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Report just in Jim Stone is being taken down (again! LOL) ... this page is an archive as we could just reach the site; please visit the original if up, do NOT read this if you can reach the original; the following link may contain addition extremely important information.  If you have found this page, and Jim's site is down, please note the alternative URL given by Jim upon which he hopes to reappear.  INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THE BOSTON BOMBING FALSE FLAG; WHISTLEBLOWER.

We've helped out JIm before when he couldn't stay up (seconds, after we managed to get back up!).  What a life, publishing the TRUTH, provides. ... Over to Jim, first up, update on his downing, then the WATERED DOWN, current homepage; we hope this will assist him to stay up!


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Date: Thursday, 18-Apr-2013 17:08:12

Janet Napolitano Confronted in Security Committee on Deportation of Boston Bombing Suspect or Witness
Congressman Jeff Duncan questions Department of Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano at a House Homeland Security Committee today revealing startling information about the Boston Bombing.
by Shepard Ambellas
April 18, 2013
Congressman Jeff Duncan grilled DHS director Janet Napolitano stating in front of the committee with intent, “I am very concerned about this person of interest who was detained at the hospital in Boston. He was scheduled to be deported next week and now I understand he has been acquitted of any wrong doing in Boston. However, he is being deported on national security concerns…. I am assuming he has some link to terror otherwise he would not be deported”.
The congressman also questions how DHS is actually removing the man (a possible suspect or witness) from the scene by deporting him. This raises concern amongst some citizens as the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi’s trained on US military installations.
Napolitano fired back with a statement saying, “I am unaware of anyone being deported for national security reasons at all”, then goes on to say, “again, I don’t think that he was technically a person of interest or a suspect that was a wash”. Napolitano reiterates how we should just let law enforcement do its job.
Janet Napolitano refused to answer further questions as the congressmen yielded back.

From 'admin' (we assume that is Jim Stone on his FORUM):

"NOTE: update:

  • I received a strong warning, which included presenting all ID, credit card information, address, and everything else to "get it back", and after posting this notice to this forum, which runs on a different server and a different account, Jimstonefreelance came back online and I was able to log in.

    the server WAS NOT DOWN. They gave me a subtle warning, and the missile article is now watered down. Who knows if that will be enough, but it is better to not say it like it is, than to say nothing at all. I have been successfully pressured into shutting up, but while it lasted, that missile post was a BEAUTY.

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I have re posted the following after carefully analyzing the other videos. IT IS REAL, and though saying less than what is in the original post is a disservice to the innocent, I HAVE TO, BECAUSE I WILL BE SHUT DOWN IF I DO NOT SHUT UP.
You can hear the missile in ALL the videos, but how loud it is on approach, and the tone it has all depends upon where people were located while shooting the video. Some videos have the Tomahawk's jet engine decreasing in pitch and very loud as it goes past them nearby, and other videos have the engine sound very quiet with the pitch increasing as it approaches them because it is far away and approaching from the other side. But it can be heard in ALL videos if you use good headphones or really good speakers with the volume cranked.

Don't sit and think about how the flame looks, don't even bother with how it goes from left of the explosion to right, and how the explosion is elongated. Pay no mind to ANY OF THAT, WHICH BY ITSELF PROVES A MISSILE JUST WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK. YOU CAN CLEARLY HEAR THE MISSILE COME IN BEFORE THE BLAST.

If they kill this web site over me saying it like it is, it will be re instated at and I suggest you bookmark the forum so you can go there as well. I will also post to because they are decent and do not shut me out. The folks at are also a good alternative backup, as is and Aangirfan at Blogspot. Though I have been off on my own for a while, if I get wiped here I will certainly be very likely to pop up at those locations.
I just cannot see this missile strike and subsequently shut my mouth, this is TOO MUCH, DAMN THEM. This article is substantially edited, but it is better to be able to say at least SOMETHING than it is to be totally shut down.


l April 17, 2013


April 18 UPDATE: NRA link now confirmed Read whistleblower testimony below for context

This is likely to be bona fide whistleblower testimony with the Boston bombing

The following should probably NOT be ignored.
"I work on a security commission and I've just received word to start on a campaign we've been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.
I'll keep it as short as I can
They're going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he's unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn't be for sale to the public. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.
I can't do anything or I'll lose my job and possibly face criminal charges. Please don't let them get away with it. They won't find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don't let them hurt our rights."

--Admin comment - Let's step by step this as the elite scammers do it. Here we go:
Step 1. - COMPLETE "They're going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he's unstable." - HERE IS THE ARTICLE THAT PROVES THE LONE WOLF, SINGLE MAN DOING IT -Step 1 in the setup complete - READ THAT FREAKING ARTICLE THAT IS LINKED, IT IS SPOOKY
Step 2 - IN PROGRESS - GUN POWDER STORY CONFIRMED: They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home - UPDATE- NRA INDICTEDBY MSNBC. They are going to to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn't be for sale to the public. Step 2 IN PROGRESS (interesting it is that it is ISRAEL where the gunpowder story is being fronted FIRST. Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . . . . .HERE is another link
Step 3 - They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events. - step 3 pending
Step 4. I can't do anything or I'll lose my job and possibly face criminals charges. Please don't let them get away with it. They won't find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. Step 4, - pending

Jeff Bauman is no more Nick Vogt than the man on the moon

Fraud and actors proven at the Boston blast

UPDATE - do not miss the update to the end of this article, with high res photos of Vogt/Bauman with the blood compared to bona fide real events. I think an explosive device did go off and people were injured and died, but that as part of the well announced drill going on at the same time there were also actors on scene mixed in with real injured people, real blood, prop blood, the whole 9 yards. This is what I have said from the beginning.


They picked a really poor copy for Nick Vogt, and I mean, they really messed up big time. They were careful to only show Bauman with poses showing the right side of his face, and predominantly only showed Vogt with poses to the left side of his face, but they did screw up, and when you can compare both faces from the same angle, they are simply not the same guy.
The key poses follow.
Nick Vogt, who is in the wheel chair, DOES NOT match Bauman. Look at the hair and where it parts. Bauman is below
No match there, AT ALL, and you cannot just magically change that attribute of your hair.
The following photo is another of Nick Vogt. Note how the hair is a match. Though Vogt's hair is not grown out yet, it is OBVIOUS the natural part matches the Boston photo. Furthermore, Bauman's face is shorter and fuller, and Vogt's face is longer and more bony.

Bottom line? At least ONE actor was used for the Boston psy op.

They had a problem. The guy who was supposed to be the victim had no legs, and people figured it out. So they found another wheel chair bound man who had his legs and used him as a fill in for Vogt, once people knew Vogt had no legs. It was a rush job, and fate did not favor the scammers AT ALL. Nick Vogt dishonored his country and FAKED IT at the Marathon. That's all there is to it. God only knows if he knew beforehand it was all going to be a psy op and not a drill. Perhaps he should be cut some slack on those grounds. That having been said, something DID happen there, but certainly, Vogt was not part of any of the real action. WHY was an actor on scene with a hollywood grade prop?
That was just TOO SIMPLE.

For your consideration - more on Bauman

The following was posted to the forum. Bottom line is I really do not know what to make out of what happened in Boston. I believe they had a drill set up, so actors were there, but they also had real injuries, because they went hot with the drill. I therefore present the following for your consideration.
This was posted to the Forum.
RE: Vogt/Bauman here are a few more pictures of the guy on the ground with leg bone, before he was put in the wheel chair as shown on home page here.
The pics are too high res for this page, click them.
Bauman 1
Bauman 2 
Bauman 3
and maybe here, his head/ear at the top? Bauman 4
Do these support or detract from it being Vogt or Bauman? I can't decide this...
--admin comment - Wow, those look real. However, now we get into another topic - the color of the blood. It looks like paint. Here is what REAL blood looks like on the ground.
And as a result of the above photos, where the color is consistent across the board from bona fide REAL photos, and TOTALLY different from what is out in Boston, I'd like to once again declare FAKE on Bauman.
However, due to environmental effects, I think that there were many injured out in Boston. What I think was going on there is that they wanted to do a drill and had actors there for the drill, complete with props, and the drill got sabotaged (by an intelligence agency) with a real device. So I think, and have always stated that this was a combination event, with actors and real injured people mixed in. As for Bauman, I am calling B.S.
And I would like to ask now, why are the Israelis SO CONCERNED ABOUT THIS that they see fit to arrive with theirOwn police, to "help" in the investigation? If you want to control the outcome, GET INVOLVED!!!!

April 16, 2013

Boston bombing updates -

There is an excellent thread about this in the Forum
Notice that mister Vogt lost his legs entirely in Afghanistan in 2011. He appears to be one of the victims, and if so, where did he get that leg that is sticking out, stripped to the bone? This does not wash with me, that leg has GOT to be a prop.
This having been said, the photos DEFINITELY look real to me. Why Vogt was there with his little prop is beyond me. I think this was at least partially real, and they are PROVING IT this time.
HOWEVER, . . I have to admit, Vogt makes me want to call B.S. on the entire show . . . . . . .
Because . . . . . . .
Here at the bat man theater, we have the blood splashes going TOWARDS the door, rather than away from it. If someone really did run out of that theater bleeding, the blood splashes would be going the other way. This is an obvious setup, where the idiot who threw the blood down did it going the wrong direction.
Above we have Jessica Redfield (Ghawi's) damning tweet, - Jessica was one of the "dead" at Aurora, who witnessed another mass shooting a month earlier, and moved to a place with "five swimming pools and a lake" a few days before the "shooting". Nice payoff.
Below we have all the pictures of shot up children, bullet holes in the classrooms, children on stretchers and everything else of photographic proof from Sandy Hook:
So it's at least understandable why I am tempted to say no one got killed out in Boston, with mister NO LEGS suddenly sprouting one for show and all the cute photography tricks that were pulled in the past.

I am posting the following, in case it is real.


The patsy and his controllers have been found

Too many pictures got out of the Boston marathon to avoid this inevitability. This is developing, but it appears that two CIA or other handlers wearing earpieces and backpacks were controlling a patsy to do this bombing. Since other people are working on this (many many people comparing photos) I am going to ignore this topic until someone really pastes it all together. I do not need to spend time on this type of investigation when thousands of others are happy to do it and are posting their results.
I will post the final conclusion here later.

Boston coverage continues below the following article

Jewish community attacks power substation with late night gunfire


How, you may ask, do I know it was the Jewish community? Why would I be so brazen about it? Well, the answer is in the fact that when the attack happened, it was not possible to make a 911 call via any land line in the area (something the police are investigating right now) yet it was possible to make calls to other numbers via the same land lines, which proves the phone system was working and selectively sabotaged to NOT be able to accept a 911 call.
Now, why block 911 from a land line? Simple. The work telephones at the PG&E substation used land lines, and cell phones are often not allowed into that type of work environment. The short time that confusion in calling the police gave the shooter an extra ability to escape would be a favor made possible only by the Jewish community, which owns the phone company. They would definitely prevent calls to a specific number from working to protect one of their own while that special someone finished the job there.
The motive is a no brainer - it is a well established fact that it is the zionists pushing for a gun ban, with all the major players in gun banning being Jewish, most notably (it) Dianne Feinstein. Add to this the totally phony Sandy Hook psy op, run by the Jewish owned media, and it should be stick you like a porcupine obvious who wants guns banned in America. The fact that the Jews ran the slave trade proves the reason - they hate our freedoms and want a system in place that totally abolishes all true freedom and replaces it with an illusion. When I was inside their community, they talked about being close to achieving their final victory over mankind, but "were not there yet, because the internet was causing a problem".
Now to why they would attack a substation to begin with -
If Americans are not going to fall for a bullshit false flag bombing in Boston, and if they are not going to fall for Sandy Hook type incidents, then the Jews are going to have to justify banning guns (which will enable them to take out America, the last stand against world slavery) by attacking infrastructure, the most vulnerable of which is the electrical system. I am actually surprised the bullets did not short out any of the transformer windings, which then leads to another conclusion - whoever did this knew where to hit the transformers to prevent an immediate explosion, and only drain them of their oil, which acts as an electrical insulator. The oil is needed as an insulator because the voltages are too high and connections too close to not cause explosions in open air. So the idea the shooter obviously used was to cause the transformers to leak their oil, and later explode when the levels dropped enough which would give the shooter time to escape. Lucky thing the PG&E workers were on the ball and prevented explosions from happening (the transformers are enormous and take a while to drain) and as it is, 10,000 gallons of oil got out.
And if they think they can ditch the truth by censoring all reports of 911 not working in the area, they can have a nice time trying, because I made a Jpeg of THAT REPORT ALSO.

It looks as if they were forced to partially re-post the truth.

If the link below does not exactly match the text farther down the page, with the stuff they initially censored bolded, then it's holonet. As far as I can see, the link below now matches. But they pull the "switch what the link shows based upon your IP" crap with Youtube, so I do not know what is going to show on your screen from somewhere else (perhaps this behavior is not limited to Youtube). Make sure what you see at this link matches the Jpeg of the original article farther down the page.

