framed, which is provable. This has become such a huge boondoggle that the feds want to shut down any further discussion about the Boston bombing:
In that video, he is obviously alive and well.  He has been stripped naked and is being placed into a police car. When he is subsequently found dead, the claim is even being made that his brother ran him over with a car, which is about as absurd as it gets. A witness reports that he was run over by the police in an SUV, which would have to have been after his apprehension. His body is badly bruised and he appears to have suffered from a savage beating. Here is a photograph of Tameran, which contradicts the stories that the public is being sold:

The Man who lost his legs twice

In addition, we have a series of photographs showing how the alleged victim who lost his legs was faked by several accomplices. If this is not the most amateurish production in American “black op” history, I cannot imagine what comes close. There can be no doubt that the authorities want to claim the case is closed before more Americans wake up and smell the stench. It is embarrassing that an event of this clumsy character should be swallowed by any American–not to mention the blatancy of the hoax being promoted by all of our television networks, without exception. This is a major scandal, where no one should be taken in:

The man in hood sets up the fake leg wound prosthetics. Notice the absence of blood. With an injury of this magnitude, if you lose both legs from explosive trauma, half your blood is gone in one minute and you are dead in two. This man, Nick Vogt, survived because he actually lost his legs in combat in Afghanistan.

If this man had really lost his legs due to blunt force trauma, there would have been blood everywhere. The victim would have been drenched with it. Here not even a tourniquet is applied to staunch arterial bleeding. And the others are treated first, before he receives any attention. The bombing was staged.

Staged event does not inhibit lawmakers

That the brothers appear to be patsies and that the bombing was staged does not appear to have inhibited Republicans from demanding that the surviving brother be treated as an enemy combatant and be denied his rights as a United States citizen.



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  1. r u sure that information is not being revealed? how closely are you watching the interviews via the media? do they sound at all like revisit to 9/11/01? what about 9/11/12? glen could be talking about a number of things the war for energy HIV=Anthrax vaccine retro viruses = vaccines he has children the selling of a nation to china.yes. j


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