Sunday, 21 April 2013

URGENT #CBS Twitter account hack GRAB WHAT U CAN


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MIRROR (missing photos; GO GRAB THEM and ANYTHING ELSE you can)

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On 4/20/13, around 10pm ET, the 60 Minutes Twitter account (@60minutes) was hacked for approx. 1 hour. It was the second time that day the account was attacked. Here are all the tweets posted before Twitter suspended the account:

And here are the images contained in the 4 tweets that have pictures attached:

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Here's one graphic we did manage to track (not one of the main four, that we beleive was posted:


Skater girls seen in Vanak Square in Tehran, Iran. [photo cred: Nooshafarin, Humans of Tehran]

Clearly, a protest to point out how CBS is brainwashing Americans into thinking everyone in Iran is a jihadist American-behending fanatical muslim, being oppressed, with no free expression, in a backwards country, where no one likes America, and everyone dreams of destroying it 14/7/365.

You know, like these two ladies, clearly are.


Not the CIA HQ.

Like the CIA assets, and the ex-CIA Presidential advisors, and CONGRESS tells you.

The White Rabbit!

Humanity Arising #Ascension2013 #TRUTH
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    1. Oh dear, another brainwashed criminal scammer on the board folks.

      Isn't it all so funny, if it was not so tragic.

      I'm going to leave the above comment on the board, so those of you stupid enough to fall for this bullshit, can get what you deserve.


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