Boston reporting (major) continues after the following article:

This web site may have stopped a false flag nuclear attack

I was told in no uncertain terms that after the Fukushima report, the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Chinese military, Russian military intelligence and others were watching this web site closely, because the Fuku report was documented accurate and the various intelligence agencies then took my NSA background seriously and have continued to hit this site for info that is hard to find elsewhere. Well,
I don't take Fulford as 100 percent accurate but his last release made me think, and does contain some hard truth, which follows:
" Japanese TV stations had cancelled their regular TV programming for what was supposed to be a special announcement at 9 PM on the 13th. Several Japanese government offices also sent out false reports on that day that North Korea had launched a missile. However, nothing happened and the official North Korean news agency website was taken off the internet for a while when it became clear the North Koreans were no longer following the Zionist script.
Obama’s messengers had given North Korea $3 billion to stage provocations but the North Koreans stopped cooperating when they found out that Israeli nuclear submarines were planning to stage nuclear terror attacks to blame on them, according to Japanese military intelligence."
If you read farther down this page, I clearly showed how North Korea was bribed with 3 billion to put on a show, and as a result they were setting themselves up to be the fall guys in an Israeli false flag nuclear attack, where the Israelis would use either their submarines or a Magna BSP OWL. What made the North Koreans stop going along with this script? I won't ever know for sure, but I would like to think it was this web site, and believe it probably was.
At any rate, despite the censorship making it seem otherwise in the MSM, it really looks like the elite are grasping at straws now, hoping for one of them to be the winner. My guess? the Boston bombing will backfire, they are all over the map poking and prodding for a way to benefit their agenda with this, and for all I can see it really looks like THIS TIME, they totally screwed the pooch.
If Fulford is right, and all the deaths in the elite aristocracy are targeted killings, and the pope really is running around asking questions about the legitimacy behind all their crap, we just may see that fortunate day when those the zionists worship within their hierarchy are dragged through the streets and LYNCHED. A hollow point would be good enough. At any rate, they are cornered now and losing options. North Korea's failure to swallow the bait well enough to get it's intestines ripped out was probably a critical setback, and evil people will do horrible things when cornered. Who knows what that will be, but I would not expect the zionist cabal, which has hundreds of their own nukes and thousands of America's nukes usurped to go out quietly. The financial and metals market rigging just is not going to be enough to satisfy their arrogance on its own.
April 15, 2013

Who did NOT bomb the Marathon

1. Arabs
2. Iran
3. North Korea.

Save every last news bit, youtube video and sound bite, because it is a certainty that if this was not someone's barbecue going off, it was either the CIA or the Mossad. We are going to have to solve THIS one on our own and most importantly, spread the word - IF YOU GOT CELL PHONE VIDEO OF THIS, OR ANY OTHER VIDEO, DO NOT TURN IT IN. They will bury all pieces of it that do not serve their agenda, and you will not see it again. More later
UPDATE: The explosion looked like Tannerite, Gun owners could be blamed leading up to a ban



Original poster was using a UK IP address. Who gets THAT kind of preferential treatment in the search engines? Someone in the City of London?.
UPDATE: Police arrested a Saudi National so it looks like the good news is that the patsy is not a gun owner or patriot, at least so far. UPDATE: They backed out on the Saudi angle on this.
UPDATE: Families of Sandy Hook shooting WERE AT THE BOMB SITE WHEN IT WENT OFF, DURING A SPECIAL "DAY OF HONOR" FOR THEM AT THE BOSTON MARATHON. ??!!?? More to come on this topic, they were exactly at mile 26 in the 26.2 mile marathon, and the bombs went off BEFORE the finish line, and from the photos, one of them had to have been at mile 26. Sounds like they are supposed to play into the sob line in an OBVIOUS FALSE FLAG.
The attack happened right where all the nations flags were, and CNN is saying this is a global attack, and the "world" has to respond. LOVELY.
UPDATE: Explosion happened on the same day as the Boston bomb squad was doing a "controlled explosion drill". HMM, looks like the elite scammers forgot all about the fact that we have already connected the dots between drills and it really happening . . . . . . .


UM Coach: Bomb Sniffing Dogs Were at Start, Finish Lines for “Drill”

University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.
DELETED: “They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”

Stevenson had just finished the marathon. His wife had been sitting in one of the seating sections where an explosion went off, but thankfully she left her seat and was walking to meet up with him.
“There was just smoke, another explosion went off,” Stevenson said. “We all started running. There were people crying.”
DELETED: "Stevenson said there was no question in his mind that this was an intentional act".

The video where the man screams out to the bomb squad "Are you sure you did not have anything to do with this" is at the end of the first press conference with the police. People are saying that the man who screamed it sounded pissed off, as if he knew they did it. It got censored out. FIND THE ORIGINAL.

UPDATE: All links to any references where people are speaking about the drill that was going on are being rapidly deleted from all news web site comment sections. It's a forbidden topic. Oh, did I forget to mention that the Zionist cabal did this false flag for whatever reason?
April12, 2013


North Korea was paid 3 billion dollars to saber rattle and BULLSHIT a nuclear threat

If you want to know why this site is hated and censored, look at what is below with regard to North Korea and the RCEP. I'd bet a $50 that the Mossad is aboard an Israeli submarine, standing by and waiting for orders to launch on an unwitting North Korea's behalf. And if a sub is not used, it is a near certainty that An OWL will hoot

Is the RCEP the real reason for North Korea's behavior?

North Korea may have been paid to act belligerent and unwittingly provide the perfect cover for an Israeli sponsored nuclear false flag

The zionist banker group may appear to be powerful to America and Europe, because America and Europe are tightly within it's grasp. However, their hold on the world economy via the U.S. dollar may not be all it is cracked up to be.
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership which could be compared to an oriental form of NAFTA presents a serious threat to the superiority of the dollar as a reserve currency in the global economic marketplace. Combined, the RCEP member states have a GDP much larger than the United States, and as a group, via the RCEP agreement, these countries have agreed to trade with each other via their own currencies, thus bypassing the need to use the US dollar as a trade medium.
The RCEP took form on November 20th, 2012. And that date is significant - Think back a while - when did North Korea begin acting so belligerently? When did they do their nuke test? When did they launch their missile that probably got shot down? The timeline fits. And North Korea sits within the RCEP group of nations. I'd bet they are getting paid to act belligerently.
Now the focus is away from Iran. It's all North Korea now. Why did the zionists suddenly begin ignoring Iran, only to put the spotlight on North Korea? Could it be that there is a greater economic threat looming for their Rockefeller banker dollar, a threat greater than Iran's private central bank? I would hedge my bet that ANY country capable of owning and running a nuclear reactor, ANY country capable of building rockets and nuclear warheads, is not too stupid to do the math and understand that 2 or 3 nuclear warheads launched from an area a few hundred kilometers across to a target that is enormous is a stupid idea, when the target can respond with thousands of nuclear warheads in return. I don't think North Korea is serious with any of these threats, and I would bet that instead, there is a greater chance that NK has been given an incentive by the Rothchild or Rockefeller bankers and their cronies to act belligerently on the world stage in exchange for a payoff.
I would bet they have been told to make a little noise, and nothing will happen. Just do not launch. And what happens next? How about making a few of Magna BSP's owls hoot? It would be a pristine false flag. After all, North Korea said they would do it, RIGHT? Think about that - NK threatens. Something goes BOOM. Perfect setup; - and then, the Rockefeller group rolls their military right into the midst of the RCEP nations, breaks lots of stuff, and re-instates it's own economic order, complete with forced dollar compliance.
Far fetched idea? I don't think it is too far off the mark at all.


Incentive given to North Korea CONFIRMED
Aangirfan is a top level truther who digs very deep and is highly credible. Aangirfan has found a report which confirms that North Korea did indeed get a massive payoff, My only variance from AAngirfan's perspective is that I believe Kim Jong has eaten the bait and will now be hooked into taking the rap in a nuclear a false flag.
The obvious problem with North Korea playing along is that Kim Jong probably does not know that Israel has nukes planted in many places around the world, waiting for a PRIME false flag opportunity. Kim Jong is providing this opportunity. And he, even with a payoff of 3 billion, is likely to be getting the shaft big time. I would say that there is a high probability of a nuke going off somewhere now, and that Kim Jong will not be responsible, but he will definitely have the blame rammed down his throat. To get a firm understanding of Israel's nuclear strategy, which is what makes situations like this one with North Korea so dangerous, make sure you have read my report NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL

Quake near Bushehr Iran probably a warning shot

I have concluded that the quake near Bushehr Iran was not likely to have been natural. There are several reasons for this. However, a nuclear weapon test or nuclear warning shot can be ruled out fairly easily. I have not been able to find a seismogram for the 6.3 that happened this morning, but I did find a six megabyte text file containing the raw data in text format which amounted to a once per millisecond readout of the peak intensities of the quake. From reading this data, it appears that the quake had a preamble before reaching peak intensity, which does not happen with a nuclear weapon. However -
The quake, as is usual for Haarp quakes, happened at a depth of 10 KM according to the USGS, and 12 KM according to the Iranians, who pegged the intensity at a 6.1. This shallow depth is indicative of a Haarp triggered earthquake, all of the Haarp quakes thus far have been shallow quakes happening at a depth of 10 KM, - that 10 KM depth was spoken of in the mails from Japan, as well as a spinning feeling to the quake rather than the bumps and jolts typical of a natural quake.
For those of you who do not know about earthquake intensities and damage that can be caused - seismic readings only loosely correlate with how strong the quake feels at the surface. A seismic intensity reading only tells you how much energy was released during a quake. So if the quake is shallow, at 10 KM depth, a natural six will shake the surface badly, and the effects will be localized. If the same natural six quake occurred at 100 km depth, it would not shake the surface above it as much, but it would be felt a greater distance away. This rule applies to natural earthquakes
Haarp quakes appear to behave differently. All haarp quakes so far have been shallow earthquakes which are not as damaging to the surface above them as their seismic equivalent would indicate they should have been if they happened at such a shallow depth, yet they can be felt a great distance away from the epicenter, which should also not be possible of a quake occurring at such a shallow depth. After this quake, there were reports from across the Persian gulf,(a great distance away for a low six quake to affect) that the quake badly swayed buildings in a few of the major coastal cities, and had a smooth spinning feel to it. This spinning feeling was also reported of the 3/11 Japan quake and aftershocks, where initially people in Japan, who are well accustomed to the feel of earthquakes, did not recognize the earthquakes as being quakes at all, and attributed the shaking to other causes. (if you read through the mails from Japan, they speak all about how the quake and aftershocks did not appear to be natural)
The Bushehr earthquake was of short duration, and I would expect the death toll to be fairly low, despite the shallow depth simply because it appears to have been a Haarp quake.
All of what I have said above could be changed, it is too soon after this quake for any other news about it to become available. But the 10 KM depth and the fact that it was only a low six combined with the fact that it was strongly felt across the gulf hints to me at least one thing - it did not happen naturally at all. Iran issued a statement about the nuclear power facility at Busher, which has thus far amounted to them stating that the facility was designed to handle a larger quake than this.


The quake was indeed minor at the surface for a 6.3 at 10 KM depth, and resulted in 37 deaths and 100 additional hospitalizations, which are extremely low numbers for such a shallow quake at that intensity. Iran is an ancient country with many old structures that do not survive earthquakes well (though the modern cities are very well built). The low casualty numbers pretty much give this one away. One curiosity - the nuclear facility reported that its operations were unaffected. This is odd, because they did not even mention shutting down which is normal procedure for even a minor tremor (sub 4 range).
April 3 2013,

It's Time to Put This 9/11 Conspiracy Thing to Rest Once and For All

Russ Clarke, 04/03/2013


There is a lot of hearsay and folklore surrounding this event which may or may not be true. So we're going to need to sift through some news-clips, firsthand testimony and whatever else that can provide credible information on this important topic. There comes a point that you learn too much and you can't revert back to ignorance. In a way it's very much like when you first realized that Santa Claus is really a fiction. At that point there is really no amount of logic that can resurrect your belief in Santa again. So when did you quit believing in Santa Claus?
As kids we believed in Santa Claus. Our parents were the gatekeepers of information and, though benign, our environment during that formative time was a controlled one. We were taught to believe in Santa Claus. Initially we accepted all the information that we received at face value. However, as time progressed, we gained bits and pieces of information that led to a cognitive dissonance which, in turn, led us to question our image of Santa Claus. These “bits and pieces” led to questions such as “How could Santa Claus fit through my chimney” or “How does Santa Claus leave gifts in millions of homes during a single night”? Armed with all these bits and pieces of information, we began to get a different picture that caused all the previous illogic that we had learned to come crashing down. This finally led to an epiphany that Santa Claus really isn’t anything like what we had first thought!
There are other things in life that we have always taken for granted as “fact” that later prove to be only an illusion as well. It’s only a matter of getting more information. As in the case of the Santa Claus myth, it is only a matter of time as new evidence unfolds that we are forced to rethink our view on what the truth is.
Please watch this first video linked here. It’s only one minute. You’ve read this far into my article so please take just one small minute and watch this first video. You’re going to be impressed. This is a local news video of a witness named Kenny Johannemann testifying to explosions that happened in the basement of one of the WTC towers. While he is testifying you still see both of the twin towers burning behind him in the background. This was live footage and it's only ONE minute long. Go ahead and watch this here:
The explosions in the basement were separate independent events which had nothing to do with where the airplanes hit some 80 to 100 floors above. Those explosions were from charges that were set up to weaken the structure preparatory to pulling the tower.
You say, “wait, this doesn’t fit anything I know, maybe there is some other explanation for those explosions in the basement.” True. This is just one piece of evidence, but it’s a piece of evidence that raises a lot of questions. You didn’t see this on TV either. Does that prick your interest?
The government has promoted a “theory” that maybe the fuel from the jet trickled down the elevator shafts into the basement and subsequently exploded. Could this be? Let’s continue and look at other evidence. Barry Jennings was another witness that got stuck in Building Seven during 9/11. Remember, Building Seven was NEVER hit by a jet. In Barry's case an explosion blew out a stair well below him leaving him hanging and stranded for hours until the fire department got him out. Both the twin towers went down during the time he was stranded. Building Seven, a tall building in it’s own right (47 stories tall), came down at around 5:20 (later that day). Fortunately, he was saved. Watch his account here:
Again, the explosions he talked about were from charges that were set up to weaken the structure preparatory to pulling down this building. You say, “Hold On! Building Seven housed the FBI and the CIA offices, so who would have access to set up explosives in there? There has got to be another explanation.” True, but realize that building seven was never hit by a jet. Still, this is just one more piece of evidence which raises even more questions. Again, you didn't see Barry’s testimony on TV.
William Rodriguez, head janitor at the towers, was meeting with some people in basement level #1 (the highest of several basement levels) when an explosion from below pushed everyone upwards, causing ceiling tiles to fall and walls to crack. Just as William started to express to others what he thought that explosion might be, an airplane hit and shook the building from above. His story begins at 9:31 here:
Now, let’s look for other different kinds of evidence. Steve Jones, a physicist, obtained WTC dust samples from the collapsed WTC towers from people who lived nearby. He analyzed it and found that the dust contained residues of explosives. Steve Jones first became famous when he became known as the “voice of reason” during the Pons / Fleischman "Cold Fusion" debacle of 1989, if you remember that. For a Nuclear Physicist, like Steve Jones, analyzing dust samples for explosive residues is a relatively simple task. It may be similar to asking a PhD mathematician to do arithmetic. He reported his detailed findings here in Boston:
In this lecture, you recall, he offered other scientists to take parts of his samples in order to analyze the "red chips" that he had recently discovered. That was December 2007. These specks have now, in fact, been confirmed to be unexploded “nanostructured super-thermite” particles. That confirmation is not just a smoking gun, it is the gun. See the article here:
The actual scientific paper in its entirety can be found here in PDF form. Be sure to click the “download” link here:
If you get into the actual paper, you learn that the explosives may actually have been sprayed into position like paint or insulation!
Steve Jones’ findings may not fit the stories that you have heard in the news but it does lend support to what Johannemann, Jennings and Rodriguez testified that they saw. You say, “The news media isn’t going to shoot itself in the foot by making something up.” So how do we rectify all the contradictions that we were told in the news? Could Steve Jones and these witnesses be glory-seeking kooks trying to make a name for themselves?
Well, then take a look at this:
Here is a BBC report announcing the collapse of the Solomon Building (the official name for Building Seven). There is only one problem. The reporter standing at the scene and announcing this didn't realize that, in fact, you could still see Building Seven still standing off to the right. It actually collapsed within about 20 minutes after that live report. Watch it here:
How did the BBC know in advance that Building Seven would collapse? The fact that it was announced in advance is strong support that the flow of information on this tragedy was being controlled (but in a more sinister way than how information about Santa Claus was controlled in your life).
Were the people at the BBC the only people privy to this information? Probably not. Larry Silverstein was the leaseholder of Building Seven. In a 2002 PBS documentary he talked about how he discussed the Building Seven situation with the fire department and he suggested to the fire department that they pull it. He then stated that the fire department made that decision to "pull it" and then, as he put it, "we watched the building collapse". Well, there is one problem with his testimony that you may want to consider. It takes at least a week to rig a building like that with explosives before you pull it. So are buildings constructed with built-in explosives just in case they need to be blown up in a hurry? Building Seven went down that same day. Whoops! Watch Larry's testimony from the PBS documentary here in this short clip:
Incidentally, luckily for Larry, he insured his property in the nick of time just six months before September 11th! It was a sweet deal. So who orchestrated this terrorist event anyway? They had to get past the FBI and CIA and prepare at least three buildings for demolition as well as direct the activities of men with box cutters (if they even existed). It’s clear from the evidence presented here so far that at least some of the media was in on this. What else could explain the BBC blunder? They had to control the information to those of us who might not like the idea that a few thousand people had to be killed in order to fulfill some kind of agenda. So what’s in it for these people that were “in the know?”
Aaron Russo was a famous movie producer (Remember “The Rose” and "Trading Places" starring Eddie Murphy?) who became best friends with one of the Rockefeller family members. This is the same Rockefeller family that is a large shareholder of the Federal Reserve Bank -- a private company that loans money to our government and contributes to our huge national debt. You see the name “Federal Reserve” at the top the dollar bill. Yes, we're talking about that Bank! Anyway, the upshot of this friendship was that in the year 2000 (11 months before 9/11) Aaron Russo learned from his Rockefeller buddy that there was going to be an "event". He was told that out of this event the U.S. would go into Afghanistan and look for Bin Laden in Caves and then the U.S. would go into Iraq. His fascinating testimony about this "event" and how it fits into their agenda starts at 26:45 here in this interview (If you have the time watch the whole thing - chances are you have never seen an interview quite like this one):
Another thing. In February 2009 a 44 story Chinese skyscraper caught fire and thoroughly burned into a crinkling cinder. However it did not collapse. By comparison WTC Building Seven had a few small fires and was never hit by a plane. It did collapse. See that article here:
Amazingly, all this evidence is only the tip of the iceberg. Each of these are separate independent pieces of evidence from unconnected sources. When taken together they paint a clear picture.
You are a juror in a court of law. What would be your verdict? Remember, the word “conspiracy” is not in the dictionary to describe a fiction.
March 30 2013


The most compelling evidence that war on the Korean peninsula may be imminent has come from a resident of South Korea who has lived there for years. If you are having any doubts about what is going on there, take the following to heart, this is internal to this web site and NOT the usual CNN hoakery.
Farganne who lives in Korea has noticed a severe slowdown of his internet performance after posting the following to the forum from there, quite possibly because all sensitive communications are being heavily monitored during this intense situation
Farganne posted the following:

I have lived in Korea for many years, and I have never seen rhetoric this intense.
There are always periodic outbreaks of hostilities here. I have never seen anything like this.
The difference here is that:
1. The North has severed the hotline.
2. The North has declared the armistice void.
3. The North has drawn a line they have never drawn before: If you conduct military exercises in the disputed maritime territory in the West (Yellow) Sea, then we will strike with nuclear capabilities.
4. The South Korean government has issued similar threats which reflect the rhetoric of the North. I have never once seen that. Ever. Yet they are doing it. And this is in light of the fact that Park Geun Hye, the current president, is the granddaughter of Park Jung Hee, the dictator of the 60s and 70s, who (I have seen compelling testimony) was actually in cahoots with Kim Il-Sung in a plot to reunify North and South in defiance of internationalist diktat -- leading to the demise, when the plot was found out, of Kim Jung Hee.
There is plenty of substance to it. There has been business as usual -- an armistice with lots of sword-rattling, but never anything amounting to a breaking of it -- and then, what has gone down in the last few days, which is an explicit renouncing of the armistice, and an explicit declaration of a state of war.
When they were shooting at each other in the Yellow sea three years back, I yawned and put on a pot of collard greens. When the Cheonan sank, I quickly deduced that it was Hillary Clinton and Herr Kissinger that ordered it, and I went about my way. When the disputed islands were shelled, it was just a blip. A splash in the media, but a blip really.
This is different. I have never seen anything like this. @admin did a great job of interpreting all the different factors on a global scale, and I can't improve on it. I can only say that the situation now is exceptional.
As for "what are they selling to the public": the public is so inured by now to the situation that they are perfectly non-reactional. You can't live in a state of fear all the time, and people here basically go about their business, no matter what. I will tell you that I recently got a short-term contract coaching Korean Army Intelligence officers in English, and yesterday during a sit-down lunch they were guffawing and having a great time. When I mentioned the new situation, they didn't seem all that concerned. When I mentioned drones, they clammed up and said they couldn't discuss that.
And that is a first hand account of the perceptions of the situation on the ground there. Please read past the following VERY important article, to the article war may be imminent - A hacker somehow irreparably destroyed the netbook while I was writing the war may be immminent article (that is why it remains unfinished.) This attack probably indicates that the war article really got their hackles up. I am posting the following from a public wifi with the Linux laptop, which cannot go online with the cell modem I had. I need to solve operating sytem and modem issues and until then -
I need anyone in the forum with delete abilities to kill all posts of long copyrighted works that are now being used in what appears to be an attempt to trigger lawsuits for copyright infringement. New rule for the forum because of this - Do not post more than 25 percent of any copyrighted work here, just give a taste and link.
The following shocker came in the mail, and can be posted quickly, which is what I needed on a day with major computer problems, I will finish the war article once the problems are solved.

A stunning antidepressant related mail

Dear Jim,
I am an independent researcher of over 15 years and have studied many subjects extensively. In the course of those years, pursuing the “alternative” topics that I’ve studied, I eventually discovered the harmful effects of SSRI drugs. The most revealing research has been in reading hundreds, if not thousands of testimonies of people who have had their lives shattered by these toxic “medications.”
I’ve personally witnessed the damage these drugs can cause, in two women I was in relationships with, both of which have ended. In both cases, it was Celexa that these women were taking. The first, was my wife of fourteen years. Once she began taking Celexa, it didn’t take long to completely alter her. She transformed right before my eyes, from someone who I had known for 17 years, into someone I no longer recognized. She became completely vacant and would often space out right in the middle of a conversation. She completely stopped caring about everything, her career, our crumbling marriage, her health etc. Eventually, she got into hardcore drugs and today, she is a shell of a person who was once friendly, outgoing, fun and caring. I believe that the Celexa led her to the heavy drugs and today she is a vacant, empty shell of a person I don’t even remotely recognize.
The other woman is one that I met after my divorce. She has been on and off Celexa over the course of the five years I was with her. It has made her more “even,” however, it has also caused a vacancy in her that is hard to describe. Shortly after starting the Celexa, she gained an enormous amount of weight. She has become distant, emotionally unavailable and her memory has been effected greatly. It’s as if she goes through the motions but there’s just nothing there emotionally. Of course I tried several times to warn her of the dangers but to no avail. It has made her completely lethargic and it’s so disturbing to witness what these drugs do to people, it’s as if they destroy the spark of life in them. It’s like watching someone become gradually lobotomized right before your eyes.
Now this woman is switching to Welbutrin. In the past, she lost interest in sex, but now, it’s as if her morals have become distorted. Just as with my wife, she no longer really cares about anything and just seems to go through the motions, so to speak. She has suffered tenderness in her breasts and irregular menstrual cycles. When I suggested that it could be due to side effects from the SSRIs, she just laughed it off. It’s a shame that people will not do any homework and discover the potential side effects of drugs they ingest.
I came across your article, “Prescribed Deletion,” and the testimonies of those poor people brought tears to my eyes, and I felt moved to write you. I’ve read many but the ones describing how people can no longer feel love, really hit me. I don’t care if I sound like a crazy “conspiracy nut,” but I do see this as part of a sinister agenda to destroy the very thing which makes people human, i.e. a person’s emotional makeup. I’ve personally watched two people I was close with transform right before my eyes and could no longer be involved as they have both become sort of, less human.
Close to a quarter of the American population are on some form of those life/mind destroying drugs. That is very telling. The links to violent acts, suicides, destroyed relationships and so many other horrific things is insane to me. It seems that so many that take the SSRIs, don’t even want to hear about those things and instead just blindly follow the instructions of their doctors.
Thank you Jim, for the work that you are doing in bringing these serious matters to peoples’ attention. I appreciate researchers/journalists like you! I am looking forward to reading the next installments of your research on anti depressants.
Doug M.
Admin comment - thanks for sharing this.
The following chart clearly shows WHY those women were vacant inside after being on two of the worst antidepressants.
The following ad is from this web site's first non affiliated sponsor, and his views DO represent the opinions of this web site.

War may be imminent

This article is being live typed and will continue to change until this line is removed.
I have ignored certain current events recently, like the banking "crisis" in Cyprus, and the heating up in North Korea up until now, because I want this site to be one that covers topics that not everyone knows about. However, due to a stunning convergence of events I feel it is time to draw a conclusion from them
First of all, this so-called obviously manufactured "banking crisis" in Cyprus, which went from being a ten percent shave to a 40 percent whack. Pure B.S., there is NO REASON FOR IT. All fractional reserve banking systems can just pull cash out of thin air, and all of the major banks are interconnected and have the same top ownership. This means that if there are problems in one region, except for paperwork tricks and other charades to the contrary, NONE of them need to ever go down. The situation in Cyprus was staged, and I sensed it from the beginning. So that begs the question then, WHY DID THEY DO IT.
There are two big reasons, and BOTH are related to a hot bullets flying war. The first of these is to normalize the concept of having your money stolen on a global scale. If they succeed with this in Cyprus, it will set the stage for a domino effect, where it is ok to declare a banker crisis anywhere, and then rob the bank deposits. The stolen wealth can then be used to fund the war machine.
The second big reason is even more ominous. Most people who are paying attention know that they want to separate the domestic dollar from the internationally traded dollars, and issue them as separate currencies, with the domestically traded dollar getting - you know it, just like Cyprus, a 40 PERCENT WHACK in value, while the internationally traded U.S. dollars keep their full value. So they can tank the crap out of America while maintaining the currency status around the world - PERFECT if the DHS is going to go around killing millions of people with their star of david hollow point bullets, an act sure to destabilize America.
The end game? Destroy the Euro, and steal all the wealth the people invested in it, destroy the American economy while robbing a majority of the wealth invested in it, and then emerge supreme with a single international currency - the international US dollar, to be traded ONLY BETWEEN GOVERNMENTS and to be backed by the work of their little slave pool populations, still reeling from being robbed of their Euros and other forms of exchange. Unify all of them under ONE central economy and currency, and then use this unified front to wage war with Russia, Persia, and China in a final grab at total world domination. Far fetched? Possibly, but then there are other things I have noticed, which indicate we are going to war.
The first of these is the vilification and mocking of Kim Jong Un. Take a look at this photo montage, and ask yourself - why the mocking tone, to make him look stupid? There is nothing odd about those pictures at all, except the way they are narrated. Interestingly, they were published like that in an Australian paper. Why do it there? Well, it's a classic stab at making ol Kim Jong look like a fool, and this happens in the run up to every war, in this case an upcoming world war. Additionally, North Korea and Russia have intelligence agencies that are not stupid, and North Korea's recent nuclear test may have been done as a result of gathered intelligence, a rattle snake warning that they will strike if provoked. You can bet that NK has no interest in a conflict with America, and that whatever is coming out of NK is the result of their intelligence agencies knowing something is on the horizon.
Add to this a recent stealth bomber run all the way to SK and back, round trip, without landing. I would call that a lot more than a sabre rattle, I would call that a test, to see if all systems really are GO in America, as well as an effort to prove to Russia we really can do it. That type of a flight is monumental, and exactly what would be needed to stealth bomb russia right from the comfort of the lower 48, FORGET ALASKA. The stealth bomber makes ICBM delivery and ballistic defense irrelevant.
Another indicator that we are heading into war is that I have discovered that it is not just the forum on this site, ALL forums are getting back door attacks to water them down. I did not notice at first because I was too caught up in my own problems, but the frontrunner of all forums - Godlikeproductions, has been Usurped. Trinity is no longer there. And at the EXACT SAME TIME my forum took a major hit, as well as my front door traffic, GLP turned into a cesspool of muslim bashing trash, in complete contrast to just a week earlier, when it was easy to find lots of revealing and tasty anti zionist stuff. Add to this the fact that the ads went from watches to semi pornographic video game ads, and it's obvious who took that site over - the number one purveyor of porn, the zionist Jew. It all started with Trinity saying he wanted to ditch the site, never announcing it sold, and then a sudden change of site content. Of course you can still talk about your * and UFO's, but the core value appears to have been gutted. It's all just a bunch of religion bashing trash, with an emphasis on Islam and how bad Muslims are as people, and NADA about what the zionist front is doing. Why is this important? Because this seems to be happening everywhere, not only at GLP, they are CINCHING PUBLIC DISCUSSION DOWN, to prevent any view that would go against a war from being expressed in public discourse. GLP was very anti war overall, and very aware, and I am seeing NONE of that now. Such transitions do not happen overnight absent force, and during any war or leading up to any war, the first casualty is independent public discourse and the truth.
Fortunately I have not seen any fixed site like the main site here, sans forum, get wiped off the web or significantly change recently, the change is all in the forums and comment sections. There is a reason why I liberated the forum here.

UPDATE:Forum member Deeze delivered a bombshell!

A shill slipped up on Godlikeproductions, and accidentally pasted this into a comment and posted it! GLP staff was quick to remove it, but NOT QUICK ENOUGH. I saw this thread myself, but not this mistake. GOOD ONE DEEZE, and proof that I am right about what is happening there. This would be a symptom of an overworked staff dropping the ball, a staff stressed out by having to shill 85 forums at once:
Re: Medical Type Says Sandy Hook is Total Bull#
[0x1a970000, 0x1ab00000, 0x27570000>
[rdpclip.exe, "iostatZd15.1"]
you copied a large amount of data onto the clipboard ...Do you want to save this data on the clipboard?
User ID: 35850666 Korea
User ID: 36689081 Korea
User ID: 33951304 Kazak
User ID: 36809983 Kazak
N.C.S. logo.jpg
Sensitivity Level
Action Code
Team 5.A/
Location of official Agency folder
Team Contact
Sheila N******
Do any of the respondents display the urge to supply information that could be helpful to your mission?
Do the respondents appear hostile to your attempts to steer the discussion?
Have you made a personal chart taking care to note who appear to be the "leaders" versus who appear to be the "followers"?
Have you attempted to gauge the "temperature" of the forum's users?
In other words, the prevailing social psychology of the forum's members?
Have you been more successful with one or the other XStart methods that were demonstrated in N-7015A.DOC?
Have more technical members (Computer Programmers, Administrators, or Moderators) of the forum deduced or accused you of hiding behind a proxy?
Would you gain more trust and/or credibility if you were to use one of the Agency's allotted "HOME" pools? (most often needed when handling EVTS that are more sensitive to the pop. of a specific locale but also location centered web sites such as FB or Patch)
Has your PREDEV "persona" been successful or do you gauge that the users find you to be too obtrusive? Accusations of being "ever present" are

Read an impressive writeup where this is carefully dissected HERE, and THANKS Deeze!

Another factor in all of this is attacks against both internet software AND hardware. As much as I hate Spam Haus for censoring as much of my always has been legitimate discourse as they possibly can, the recent cyber attacks against them have slowed the web to about a third of it's normal speed in anything that routes to America or Europe. In addition to this, saboteurs were caught in the Mediterranian cutting the undersea cables at the same time this Spam Haus assault was going on, at the same time "anonymous" was making a promise to blow Israel off the webwhich would provide a perfect precedent for an internet lockdown.
Another factor in this, which would indicate we may be headed into war is the severe and well timed backstab against Iran delivered via the hollywood bash flick Argo. From what I have seen, even the people taken hostage say that particular movie is B.S.

I was told by someone who was there, working for the embassy, that the real cause for the original crisis was that the embassy was running psy ops against college students in the area, to make them hate their heritage and to liberate themselves sexually and religiously. After continuous ongoing psy op efforts from the embassy the students had enough of it, and stormed the embassy, which initiated the hostage "crisis". So it was the embassy worker's faults anyway, it's not like they did not ask for it. And they were treated well all through the situation, by their own words, to boot.
None of the truth will matter to the mind wiped sheeplebots who suck in any form of GMO corn slop hollywood spews, even among people I know the damage Argo causes is almost unilaterally complete to those who watch it. It's an amazingly well done propaganda flick devoid of truth in both it's portrayal of the Iranian people and the real situation there, which is something everyone involved in producing it should hang for. A lie can be so extreme it warrants the ultimate punishment, especially when told for the purpose of arousing a superpower to anger so it will go and commit mass murder on the innocent.

Breaking: Google bans a word in Sweden!

A little bit of not so funny true humor here, Google, in arrogance, objected to and forced the removal of the word "ungoogleable" from a list of new Swedish words. I have a question, and that is, with the word Google preceeding the usage of the word to name a search engine, as proven by this old Edison disc, how can Google muster the arrogance, or power, to ban that word in any form? is now toast.

It appears to have gotten nuked right around 3pm pacific time on the 26th. I found a small secure mail provider and will try to talk them into not allowing me to be messed with in exchange for an ad on this site. The deal will be that the ad stays up for as long as the mail is working.
I have set this site up to AUTOMATICALLY load the Fukushima report onto any computer that hits it and receives a message that the page they wanted to hit is not available. Try it. Just type bogus page name you can think of, and see what happens. This method can be used to get the Fukushima report loaded into blogs that have banned it because a truly random name, well, that's impossible to ban. The Fukushima report, more than any other, has the potential to bring the war mongering globalist elitist cabal to justice even if that means it caused a war. I suggest spreading it far and wide.

The following ad does reflect the views of this web site.

March 27 2013

Largest DDOS attack in history ongoing against Spamhaus

GOOD. I hope SpamHaus is knocked off the web permanently. Wanna know why?
Because they have been playing a role in killing real alternative truth. I and many other people in the truth movement, the REAL truth movement, not the enemy owned "truth" movement are getting our mails constantly intercepted by Spamhaus, and we never spam. No mailing lists, nada, we cannot communicate or even receive mails, thanks to Spamhaus. Spamhaus does not limit itself to mails we send, it has a reverse mail function which kills mails we are sent.
These mails include intercepted tips from whistleblowers trying to expose corruption, people like Dorner trying to reach out to the media while falsely accused, and people in the military trying to report atrocities. Spamhaus even prevented me from becoming a member of Kerry Cassidy's forum, after Kerry invited me to be there in a top position. After Kerry finally received notice that Spam Haus blocked me, she set up an account for me, and even with the account she herself set up, SpamHaus prevented me from typing anything in.
Spam Haus is the greatest silencer of the truth movement, removing truth content from blogs and many other sources after it is typed and before it appears for anyone to read, Spamhaus even searches for keywords in comment sections.
Spam Haus SUCKS, rotten rotten tool of an intellectually malfunctioning elite. Too bad they are well funded and will probably survive this.
March 26 2013

Security issue 4 - Smart Meters

Many people are interested in the issue of smart meters, and for good reason. Not only does a smart meter have a full time connection to the outside world via the cell phone network, but it also has direct access to the wiring in your house. Is this a cause for concern? I'd say definitely, and this article will outline the reasons why, and show you the security holes this obvious snooping device has introduced into your home or business.
It has been publicly stated that your smart meter has a one watt wifi transmitter and reciever in it (which is far beyond legal power for little people), as well as a full time 3g or better connection to the cell network which is always on. It is fully admitted that smart meters can communicate with appliances designed to do so, and that eventually all appliances will be able to communicate with it and receive instructions from the meter to modify their functioning on demand from a centralized control center.
Seemingly, to assuage fears, it is being stated that the smart meter only communicates with appliances in a minimal way, and I call B.S. on that. I call B.S. because "they" lie about everything. The diagram at this site, produced by processor manufacture ARM, (which has nothing to lose by telling it like it is), shows three wireless connectivity options per smart meter, PLUS an ability to communicate through the power system, as well as Ram, Rom, and Flash, complete with an ultra DMA hard drive controller (needed to provide storage to the flash memory) and FIVE CPU's TOTAL. ??!!??. It's a safe bet thatsuch extreme connectivity and CPU power, plus 3 memory options could only be needed for nefarious purposes. If your refrigerator is Wifi equipped (a ridiculous RF polluting waste) when it could simply receive commands through the wiring, your refrigerator, microwave, you name it, could also be equipped with audio and visual surveillance capabilities and have that ability remain perfectly hidden, all to be transmitted out through the smart meter. With advanced devices now available for less than $10 containing microphones and video sensors, as well as buttons and flash card support, the stated $10 cost of this so called wifi device that is to be put in all appliances could easily cover the cost of the sensors as well.
But a microphone and video sensor would be obvious, and therefore they would never do it, right? Well, no. After having worked for the NSA and learning the tricks, I played around a LOT with common components no one would ever think could be used for snooping that work EXCELLENT. The most surprising of all is electronic beepers that use simple piezo drivers. The piezo element, never associated with anything other than an ability to beep makes an astonishing microphone. When properly coupled to a microphone amplifier (totally free to do at zero cost nowadays) a beeper element can be used to hear through the walls and into a detached neighboring house. That is not an exaggeration. Piezo elements are unbelievably powerful microphones, as are high impedance conventional magnetic speakers. They outperform all microphones hands down, and provide such strong input that they have to be strongly attenuated to be useful. So if your microwave or refrigerator has any ability to beep, and it is smart meter compliant, you can safely bet that it has ears that can hear you whisper from behind a closed door.

Nowadays, any device that can accept remote control commands can easily conceal a camera

My first introduction to this was with 1980's vintage Scientific Atlanta cable TV boxes (the standard back then) which all came fully equipped with CCD sensors concealed in the remote sensor, and microphones. If you can get your hands on one of them, take it apart and look. I have seen this myself. If you have ever wondered why so many open channels were available on these cable boxes, it is because the unused channels could be accessed and used in reverse to snoop. And towards the end of their dominance these boxes still cost more than basic cable ready televisions, possibly because that CCD sensor was not cheap. What about your TV nowadays? I have not taken apart any HD televisions for a look, but knowing what happened in the past I'd say it will be a safe bet that many of these televisions will have the ability to use their remote sensor as a camera, and speakers as microphones. It's an obvious no brainer. Throw a smart meter into the mix, and there is your outgoing connection.

But WAIT, there's more!

What about the obvious ability to send signals to appliances via the home's wiring - what are the limits?
I never paid attention to this in the past, and had to take a look at the guts of one of the circuit breakers that are used in homes to do this report. These circuit breakers use an electromagnet to trip, and pass all the current that gets delivered though the breaker through that electromagnet. When the current gets high enough, the magnet pulls hard enough and trips the breaker. So I knew the frequency you could send through a breaker would be limited by this electromagnet, which will operate as a choke because it has a coil with a magnetically attractive core, which will further increase the ability of that coil to stop high frequencies from passing. Question is, how much would it really choke off the signal from a smart meter?
I no longer have my inductance meter after the Fuku report, so I cannot put it in a formula. However, I can make a guess based on experience and how things look. And my guess is that you won't get megabits to pass through it, but that it would be safe to assume you could easily get a 256 kbps connection through any household circuit breaker. Why would that be important, when wifi is megabits? Well, let me explain
Remember the dialup days, when 57.6 was the norm? How about five times that? Was it impossible to surf the web way back in the early days when the standard was 14.4? 14.4 actually worked pretty good. And even 500 baud will exceed the speed of the fastest typist. So I'd say 256kbps would represent a serious security problem if you have a power supply in your computer which can accept power line commands, switch on your hardware in secret, and raid you. I don't think this is a reality nowadays, but I do not know it is not either, and it's a safe bet with the government getting more and more snoopy that this will be a way to get into the most secure of computer systems. Forget about avoiding a CoreVPro processor, which has built in 3g, forget about removing all wifi and bluetooth - the final holy grail of information gathering would be a direct power line grab. You can bet they are working on it and your friendly smart meter will play a key role.

The following got wiped and I had to retype it, they obviously do not like the punch line . . . .

I am going to make a prediction here - that in the future, the very NEAR future, the only way you will keep a system secure is to have it run off an inverter bank, separated from the wall with a non electronic old transformer style battery charger constantly charging a battery. Filtering the smart meter signal while running directly off the line would have limited effect - If you used the right choke setup you could limit the smart meter baud rate to below 500 before you messed up the power factor too badly to run a PC, but even a 500 baud connection would only slow things down for the snoops. With patience (and they have a lot) they could at least raid every text file off your machine, 500 baud would allow them to nail 1 kilobyte of data in approximately 18 seconds (slower than actual baud because of parity checking and other technicalities, but the answer is still clear - filtering will not be good enough. The only answer is a complete isolated disconnect from the grid.)
UPS power supplies and ordinary surge protectors will not be good enough, because surge protectors wont' filter the type of signal a smart meter would produce, and a UPS could be rigged to bypass the signal from the computer directly to the line while feeding the computer inverter power. On top of this a majority of UPS power supplies do not run full time inverter anyway. Normally they keep you connected to the main and switch you over to inverter very rapidly when the power goes out, before the capacitors in your computer's power supply run out of juice. The fact that UPS power supplies normally keep you directly connected, as well as the fact that UPS power supplies usually have processors that could pass the smart meter signal along to your PC anyway makes UPS power supplies an un acceptable method of blocking snooping via the power line. The only option is an old or totally brainless 1980's style car battery charger, a battery, and a standalone inverter if data security really is that important.
I suggest governments and businesses take what I said here to heart and apply it, the ability to snoop via the power line against high priority targets is definitely possible, and definitely will be done in the future (and against the highest priority targets, is definitely happening now.) If you value your privacy, I'd implement these security measures now.

Security issues 3, 2, and 1

Jim Stone, March 21, 2013
Bookmark the linked article, and whenever anyone calls you a conspiracy nutjob show it to them. Having the CIA make an announcement like this puts it in stone.
The CIA has officially announced that they are going to keep a record of EVERY VIDEO, EVERY CONVERSATION, EVERY MAIL, EVERY SINGLE PHOTO YOU EVER TOOK, A TOTAL INFORMATION LOCKDOWN. And unsaid in the linked article below is that they will be using wifi networks and Intel processors which have embedded 3g connectivity built into all of them (all current processors) to raid this information from computers that never "go online".

This means that everything you ever typed is theirs, everything ever stolen by a botnet, every last thing that ever went across the web or was gathered by other means will be permanently recorded in the CIA database. What makes this storage offer unique? Well, the fact that The CIA's OWN Gus Hunt has publicly stated it, READ THAT LINK. THIS IS NOT AN ALEX SCARE.

This will spell the end of data security as we knew it. And if you have a hard drive crash the data integrity won't be yours, if you crash your hard disk I don't think the CIA is going to allow you to access YOUR DATA on THEIR exabyte raid array.

The biggest security mistakes people make

The biggest security mistakes people make are:
1. Buying Intel i series processors Sandy Bridge or later, or ANY intel processor with CoreVPro technology (anything current).
2. Having your computer be wifi capable, bluetooth capable, or 3g capable, even if you never go online.
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR MOST OF US - believing you can secure a Microsoft operating system.
The following is the best security info you are likely to read anywhere.

In the real world, there is no such thing as "secure" and "Microsoft"

No matter what you think you know about security, pay attention to what follows, because it is absolute fact, delivered to me by a Microsoft programmer / whistleblower.
A secure Microsoft system is one of two things. (1) 200 or more feet underground in solid bedrock, with no connection to the outside whatsoever, or (2) 15 or more years old, with no Wifi, bluetooth, or any other sort of wireless technology installed, as well as locked in a closet.
I was in contact with a Microsoft programmer for a couple of mails before he went silent (mail censorship). In the two mails I received, he was at least able to say that Microsoft operating systems have as a feature, not a vulnerability, the ability to be breached at will, AS A FEATURE, by anyone who knew the correct commands to walk right in through a paralell FRONT door. He said it was top secret, prison term stuff to talk about, and that this door was there for the government and other priviledged people to use at will. In addition to this, this programmer made it perfectly clear that Microsoft worked hand in hand with McCaffee and Norton to make good and sure that not only did those two security products not interfere with this front door, but that in addition to the front door both McCaffee and Norton provided alternatives to it.
Many of you may know about a software application called PC anywhere, which allows full remote administration of any PC it is installed on. The front door this programmer spoke of, which is built into all Microsoft operating systems WORKS THE SAME WAY and can operate in paralell with the main user's front door, and provides a spook with the ability to open a session on your PC which is completely hidden to you and every bit as capable as the main user session. It's the same as hooking up two monitors, keyboards, and mice, and having two users use the same processor. This programmer used PC Anywhere as an example of how the front door built into all Microsoft operating systems since Windows 95 works. Obviously this front door will allow access to all data, but in addition to this it also allows fully remote installation of applications, deletion and modification of files, uploading of files to be used as "evidence", files which would remain hidden to the owner of the PC until a forensic examination revealed them, and any other abilities the real owner of the PC would have, and it all happens live, over the web, with the screen and input device control on the spook PC being provided by YOUR COMPUTER.
This programmer was going to tell me how to log into this second front window (he was nervous about just saying it all at once) and before that happened, all mails went silent.
So if anyone out there wonders why I don't use encryption, and don't do anything to secure my Microsoft PC, the answer is simple - THE FINAL AND MOST ADVANCED SYSTEM SECURITY KNOWLEDGE THAT ANY IT PROFESSIONAL COULD EVER HAVE IS KNOWING THAT WHEN DEALING WITH THE GOVERNMENT OR JEWISH COMMUNITY, NO SECURITY EXISTS AT ALL. Your security efforts are good ONLY against high school hackers and other idiots not on the inside track.

And this, in a nutshell, is how the CIA intends to get their hands on "ALL" data, as described in the linked article above.

It is important to note that in that article the CIA chief says ALL data, not "all data that goes across the web". He simply says ALL DATA, ALL PHOTOS, ALL VIDEOS, EVERYTHING ANYONE EVER RECORDS, TYPES, VIEWS,EVERYTHING and in that context it could only be possible if the CIA intends to walk through ALL FRONT DOORS ON ALL PC'S AND RAID THEM. The front door the programmer told me about would make this CIA witch hunt possible. It's exactly how they are going to do it.

The next big security mistake - Intel CoreVPro "technology"

For WHAT possible reason would anyone want a full time 3g connection to the heart of their CPU that is always on, 24/7 and works without even subscribing to any 3G service? WHO is paying for that connection to be always on?

New Intel based PC's PERMANENTLY hackable via CoreVPro technology
So you think no one can access your data because your computer is turned off. Heck it's more than turned off, you even took the main hard drive out, and only the backup disk is inside. There is no operating system installed at all. So you KNOW you are safe.
Frank from across the street is an alternative operating systems hobbyist, and he has tons of computers. He has Free BSD on a couple, his own compilation of Linux on another, a Mac for the wife, and even has Solaris on yet another. Frank knows systems security, so he cannot be hacked . . . . . . . or so he thinks.
The government does not like Frank much, because they LOVE to look at everything. Privacy is a crime don't you know, and it looks like Frank's luck with privacy is about to run out.
The new Intel Core vPro processors contain a new remote access feature which allows 100 percent remote acess to a PC 100 percent of the time, even if the computer is TURNED OFF. Core vPro processors contain a second physical processor embedded within the main processor which has it's own operating system embedded on the chip itself. As long as the power supply is available and and in working condition, it can be woken up by the ALWAYS ON 3G connection in the Core vPro processor, which runs on the system's phantom power and is able to quietly turn individual hardware components on and access anything on them.
This is being touted as something that makes IT administration easy. It is being advertised as something that will allow IT professionals the ability to remotely troubleshoot a PC no matter what is wrong with it. It allows IT professionals to view the contents of hard drives, check the memory, or hunt for problems on a machine without actually being in front of it. And to that, I call B.S, outside of snooping it's only real world applications would involve accessing a recovery partiton and restoring the computer to out of box state, installing software outside the knowledge of the main operating system, and secretly placing or deleting files.
But the intelligence agencies LOVE THIS. Because Frank is going on vacation soon and they know it. They have listened to all of his calls. They KNOW frank is a terrorist, because they have never been able to access anything Frank has done with a PC, and who would hide their use, other than a criminal? Frank keeps his computers up to date, and THREE of them now have Core vPro processors in them, and when Frank is gone, they are going to get their chance to access ALL of his files because the main backup hard disk went into the newest machine.

Real world use for Core vPro processors will involve the following:

Accessing any PC ANYWHERE, no matter what operating system is installed, even if it is physically disconnected from the internet. You see, Core vPro processors work in conjunction with Intel's new Anti Theft 3.0, which put 3g connectivity into every Intel CPU after the Sandy Bridge version of the I3/5/7 processors. Users do not get to know about that 3g connection, but it IS there. Frank was not stupid so he unplugged his router. Unfortunately for Frank, that won't work, because anti theft 3.0 always has that 3g connection on also, even if the computer is turned off. Sorry frank, you were good with operating systems, but did not know EVERYTHING about hardware. And now the real reason for your finicky security habits will be known to the NSA - you found a way to route photons to any place in the world without any sort of cable. You revolutionized communications. You were going public when you returned from your vacation, but thanks to your new Core vPro processors, a major communications firm is going to go public with your invention BEFORE you get home, and your research will be deleted and replaced with "criminal activity" so you will be arrested when you get back and unable to speak about the theft of your invention. Fascism is GREAT.
If a system has the ram chips pulled, a Core vPro processor will read the hard disk anyway because it has all the ram it needs embedded in the vPro core.
If you encrypted your hard drive, a Core vPro processor will read it anyway, because it snagged your encryption key
If your system has been taken apart, and has no video card, ram, floppy, or hard drive, your Core vPro processor nailed you, because you left a flash drive plugged in. Or a CD in the CD drive. And what about that web cam?
The bottom line? The Core vPro processor is the end of any pretend privacy. If you think encryption, Norton, or anything else is going to ensure your privacy, including never hooking up to the web AT ALL, think again. There is now more than just a ghost in the machine.

The Zionist, Globalist, Banker scamming war mongering cabal has a history of using the marketing of security as a means to remove ALL security and nail you. If you believe Intel's cheerful hype about these processors making things more secure than ever, think again, because any processor which allows a machine to be accessed even when it's turned off equates to an information tyrant's dream come true Please engage your brain while watching this, the security pitch is unadulterated B.S. These processors in fact represent an ABSOLUTE BREACH of security no matter HOW they are marketed. From the techinical viewpoint of someone who worked for an intelligence agency, I call B.S. on Intel, avoid these processors like the plague.

The final BIG security mistake people make (continued from above)

Leaving unused wifi and bluetooth hardware installed in PC's and laptops.

This is a security threat I have never seen spoken of. But it is a real one, I know this for sure, because of something interesting that started happening after I did the Fuku report
I had a decent Compaq laptop I had to ditch after doing the Fuku report. Everything about that laptop was perfect for me - a rugged design, a powerful processor, a good screen, and most importantly - a factory mirrored restore partition, rather than a partition that had install files. The difference between the two is when it is a mirrored factory restore, to return your PC to out of box state it takes less than 10 minutes rather than the hours a non mirrored restore takes. Both wipe the machine equally.
So I had gotten into the habit of putting all files on an external drive and totally wiping the machine every two or three days because a full system wipe was a non event with that particular laptop, it was just so easy. But after the Fuku report, something strange started happening after the wipes - even without EVER hooking up to the web or ANY wifi network at all - After the computer had sat for a few hours after a wipe, a microsoft update would announce it was ready for installation. This made a simple fact obvious - there was a way for that computer to go online or be accessed and force fed entirely without me knowing it.
So I pulled the WIFI card out and did a restore and NO UPDATES CAME IN. Interesting. This ruled out any local files being present to do it. I had no wifi network and no authorized connection, so how the * was that computer having updates come in through the wifi? I had already checked the neighboring connections and all of them required password log ins, there were no open networks. There was no way for that laptop to reach out. So HOW could this be happening?
There is only one answer
When doing the Fuku report, the spooks HAD TO have accessed my machine through the cell modem, scanned all neighboring wifi connections, and set THOSE up to hack my system through the wifi. It's the ONLY ANSWER. This means that if you have a computer that has wifi capability that you are not using, you are NOT safe from getting hacked as long as there are other networks in sight. But it goes even beyond that - it is possible to set up hidden WIFI networks that remain totally invisible to your PC when it scans for available networks, by simply making the connection private. So even if you cannot see a network it does not mean one is not there.
Bluetooth presents exactly the same problem, so if you have bluetooth or wifi capabilities you are not using and you want your system to be private, PULL THEM OUT. Simply disabling them won't cut it.
Other security hacks such as receiving the EMF from your processor are too difficult to use on little people. Those methods are typically reserved for spying on governments and other big fish. If you keep in mind what I have stated above, it will go a long way towards preventing your data from getting nabbed by the CIA. If you ever hook up to the web however, its as good as kissing it goodbye on whatever PC you use to do it.
This mailbox is already toast as per the following sent by forum member Paul
Jim, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have the blog set up to send me an email notification at my gmail address when someone posts a comment. The notification for your comment didn't show up at all in my inbox. It's not in the spam folder or trash folder either. All the other comment emails showed up but yours didn't.
It had to have been gmail blocking it from reaching me.
Wow, thanks for telling me this! That would mean they already nailed destroythedarkness, in what - two days?
Visit Paul's blog Here

I could really use a little financial help right now

A friend of mine had me post an ad, but I have not been able to contact him regarding it (I wonder why). The mail censorship has been very damaging, because numerous people have offered to help, but none have succeeded in getting through with a message more than once, which is needed to confirm I knew they offered help. For what it is worth, after I wiped over 98 percent of the people off the forum, the messaging system seems to work. So if you would like to help, try that, (even non approved applicants can still send messages through that system).
I am a little more established now, and am going to try to get an income stream from working offline - I have some promising prospects - but until I am successful with that, I will need your help.
Keep in mind that mail is compromised, and if you do not see your offer and a record of what happened on theLog page you are not in contact with me. To the best of my knowledge the log page has worked for an accountability trail so far, and I certainly appreciate all the help that has been given thus far, which is what has kept me online.


I have decided to go into full damage mode for a week or two, and publish an article that will probably set trends in the truth movement. There is a totally un addressed issue with regard to the elite, and I am going to absolutely kick it. They need their butts kicked over what they are doing here to this site and no doubt others, and need to learn a hard lesson - that if they are going to keep the truth from getting out by censoring news tips that should be in the inbox, and trying to starve people out, those of us able to make an impression are not stupid and have more than one way to hit them. Wait until you see what happens next.

Cyprus "banker bailout"

No comment, other than that Cyprus, and apparently New Zealand will be the litmus test, and if the elite get away with this it will become the new way to ream the public. Nations with people who still have the balls to resist violently will not get reamed.
Update: Cyprus said no in a unanimous vote. And don't go thinking the poor me crowd did not try to guilt trip the public before this attempted scam THEY DID!

The forum is shut down to new posts except for a few selected people

If you have a history of posting to the forum and want posting access send me a message and I will look over past posts. I need to de spook the forum for the following reason -
There is an event log that (sort of) works, it records about 0.005% of what gets posted to the forum in a separate database. I went through that log, and found an extremely shocking post which was not visible (to me) any other way. This poster harassed people on the forum with obscenities and insults until they left, and when I clicked on his profile from the log itself, and went to it, and then clicked on his posts, I got the message that he had never posted to the forum before. The event log recorded the responses of other forum members to this poster, so he was definitely real. Despite not being able to see any of his posts show up through the regular threads (holonet reality) when I deleted his account, his comments vanished from the event log, which proves he was not some sort of ghost. I got captures of this and will post them here later.
SO, I disabled posting rights for all but a few select individuals I know are both aware of the spook presense and have a history of decent posts. There were too many members to go through for it to be practical for me to do anything other than just disable them all, and then pick through and re enable people I knew were real. Since I am not allowed to see the shill posts anyway,there is no way of knowing what is really out on the forum but I can at least stop the damage by blocking out all the accounts which are able to make posts I cannot see. No doubt good people got ousted by the blanket ban, but there is no other way for me to fix this problem.
If you got blocked out for no reason, try to message me and if I can see your posts and they are not shill posts there is a really good chance I will bump you to moderator status, which is the status I am using to allow past good people full rights on the forum again. It would not bother me to have a few really good people using the forum as a venue to get their word and observations out - the forum gets many more page views than the root site here at Jimstonefreelance, and even this site gets a high volume. Having posting rights on the forum will get you read. Unfortunately the original vision for the forum - one in which anyone could post, even without registration - did not survive in a world of paid shillage and government spooks.

This is an excellent read by forum Admin Farganne

"And when I, for one, look at the LAPD “officials” in charge of dispensing lies, lies, and more lies to the lying (and/or clueless) windbags that masquerade as journalists these days, I see those cops for what they are, and have been for a very long time: small, vicious criminals in uniform. They are organized, they are armed to the teeth, they are corrupt to the core of their being, and until now, they have enjoyed the cover of respectability that their badges afforded them"

The Psyopocalypse

by James Farganne, M.B.S.D.,
“Apocalypse” is a word loaded with mysterious and exotic connotations. Many people associate it with harrowing visions of mayhem and destruction ushering in the End Times. In fact, “apocalypse” comes to us from ancient Greek, and it simply means “revelation” or, even more mundanely, “disclosure”; it is the noun form of apokalyptein, a common verb meaning “to uncover”, and outside of Biblical context, it could be applied to any instance of revealing things once hidden or obscure.
By light of that definition, I would say an apocalypse is well and truly upon us. Maybe not “The Apocalypse”, mind you — but there does seem to be a massive revelation underway. More and more people have Eyes to See beyond the power structure’s threadbare veneer of legitimacy. For a great many of us in the “Truth” community, this apocalypse kicked in when we were asked to believe that fumbling Arabs with boxcutters took down three World Trade Center buildings, even though they (according to officialdom) managed to hit only two. That was the beginning for me, and it was a real fork in the road, a red-pill moment, a clear choice: either I had to ignore the facts laid out before me and abandon reason for the comforts of civilized ignorance, or I had to accept that the world I had taken for real was in fact an intricate matrix of lies, and slowly process all the anger, pain, and grief of that awakening.
I lived in New York City and was in Manhattan less than a kilometer from the WTC when the first plane struck. My BS detector first went off when Bush told us that the Arabs, and by extension all Muslims, hated us “for our freedoms”. If they really hated us, I wanted to know the real reasons why. Before that, I had been completely apolitical, but that one question sent me hurdling very early on into the apocalypse now becoming apparent to so many. And it was a lonely journey. When I realized that the official story was bunk, and that my government was overrun with criminals, I was no longer exactly fun to be around at parties. Awakening became an obsession. My first wife left me, and when the cops started carrying assault rifles, I left America vowing never to return.
I chose to live and work in Korea, where I could continue my re-education with the benefits of affordable medical care, low income tax, and no need to own a car. Also the police here are still really nice. They actually smile and speak politely, even if they are getting yelled at by an irate citizen; and when I went to jail for calling powerful people on the carpet over their funding of toxic music videos directed at children, the police heard me out, reviewed my evidence, concurred, and made sure I was released.
And what was it about those videos that bothered me so much? The sudden prevalence of Luciferian and Masonic imagery, occult hand signs, the occasional Mogen David, and choreography so downright pornographic that even the kids protested in disgust. And why the sudden, radical change in the production values of K-pop? I saw it as yet another sign of apocalypse. All the dark shit previously rolled out in western pop music culture was now being pushed on Asian audiences, upon people with by and large no ability to recognize the symbols, but enough sense to know that something dark this way had come, and it definitely had not come here from within. I can’t count how many times I have brought up the Masonic/Luciferian culture creep with Koreans both young and old, and they have been unanimous in pointing out that it is a foreign influence on their culture, and they don’t much like it.
I have also been surprised at how many have immediately brought up Masonry and “The Illuminati”: another sign that apocalypse is underway. Even a couple of years ago, I would never have attempted discussion of such topics with Korean acquaintances, much less most of my fellow expats. All that has changed in a very big way. Quite a few times, for example, when mixing with an expat crowd, I have calmly and assuredly stated that the Fukushima event on 3-11-11 was no natural disaster, but an Israeli attack on Japan. Instead of being shunned or told to don a tinfoil hat, I was able to open a real discussion every time I brought it up. I also taught lunchtime English classes at a Korean insurance company where all the students wanted to discuss, in every single lesson, was “the conspiracy”! I no longer feel cautious about asserting (with a smile, of course) that the “official stories” of 9-11 and 3-11 were rank bullshit. I think that most people, at some deep level, know this to be true, but it takes someone else to say it before they’ll admit it. This new freedom to discuss “conspiracy” is yet another clear sign of apocalypse.
One salient feature of apocalypse is this: like one of the favorite symbols of the power elite, it is best visualized as a Rising Sun. People become more aware, more conscious, in direct proportion to the swelling of the dawn. Reared in the darkness of indoctrination and mass mind control, taught to ridicule those who raved about a thing called Sun, fewer and fewer of us are able to ignore what is becoming painfully obvious: that all the appearances we believed in from childhood have been just that: appearances. And as the Sun rises, it will be burning those appearances away with a breadth and magnitude that only the truly blind will fail to perceive.
And then, as I did in the wake of 9-11, more and more People Who See are going to have to start making choices. Hard choices. You see, this apocalypse is not happening by accident. I am a believer that the power elite — the designers, programmers, and managers of this mental prison matrix that we call “society” — operate by a twisted code of honor requiring that they notify their victims; and if the victims do not protest, if the victims do not take measures to defend themselves, then the elites’ actions are justified. I am by no means arguing the fairness of this outlook, only observing that it seems to me to be a principle by which they operate.
In the preceding paragraph, I should have said that this apocalypse is not happening entirely by accident, meaning neither is it totally under “their” control. This is good news for all of us, if true. The bad news is, such things as RFID implants, thanks to apocalypse, are no longer “wingnut”, “tinfoil hat” topics; and as their advent becomes more and more obvious, you ignore them at your peril; AND, even if you don’t ignore them, and you happen to live where the chipping agenda is getting rolled out … again, HARD CHOICES. But the good news is that, from what I can see, this apocalypse has lately been rife with revelations coming to the public consciousness via absurd blunders and other developments which I doubt the elites intended. Consider:
Ever growing numbers of us no longer see a President when we look at Obama; rather, we see him for the dictator and the lying, liberty-destroying communist scumbag traitor that he is. Is it by design that Obama is so hated that the Marines must be disarmed at his Inauguration? Is it part of the plan that millions of gun owners hate him and his administration at a time when he is supposed to be stripping them of their weapons? Possibly. But the difficulties the current regime has been facing come in the wake of two “mass shootings” that were supposed to pave the way for disarmament, but failed miserably: Aurora, which drew a surprising amount of suspicion that it was a false flag, and possibly a wag-the-dog event, meaning it never happened; and Sandy Hook, which was such transparent bullshit, hardly anyone with an honest view of Uncle Sam could have been fooled. Anyone who saw “Robbie Parker” grinning and leering before “getting into character” as a grieving parent could see Sandy Hook exactly for what it was: a staged media event, with paid actors, and a plot so full of holes as to serve as a scathing indictment of America’s education system (they can’t even get smart enough people to pull off their psy ops convincingly any longer!). I don’t think the sloppy execution was intended, and I don’t think they foresaw the massive scorn that event provoked from the gun-owners of America.
And what of the growing numbers who can now look beyond the Obama hood ornament to see that the driver of the car wears a yarmulka? In my recent interactions with Koreans and westerners alike, I have detected a distinct uptick in awareness that Israel has pretty much taken over the Washington establishment, and where I live, it’s no big deal to observe that “the Jews run Hollywood.” I have struck up conversations with older Koreans on subway trains and told them that the real enemies are not their brethren to the North, and could they guess who the real enemy is? I was shocked by the number of times they answered, without so much as a blink: “Yes, it’s the Jews.” Suffice it to say that Koreans have no love for Jews or Israel, they are certainly unhampered by “holocaust” guilt, and if Zionist Jews wish to pursue their full-scale agenda in a country like this, right down to the tyrannical impositions of Agenda 21, it won’t be as easy as brainwashing and shaming North Americans and Europeans. It is my theory that this difficulty was foreseen and accounts for the fact that this country is still technically at war, with the DMZ still being the most heavily militarized border on the face of the Earth. If the Koreans don’t consent to have their society eaten away by Zionist and Luciferian rot, they’ll just start a big fucking war and try to pummel them into abject submission.
Anyway, their attempts to push Luciferian culture and sexual promiscuity on Korean youth (a sign of apocalypse) have failed. Assuming that Korea is not unique in its resiliency, this tells me the elites are not unveiling their shite “cult”ure to universal acclaim. So, although Koreans ultimately might be decimated for their recalcitrance, I count developments here on the “good news” side of apocalypse.
Moving along. When we look at politicians, bankers, and business executives, I think more and more of us than ever before no longer see respectable pillars of society; rather, we see them for what they actually are: murderous thugs, shameless shysters, and two-bit scammers in three-piece suits. The rapid acceptance of the neologism “bankster” into our lexicon most immediately reflects how their victims have come to perceive them. They are no better than John Gotti or Al Capone. In fact, when you consider the magnitude of their crimes, and the fact that common mafiosi at least observe a moral code, the banksters are a hell of a lot worse. At least mobsters do not enslave whole populations with fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, and odious usury; nor do they sack entire nations, robbing the people of their land, their resources, their homes, their livelihoods, and their retirement funds. The banksters are the worst group of criminals the world has ever known, and I can’t think of too many people I know who fail to see that by now.
And take the British royal family. When you look at them, are you any longer bamboozled by aristocratic pretensions? If you’ve been paying an ounce of attention to British politics, one glance at Prince Charles ought to evoke shroudy images of child molestation — and worse. The British royals have had their images permanently besmirched by their intimate relations with child molester and paedophile Jimmy Savile, who also “procured” children for them.
And when I, for one, look at the LAPD “officials” in charge of dispensing lies, lies, and more lies to the lying (and/or clueless) windbags that masquerade as journalists these days, I see those cops for what they are, and have been for a very long time: small, vicious criminals in uniform. They are organized, they are armed to the teeth, they are corrupt to the core of their being, and until now, they have enjoyed the cover of respectability that their badges afforded them.

But no longer. This is where apocalypse is in our favor, for now their pants are down for all to see. They’ve found Dorner’s wallet in three different locations, including among the cinders of the cabin they were overheard to have deliberately torched. They are known to have driven a fleeing figure, now identified as Dorner, back into the fire, to be burned alive. Never mind all the inconsistencies of the official story; never mind the obvious and ridiculous lies; never mind that they replaced his cogent original manifesto with an obvious fake designed to make him look like a raving madman: at the end of the day, assuming there was a suspect named “Dorner”, and that he was running away, now we are given to understand in the most blunt terms possible that, in the new America, the America of the Apocalypse, the cops are judge, jury, and executioner. There it is, folks, it could not possibly be more obvious. The good news? I don’t think the tomfoolery is intentional. I agree with Jim Stone, who opined that “Dorner” was detected writing his manifesto, in which he threatened only to expose the crimes of the LAPD in a court of law, and had to be dealt with in a hurry. And because cops are not the brightest bulbs on the tree, they fucked up. Badly. Score another one for the bright side of apocalypse!
Which leads to the question: how many will exercise due appreciation at being shown such hard truth in broad light of day, and have the courage to stand up and call bullshit on this whole disgusting “Dorner” farce? If not enough voices do just that, and do it every time the ruling criminals concoct another cheap wag-the-dog Batman Sandy Hook Dorner flim-flam FANTASY, then by sheer attrition, by chipping and chipping away, they will eventually succeed in justifying each new step in their “totalitarian tiptoe” agenda. Some people are going to have to get hurt. Some people will have to die. But hey, apocalypse doesn’t happen very often, so I think the occasion is going to demand that we go to extremes if we are to survive it. The point I guess I am trying to make, overall, is that, as I see it, we do have a chance.

The original Fukushima report is HERE

Two years on, and no one has managed to find a collapsed or leaning building outside the tsunami zone in Sendai, the city hardest hit by a 9.0.

Included in this additional report, posted March 13 2013, I have the OFFICIAL USGS charts that show Sendai, according to the USGS, had peak ground accelerations in excess of 3.7 G´s.

Folks, 0.35 g´s is considered adequate to possibly collapse a skyscraper when it is rated to survive an 8.0,yet the USGS said that INLAND, NORTH OF SENDAI the ground thrust was 12.7 g´s. Sendai proper had, according to the USGS, a MINIMUM G-force exerted on it of 3.7 across every square foot of the city, which is flatulent B.S, and fortunately the Japanese seismic readings farther down this page confirm that nothing on the Japanese mainland ANYWHERE should have fallen, provided it could withstand a 6.7 richter reading, and the REAL maximum ground acceleration ANYWHERE on Japan was in fact below 0.15 g's. Where did the USGS get 12.7 from? The original charts from both the scamming USGS and the "please help spread the truth" Japanese seismologists are here, right now, on the front page. Compare them, look at the photos of perfectly un damaged Japanese towns and cities as the tsunami arrives, and decide for yourself - WHO IS LYING, THE JAPANESE, OR THE USGS?
After Sandy Hook, do you think ANY mainstream news outlet would tell the truth about this - Japan's 911? The original Fukushima report laid the scam perpetrated by the USGS bare - the USGS has been usurped by an enemy and is now being used to front phony geological data for political purposes.
The scam of a 9.0 is so transparent that even the smallest kitten scratch on the surface of the topic lays waste to the official story; it takes a real stroke of sheeple style blindness to overlook the fact that it was ALL TSUNAMI DAMAGE because the earthquake never happened as stated at all. And if there was no significant quake, WHERE ON EARTH DID THAT TSUNAMI COME FROM?
THIS is the official USGS quake report, which shows the five top ground accelerations measured, the USGS clearly claims that a peak ground acceleration of 12.7 g's happened at station MYG004, which is 70 KM inland, yet puts the epicenter out in the ocean, where there are no stations to record it. The station closest to the reported epicenter, which the USGS painstakingly omits, shows that on the Japanese coast nearest the purported "epicenter", the quake registered a 5.63 on the richter scale which corresponds to a total ground thrust acceleration of approximately 0.08 G's. Look at this USGS report carefully, which puts the ground acceleration at station MYG004 at over 12 g's. To put this all in perspective, a quake that produces even 1 g of ground acceleration is considered to be one that virtually NO skyscraper, highway over pass or bridge can survive. Why then did a 12 G monster do virtually nothing at all where it was measured INLAND, FAR AWAY FROM THE OCEAN?

The picture below is NOT the USGS report, CLICK THE LINK ABOVE or Here, the USGS report is a PDF.

Take a look at the REAL richter readings in the photo below, which were provided by the various seismic monitoring agencies in Japan, which prove beyond all doubt the USGS lied.
Furthermore, I got numerous shill backstabs claiming that no damage happened inland because the ocean absorbed the quake. If the ocean really could absorb a quake (it cannot) it would be irrelevant if the USGS charts were true, charts which show peak ground accelerations of 12 G's, 3.18 g's, and 2.7 g's, ALL TOTALLY APOCALYPTIC READINGS, happening hundreds of miles apart ON THE JAPANESE MAINLAND. The lack of damage outside the tsunami zone proves beyond all doubt that the USGS lied with their charts, and is therefore complicit in the lie that gave creedence to the Fukushima disaster.

I am going to give Fuku some attention over the next few days

This is just going to be a rolling update at first, as I dig up stuff to post.

March 12 2013 In the original Fuku report, I made good and sure that everything was documented to official sources.But there were eyewitness reports sent to me by people who claimed to be out at Fuku during the quake, which I did not use because they could not be verified accurate through official record. I will post one of those reports here now. It is important for people to know how well done the original Fuku report was, it was done accurately enough to form the basis for a declaration of war on the part of Japan, or a death sentence conviction in a court room. That report is DOCUMENTED. Because I wanted the report to be perfectly solid, I avoided posting the following testimony even though I believe it entirely.
I got a testimony from an American engineer who said he was out at Fuku before the quake, visiting the facility as a consultant at reactor 1. He said that while he was there, there was an update to the control system software taking place, and the guy doing the update appeared nervous while doing so. THEN, when the update was complete the man PANICKED, ran out of the facility to his car and sped off, and reactor 1 went HAYWIRE BEFORE THERE WAS EVEN AN EARTHQUAKE. From what he said, (and this makes real sense here, and that is why I am publishing this now) the generators in the turbine room dropped off the Japanese grid, allowing them to free spin while the steam valves to the reactor remained open. Reactor 1 was then pushed to full thermal output by the "updated software", and the turbines and generators(now having nothing to hold them from spinning too fast with the full force of the reactor pushing on them) free spun to many times their rated RPM's and sounded like monster demons screaming from the gates of hell. ALL BEFORE THE QUAKE EVEN STRUCK.
Let me explain this a little more clearly -
If you have a power generation system hooked up to a grid, the grid will hold it back so that it cannot spin too fast. But if you disconnect that generator from the grid, and there is nothing holding it back it is the same as putting a car in neutral and stepping on the gas to rev the engine, if the car has no rev limiter the engine will blow up from spinning too fast. That is what that "update" tried to do to the turbines at reactor 1. It disabled all the programmed emergency shutdowns and rev limiters and routed the full thermal output from the reactor through the unloaded turbines and generators, with the hopes of causing a catastrophic failure in the turbine room.
About five minutes into this, the quake then hit, but the man who told me this was already in his car and not in the facility because with the turbines screaming like that those who could leave the facility panicked and ran. Subsequent verified reports confirmed that the turbines did not explode (many times safety margin to credit for that) and that the initial mode of failure planned for reactor 1 was ditched (loss of coolant via a turbine explosion, thus leading to a meltdown) and instead the reactor was put to full thermal output with all valves forced closed so that the temperature and pressures could only build up until it exploded it's pressure vessel. This is one reason why reactor 1 blew first.
Reactors 2 and 3 were pushed similarly early on, but they had additional safety systems due to a newer design, so it took the saboteurs longer to blow up reactor 2, and because reactor 3 had the most advanced redundant safety systems of all, they failed to blow up reactor 3 entirely and knew they would fail. So the saboteurs (who were an Israeli Defense Forces front company named Magna BSP masquarading as a security firm with a contract at Fukushima) knew they would have to offer reactor 3, which was robust, and reactor 4, which had no core in it and could not possibly explode, a little assistance in the form of gun type nuclear weapons thinly disguised as very odd looking "cameras". And this point cannot be argued, because the information was pulled right off of Magna BSP's own web site and reported in the Jerusalem Post. If you are hitting this before those links are embedded here, read this report. Below is a picture of reactor 3's "camera," still in Israel but on it's way to Fukushima. I kicked their asses when I found this photo.

The history of Magna BSP's contract at Fukushima

After Japan offered to assist Iran with it's nuclear program, by providing enriched fuel for them to use in their reactor at Busher, the Israeli defense forces embarked on a program to get even with Japan and teach Japan a lesson. This program involved the generation of front companies masquarading as security firms, offering their services to Japanese nuclear facilities, front companies which would be tasked with the job of planting the already successful Stuxnet virus into the Siemens Scada controllers used by Japan, and if possible, smuggle nuclear weapons into the facilities disguised as security hardware. The front company "Magna BSP" managed to land the contract at Fukushima.
At first they played it cool and sold the odd duck cameras appearances and obscene weight on the reason that the long tube was needed for separation of two different cameras in the same device so that the first "cameras", which were actually real, could provide 3d stereoscopic security for the perimiter surrounding the Fukushima Diiachi facility, and the obscenely high weight (in excess of a thousand pounds) was to make the camera stable due to a high mass. These original cameras, which were placed outside the facility actually did have some unique technologies, and actually did perform in an impressive way. Once trust was gained for their odd duck appearances and unbelievably high weight, "Magna BSP" was then able to sell the Japanese on the idea of getting these cameras placed inside the innermost containments at reactors 3 and 4. And those were the cameras that were thinly disguised nuclear weapons.
Trust went a long way, because no one questioned why such enormous cameras had to be used indoors where focal lengths are short, and the long tube was not needed for stereoscopic resolution indoors. The cameras placed outside were designed to stereoscopically resolve details across a distance of miles, the entire outdoor perimiter of the diiachi facility. Indoors, in a reactor containment, there is no need for anything stereoscopic, and with the lenses so widely spaced stereoscopic is impossible at close range to begin with. The fact that cameras of the same size and appearance were placed indoors was damning all by itself, but trust went a long way, and as a bonus, the indoor camera at reactor 3 had additional features which allowed it to monitor radiation levels and temperature, and in total violation of all security protocols, had a full time data connection to the outside world from inside the reactor containment, a connection that went straight back to Dimona Israel along with the approved feed from the outdoor cameras. Magna slipped up and told this to the Jerusalem Post, this is not a fiction folks Such a link to this camera would be perfect for knowing if your virus failed and if the reactor would need a little "critical mass assistance" to explode.
Despite having the contract to provide a security team from Israel, Magna BSP did not see fit to keep permanent Israeli representatives out at Fukushima, and instead trained local Japanese people to take over and run security for them. Once this training was complete, the original team of Israelis was to return to Israel and "only provide support and training" to the Japanese employees at Fukushima on an as needed basis while the cameras were administered remotely, from Dimona Israel, and would only be tended by Israelis. No Israeli from Magna BSP was present at Fuku during the disaster, they all returned to Israel a week before. How convenient.
Completely unreported to the public at large was the fact that though the main fuel pool at reactor 3 remained intact, the steam separator pool was used to store fuel and was breached by the explosion, which resulted in a river of melted fuel flowing into the alley between reactors 2 and 3. It was this river of melted fuel which caused the two deaths (now a completely buried topic) out at Fukushima. Also completely unreported was the reactor 3 pressure vessel breach and core expulsion, with the mangled core laying in the debris with portions of it's core spray system still functioning. This is proven by the following photo:
Even the authorized wikipedia post now at least admits that a radiation level of 3.75 sieverts an hour was measured above reactor 3 on March 17, four days after the explosion, and that at the Diaachi facility an overall background radiation level of one sievert an hour made it impossible for people to be out there. That this was overlooked by the press is damning, Because absent a reactor core ejection, with fuel thrown everywhere, a core ejection which would be impossible with the official line being that a little loose hydrogen gas blew the place up, absent a full core breach and expulsion you cannot hit 3.75 sieverts an hour, which is a level so high that it will kill you just trying to approach the Diacchi facility to work. The overall radiation level of one sievert an hour would have killed any worker out at Fukushima before morning break on their first day out there after the reactor 3 explosion, which is why initially the cleanup was handled via REMOTE CONTROL AND ROBOTS BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL DIE IF THEY EVEN APPROACH THE PLACE. (the article has an error which makes it look like it took two hours to do the cleanup, but if you read past the error, it means two hours per cycle of cleanup.) In addition to this, the article was obviously a leak of some sort, with all reports about this sourcing back to the same press release, with no divergence from the story line across several publications, and ZERO coverage in the mainstream press. Despite the fact that this report did not go mainstream (as to be expected when it spoke the truth about the real level of contamination at Fuku,) I would like to ask, if Arnie and his ENENEWS are such an expert on the topic, HOW DID REMOTE CONTROL AND ROBOTIC CLEANUP GET MISSED BY OUR ILLUSTRIOUS ARNIE GUNDERSEN, MEGA SCAMMER AND BLOWHARD AGAINST THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY?

I will tell you how. Arnie missed it because he is a paid shill who was used to front the hydrogen blast story, when only a nuclear weapon could destroy a heavily built reactor containment structure and throw thousands of pounds of nuclear material everywhere, thus necessitating initially remote controlled construction equipment cleanup, and then robotic vacuum cleanup. The entire place was a dead zone far in excess of Chernobyl. CHERNOBYL NEVER REACHED A SUSTAINED SIEVERT AN HOUR IN IT'S SURROUNDING ENVIRONMENT. FUKU WAS MANY TIMES CHERNOBYL, A FACT TOTALLY BLOWN OVER BY THE SCAMMING ELITE MEDIA, BECAUSE THEY HAD TO IGNORE THIS FACT TO MAINTAIN THE OFFICIAL "HYDROGEN BLAST" LIE AND KEEP THE BLAME ON THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, THE SCAPEGOAT THEY WANTED BANNED IN JAPAN AFTER JAPAN OFFERED TO HELP IRAN.

According to the ONE press release that actually got at least marginal publication, the radiological contamination at reactor 3 was so intense that the people handling the equipment had to do it from two kilometers away. HOW did Arnie miss this?

Don't be bamboozled by Defconalert

This bogus warning has become commonplace in the blogs over the last few hours, and appears to me to be nothing but an attention grab over the tensions on the Korean peninsula. Just to let you know, Defcon 4 is nothing, Defcon 1 is launch, back in the cold war days we were always at defcon 4, frequently at defcon 3, a couple times at defcon 2, and nothing ever happened. Defcon 4 is simply nothing at all. This site obscures that fact however, and seems to make it look like Defcon 5 is launch, which it is not.

New deadly virus?

In my opinion, 8 deaths and 15 infections over a period of months smacks of B.S. and is NOT "sweeping the globe". COME ON NOW. First of all, with numbers this low, how did they manage to link Great Britain to the Arab peninsula? How does 15 infections constitute "global"? Know propaganda when you see it, and this is PURE propaganda of idiotic proportions, complete with a stock photo of a red colored agar petri dish supposedly with viruses growing in it, when viruses do not grow in petri dishes, followed by a stock photo of an antibiotic resistant "superbug" which looks to me like acidophilis bacteria, the same stuff they make yogurt with, Then, following that, the idiot article writer took a stock photo of prozac capsules, to represent an antibiotic.
Make sure you take a look at this article, to know what I am talking about
With such schlock stock photography to support this story, my guess is that the entirety of this particular scare is pure B.S, And with regard to any "superbugs", it's as if we never heard of that, news of such bugs has beencommonplace since 1970, and we are all still alive. Seems like "superbugs" are in a 6 month news cycle repeat, anything to work up the public for a possible vaccine scare drive.
Want to survive the scenario in this article? Forget about the virus, avoid any vaccines, and avoid the hospital where these new "superbugs" supposedly lurk.
And when you consider the fact that FAUX NEWS COVERED THE SAME LINE OF B.S., well, THAT is news. I wonder if this really could be a setup for the next "swine flu" scam.

On other notes

I am just going to go through a few things briefly -
Don´t sweat the NK "threats", nothing is going to happen there. SK is now scared about being nuked, and will do nothing. Since we all want Samsung TV sets and smart phones and tablets and Hyundai Sonatas, the U.S. is not going to do anything to cause the North to strike the south, and on top of that, NK is really not stupid and has no desire to become a sea of glass. This is just a bunch of bellicose blabbering, NK does have nukes and with that deterrent in place don´t expect to see much happen there. Anyway, that´s how I see it.
Sandy hook - An interesting thing we have overlooked is how Sandy Hook has been used for social engineering in schools. This video says it all so well, and is oddly being censored from Youtube search results at last check, even when it´s full title is used for the search which is something that always works. When you see what it says, it will leave no room to wonder why they dont want it coming up in search results, it is spot on. Here is the exact link, in case they block the above link from working, as usual, copy and paste it into a new tab if necessary:
A new way to prove cancer is either being caused or has been cured was put on Activist Post. I am going to look into this and see if it has any merit, but it sure looks tempting - just look at how many of the top zionist leaders and their Clintonesque or Bushite cronies have died of cancer, and compare that to the general population. That particular poster may have a point, because cancer is a common cause of death, and the only prominent political figures I have heard of dying from it are those who failed to cooperate with the greater powers.

Surprise! 250+ mpg car allowed to enter production

The specs on this thing actually tick me off, because they reveal a scam we all have to live with. This car weighs over 1,700 pounds, and though it can be plugged in, even without plugging it in, it gets 250 plus mpg and will do 98 mph. By that math, a Cadillac should get 100 mpg, RIGHT?
This car by Volkswagen has been around since at least 2007. They are stating it will have an enormous price tag, but originally it was a cheap design. This is only news because somehow it is entering production. It goes 98 mph and does zero to 60 in a respectable 12 seconds, which is much much faster than an empty semi could ever dream of doing. Though 12 seconds sounds slow, it really is not.
The marketing plan is obviously to price it out of reach so only the elite will be able to buy it anyway. My question in all of this is, if a car can get 250 plus mpg why is it that a Kawasaki Ninja EX250 motorcycle has trouble getting over 90 mpg, and IF a reasonably performing ninja can get 90 mpg, howcome a moped or scooter struggles to get 60 mpg? it is all a SCAM. There is no reason at all why something like a Cadillac can´t get over 80 mpg, other than intentional limits.
It is a fact that today´s cars are forced to burn dirty enough to heat up the catalytic converter, and send enough unburned fuel plus oxygen out the tail pipe to make sure the catalytic converter gets hot enough to be effective. Modification of cars, such as the chip for the Impala (a severe oversight on the part of G.M.) can force the ECM to run more efficiently and successfully chipped 4 door full size Impalas can easily break 50 MPG despite programmed inefficiencies, and STILL waste enough fuel to heat up the catalytic converter enough to pass emissions while doing so. And if you manage to make your car run efficiently enough to negate the converter, you won't pass emissions, because the testing system is designed to look for arbitrary exhaust component ratios that will show the car has been modified and fail you even if hydrocarbon emissions are passable.
I suggest simply getting rid of the converter, and using the amazing capabilities of computer control to keep emissions clean by making the engine run optimally. The Impala chip lays the scam bare, it is obvious our cars are rigged to be inefficient crap by design.
At any rate, because this thing has been around since at least 2007 it is obvious Volkswagen had to cut a deal to be allowed to produce this car, one which takes a cheap design and prices it far out of reach of average people to make GOOD AND SURE the entire thing remains a mystery to the greater population.
Looking at the design, it uses reliable but higher than average pressure tires and could be more efficient than it is, this is obviously a 250 plus mpg vehicle designed for everyday use with nothing truly exotic about it at all, nothing at all that requires special consideration or care the way a fully optimized design would. This is where bread and butter should take us by default.
March 6, 2013

People have asked what I think about Hugo Chavez


Since the news is what it is, I will simply tell you what I think, and why.
I have no doubt at all he was murdered by a not so new cancer inducing re-engineered bacteriophage virus technology, which uses re-engineered bacteriophages to modify living cells rather than attack bacteria. Bacteriophages are viruses which up until the Human Genome Project (which gave bioweapons experts the exact human genome sequences to re-program the phages with) only attacked bacteria. There are two different infection modes for bacteriophages, one which kills (lytic) and one in which the phage simply places it´s DNA inside a cell´s DNA (lysogenic) and then goes dormant. It is this type that I believe has been re-engineered to create cancer cells in people. A re-engineered phage obviously would not have the DNA payload for infecting a bacteria, instead it would be re programmed to attack (for example) bladder cells, and then insert custom made cancer DNA into those cells, to for example bump off Aaron Russo, and I believe our NWO resistant Chavez.(read that last one, it nails it quite well)
Unlike the viruses we are all familiar with, viruses which are versatile enough to cross the species barriers, bacteriophages look for exact molecular matches on the surface of the bacteria they infect, and therefore only attack one strain of one particular type of bacteria (all bacteria are susceptible, each with it´s custom phage). Due to this ability to be highly selective in what they attack, the good folks at Dimona, Israel, set out to re-engineer bacteriophages for the purpose of creating race specific bioweapons, with selectivity far beyond that of ordinary viruses. This would keep the Ashkenazi club safe, while the sephardics died around them (don´t kid yourself, the Ashkenazi don´t care much for the Sephardic Jews.) Sephardics do, in turn, hate non Jews though but in the context ofTHIS linked article, well, families do have favorites.
And of course, the entire race specific bioweapons program is being marketed as a way to get rid of Arabs. If you think that is where it will stop, THINK AGAIN. Hugo Chavez would be a much easier target.
Anyway, just read this report, and you will know what I think about what happened to Chavez, and don´t expect many details on this topic from a whole lot of sources, which in my case were handed to me by a doctorate of pharmacology who was totally flipped out about where they were taking bacteriophage technology, - in a direction where bacteriophages would become extremely selective bioweapons that could wipe out specific brain cells to alter behavior, attack specific groups of people while leaving others untouched, and modify our DNA in ways that would be passed from generation to generation. Compared to those three things cancer is childs play, if you don't think cancer can be given to people intentionally, think again.

It´s a little bit suspicious that people who stand against the elite one way or another die from cancer, die from heart attacks, die from suicide, die in plane crashes, or some other way. Getting a little bit obvious, DONT YA KNOW! And I used the Steve Jobs cancer reference, rather than hunt out someone else, because my computer went haywire when I searched for that, I WONDER WHY. Got it in 2004 eh? That was when Jobs was a pain in the behind for the powers that be.

March 5, 2013

A piece of history few people know about

It´s a safe bet that Russia only "fell" after sufficient communist control over America was gained. Though the following article does not approach from this angle, applying a little thought to what it does say might be enough to cause people to reach the conclusion that the upper echelons of Russia may be more comfortable with America on a political level than we have been led to believe.
Since the Soviet union was a Jewish creation, with those the Jews wanted in power being in power, and America, since the Bush family has been a total zionist stronghold, it's no wonder why High russian officials assisted the looting of the Russian treasures, and exported them to Los Angeles, where the gold was melted down and jewels dispersed. This article says the FBI stopped it all, but from what I have read in other articles, they stopped it only when the job was approximately 80 percent complete.
I chose to link This article, because it is so detailed but while reading this keep in mind that the damage to Russia was far more severe than this article may lead you to believe. I am mentioning this topic because it is very important to know how strong the communist influence is in America now, with the only real barrier to a total communist lock down here being the many good gun owners in America. If anything could ever tell you where the communists went, just follow the money trail, and see where the old world Communists at least tried to send their riches after their little game in Russia hit a road block. This does not bode well for America AT ALL.

The worlds's most accurate list of foods to avoid

I have seen a lot of lists, all at least partially nonsense. This list however is DEAD ON, especially the writer's attitude towards "health experts" who recommend soy which is in fact a poisonous plant, and rapeseed "canola oil", which is easily the worst oil anyone could ever consume.
Soy is in fact suitable for consumption only by pigs, and when growing up I lived on a farm for about a year, and was warned many times to never eat the soy beans even if they tasted good because though they won't kill you immediately they will cause long term health damage. I can only guess that the "elite", within their high minded inner circles - where they call the rest of mankind pigs and cattle, pushed the soy scam on the population to boost their ego. You are what you eat, don't make it pig food.
March 4, 2013

An interesting development

It has been confirmed that anyone who visits this site for the first time gets logged on a computer somewhere, which is then programmed to scan their computer, steal their e-mail details, and then send them scam e-mails that are highly damaging and discrediting to this site. And it does not matter if they sent an e-mail here or not, they still get the scam mails, discouraging them from ever visiting this site again. I knew there were dirty tactics in place to ruin this site, and this is one of them. Of particular interest is the Fukushima report, which triggers a shill computer to begin sending emails with links to shill pages specifically intended to discredit this site and the fukushima report, and some of these mails even pretend to be sent by this web site automatically and patch people through to crazy B.S. If you received such e-mails after visiting here, please forward them to me, so I can try to formulate a plan to stop this from happening. The holonet is real, and with regard to getting your info stolen, you can thank Microsoft for that one, there is simply no way other than a total system breach BY DEFAULT built into everyone´s computer to make such an assault possible.
Obviously, if such slander attempts are built into the fabric of the web, THIS particular site is an extremely important venue for truth.

Forum member Glitch reports seeing an armed predator drone in St Croix County Wisconsin

"A friend and I were outdoors in the greater MSP Wisconsin area, and a predator drone flew so low to us that we could clearly see it armed with missiles. I have not heard of any other such sightings yet."
My comment
Glitch has no history of posting B.S., and that gives weight to this report. On top of that, I am familiar with St. Croix county (msp area) and can state that if you wanted to play around with an armed drone, it would be a great place to do it. The population is relatively diffuse but there is excellent infrastructure and good ground accessiblilty to all areas.
I am not surprised by this report, Obama said he would do this. St Croix county is a place where you can get away with having a gun rack in the rear window of your pickup truck, with rifles and shotguns clearly visible to people behind you, while on top of that having the population be somewhat cosmopolitan. It is not redneck turf, yet guns are beyond accepted, they are a way of life. Everyone who is anyone has several.
Said gun racks are common accessories and though I never lived in St Croix county, I had my rear window adorned with guns myself. When you consider the fact that such gun racks are CULTURE in that area of the country, it is probably safe to assume that Obama would piss himself over the opportunity to start drone striking mud ducks and chedder heads. THAT would be a hard area to put down - a picture really is worth a thousand words.
A Predator armed with missiles. . . . . Hmmm. . . . . "Natural gas" . . . . . . .

An Australian politician speaks out against Agenda 21

Posted to the forum by Farganne
In case you don't know, Ann Bressington is a South Australian MP who gave this incredible speech exposing Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome: (if Youtube blocks that link, open a new tab, and drop this

I traded messages with Ann on Facebook today, and she is without a doubt the real deal. As her speech gains traction on the internet, the trolls are coming out in force. They have set up a page called the Ann Bressington Appreciation Society where they do nothing but trash her all day long. They have also posted porn to her profile and the profiles of her FB friends.
If you have a YouTube channel, please mirror the above video. If you have a blog, please post it. If you are on FB, please visit her page and leave a message of support.
Also, if you are really good at Facebooking, and know how to set up a support page, and make it grow, please send me a message.
How rare is it that an establishment politician stands up for us on something like Agenda 21? Ann's speech makes Ron Paul look like a half-assed doofus. She went straight for the jugular, no holds barred, and she is paying for it. Let's give her all the support we can.

This is well worth a read

"The FDA has taken a freely-available herbal product, sap of the dragon's blood tree, defined it as the drug Fulyzac, & handed it to Big Pharma. Nature's gift is being polluted. What you get after Big Pharma and & the FDA get their hands on it has lost much of its value and often been rendered into a poison, the very nature of a drug.
This happens all too often, and this article is one of the most to the point write ups I have ever seen on this topic

See a clearly at fault cop get rectal about it

Another LAPD gem. A motorcyclist had a dash cam running which clearly showed that the police officer who hit him from behind was at fault. The police officer accuses the motorcyclist of hitting his brakes for no reason, but if you watch the traffic in the dash cam you can clearly see a white car ahead of the motorcyclist motioning for a lane change to take the lane ahead of the motorcyclist, and that is why the motorcyclist hit the brakes. The fact that the cop was out of it and not paying attention was obviously irrelevant, it can NEVER be the fault of the police officer. Fortunately the motorcyclist did not tip over or get hurt. See some ridiculous police behavior here, and replay the video if you miss where the white car gave the motorcyclist a reason to brake.
if Youtube blocks the link, open a new tab and drop this in:
March 1 2013

Status update

A status update on what is happening with this web site
Since the Mexican Government bulletin regarding the following issue got the "hand grenades and dynamite" part edited out of it, I present the following, and must remind people to always make sure what they are linking is AS IT ORIGINALLY APPEARED, and not a revisionist hack job. I should have re-read it in full rather than skimmed it before linking it here. And now, I present the ORIGINAL press account of:

Army General and Head of the PGR Releases Two Israelis Arrested With Guns and Explosives Inside the Mexican Congress

All the details, including what got immediately scrubbed, are here.
LOS ANGELES (ACN) - In a mind-blowing development, Mexican Army General Rafael Marcial Macedo de la Concha who heads the Procuraduría General de la República (Mexican Department of Justice) has released the retired Israeli Defense Forces colonel and presumed MOSSAD agent Salvador Guersson Smecke and Israeli illegal immigrant Saur Ben Zvi after both had penetrated the security of the Mexican Congress and were in possession of guns, hand grenades and explosives.
This morning La Voz de Aztlan had a personal telephone interview with the Mexican Congressional Press Secretary, Lic. Adriana Lopez, and verified the arrest of the two Israelis after they had entered through the highly secured front entrance of the Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro. She stated to La Voz de Aztlan that the two terrorists had taken advantage of a situation that occurred around 1700 hours of Wednesday October 10 when a large contingent of Sugar Industry Unionists were entering through the metal detectors. The two Israelis followed about 50 of the unionists to the office of the President of the Mexican Congress Beatriz Paredes. The two Israelis were first pretending to be press photographers but called the attention of the sugar unionists because of their nervous and out of the ordinary behavior. About ten of the unionists confronted them and observed that they were carrying guns and and what looked to them to be explosives. They held the two Israelis until Official Congressional Security personnel took them into custody. The head of Congressional Security Salvador Alarcón verified that the Israelis had in their possession nine hand grenades, sticks of dynamite, detonators, wiring and two 9mm "Glock" automatics.
Mexican Congressional Press Secretary Lic. Adriana Lopez informed La Voz de Aztlan in the telephone interview that Congressional Security then turned the terrorists Salvador Guersson Smecke, age 34, and Saur Ben Zvi, age 27, to the Procuraduría General de la República (Mexican Department of Justice) which is headed by Mexican Army General Rafael Marcial Macedo de la Concha. Initial reports by the Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) were that both Israelis worked for a private security agency and that they both had gun permits. It turned out that there is no connection of either suspect to any private security agency. The PGR has released the retired Israeli I.D.F. colonel with the official explanation that he had a legal permit to carry a gun. They also released the illegal Israeli immigrant on about $4,000 bail and the case turned over to the Mexican immigration authorities. Mexican Congressional Press Secretary Lic. Adriana Lopez was surprised to hear from La Voz de Aztlan of the release of the two Israelis.
The Israeli Embassy used heavy handed measures to have the two Israelis released. Very high level emergency meetings took place between Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Jorge Gutman, General Macedo de la Concha and a top Ariel Sharon envoy who flew to Mexico City specially for that purpose. Elías Luf of the Israeli Embassy worked night and day and their official spokeswoman Hila Engelhart went into high gear after many hours of complete silence. What went on during those high level meetings no one knows, but many in Mexico are in disbelief at their release. Guns and any kind of explosive is highly illegal for Mexican citizens and the fact that these two Israelis had them inside the Mexican Congress makes their release highly suspect. What is really going on? Jorge Gutman, the Mexican Foreign Secretary, has strong Zionist connections and himself is of Jewish descent. Mexican Army General Macedo de la Concha has strong connections to the U.S. Military Industrial-Complex and through this to the Israeli Defense Forces. Have any of these connections influenced the decision to release the two Zionist terrorists?
The initial arrests of the two Israelis inside the Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro made top news on Mexico City television and radio on the evening of October 10. TV Azteca had extensive coverage on the first night and on the following day. La Cronica de Hoy and El Universal both covered the incident the following two days but now it seems that there is a lack of reports.
What were the Israelis up to? We think we know. The Vicente Fox government has been very careful of involving Mexico in a war against Islam. The Mexican population as well as the two major opposition political parties, the PRI and the PRD will not allow it. President Bush and the U.S. Zionists want Mexico fully involved in the war principally because if things get tough in the middle east and the oil rich Arabs leave the coalition, the U.S. military machine is going to need alternative sources of oil and PEMEX is just across the border. We believe that the two Zionists terrorist were going to blow up the Mexican Congress. The second phase was to mobilize both the Mexican and US press to blame Osama bin Laden. Most likely then Mexico would declare war on Afghanistan as well, commit troops and all the oil it could spare to combat Islamic terrorism.

Proof that the war in Syria is staged and phony

There are no rebels in Syria. To be a rebel, you have to be acting against a power that did you wrong. This is not what is happening in Syria. Militants are being recruited from around the middle east to go to Syria and fight for pay, in service of an outsider who wants Assad overthrown to clear the way for who knows what. The man in this video is from Tunisia, and he quickly saw through the lies and went back to Tunisia within a month, where he spoke to the press and the truth got aired.
Though he is not seeing the whole picture, one which includes the trail back to the CIA and the Rothchilds, he at least saw enough to know that it was all phony. Included in this video is his testimony that it was his own group that staged the massacres, and not Assad´s army. and as usual, if the link does not work, open a new tab and paste this in:

. . . . .

An interesting outgoing e-mail

I will just title this "how to speed up an old computer"
I hope turning off updates solves things, seriously, that totally slays many computers and causes them to thrash endlessly as they waste bandwidth and run like crap. The problem is that all the programmers think their often 50 megabyte or more updates are important, and don´t realize while they surf the web with their octo core opterons and gigabit connections that there is such a thing as a single core computer on a connection that is not ideal.
Typically, with any computer over 5 years old, updates will totally trash it while coming in, and many software vendors update daily. Yet if you turn off updates, you probably will never notice anything is in need of an update for the entire life of a computer. Updates SUCK. Update ONLY when something does not work, the rest is just a nuisance.
If you know about MSconfig, go into it and click the services tab, and disable all check boxes that say anything about updates. Also, disable windows update because I see that as a back door, believe me, you do not want a custom microsoft tweak to come in. Also, this may seem odd, but if disabling updates is not enough, just use windows firewall and get rid of any virus scanning software like Norton or McCaffee. The only good paid for scanner I have seen is made by Trend Micro, and it is marketed as PcCillin. That one works and is not so damn resource intensive and invasive. I just hate Norton. They used to be great, now they are nothing but a nuisance. I surf with no virus protection at all because Norton and McCaffee write for the fed, and actually decrease your security against snoops, and viruses come from dirty web sites and also from having outlook auto open mails. If you keep your mail web based, and do not have a program automatically open them all, and then avoid opening attachments in mails, and then avoid bad web sites, you wont get viruses. The gain in system performance is well worth removing Norton or McCaffee and skipping email attachments which in my case are all too often aggressive.
Of course personal taste and whether or not you keep backups of everything plays into this. I have never had a virus hit any of my computers simply because I know how to avoid them, all my problems are from hacks that would happen even with virus protection installed. If you are unfamiliar with anything I said here, keep your virus protection. However, I see Norton and McCaffee as BEING viruses themselves, in most cases they will reduce system performance by well over 50 percent. Trend Micro´s PcCillin is approximately a 10 percent hit and has not been noticeable on systems I have put it on, and has been completely effective as well. There are also some really good free downloadable virus protection programs on the web which operate similar to PCcillin and do not steal all your resources.
Feb 28, 2013

Keep an eye on Greece

Greece may end up being a prime test case for what happens when people addicted to antidepressantssuddenly cannot get them.

New "superbug" likely to be a media ploy

This superbug, which is making the internet rounds is all just a bunch of smoke. There are numerous things wrong with this story.
First of all, the disease has too many forms to be credible, all this means is that improperly administered antibiotics are creating numerous resistant disease strains, and bacterial resistance to antibiotics is old old news, and I mean OLD.(check out the date of that linked report - it is probably older than you are.)
At any rate, with no death statistics reported in any of the online flurry over this, call it bogus and rest easy, that is, unless it spawns any sort of official response or forced medications. Even if this did take off, there are no bacteria that can handle a shot of Colloidal silver (though because it works, the medical community has severely hammered it´s reputation and the Fed lied as usual about it.) Don´t expect a real cure to be offered as any sort of a solution to any medical problem when that cure can be made by people for a few cents a dose in the age of the MANDATORY $20,000 health care plan.

Taxation WITHOUT representation

time to re run an old gem
I have a favorite cadillac, it’s the 1998 Northstar, the maxed out version. I saw one in a parking lot in DC, and after noticing the plate I had to get a picture. The owner stepped out and asked why I took a picture of his car, and I said it’s my favorite Cadillac, and he smiled. I asked him if his plate was normal, and he said yes, that’s a normal Washington DC plate. I then started looking at all the cars and realized they all said that.
…THIS is the exact reason for the revolutionary war – where England was taxing the American colonies, without representing them.
This is a telling sign – Washington DC knows it does not represent the American people, it represents a corporation that has re-named America to the United States of America, which is indeed a corporation and not a government. The proper name for the union is the United States. Once “Of America” is added, it’s a corporate statement. I don’t have time to go into details on this, but the best source of information with regard to the corporate takeover of America is HERE: It´s not the
Wayne Barbuto has written a brilliant book which outlines the hostile takeover of America, the courts, and the constitution. It’s not free, but well worth the price. I don’t pitch people on this site, but I simply do not know of a better resource than what Wayne has provided, and if he needs to charge for it, well, that is that.
It’s a fact that the District of Columbia is NOT American territory and not part of any state, it is a parcel of land set aside for the implementation of the criminal enslavement of the American people, and that statement on the license plate – “taxation without representation” stands as a testimony to this fact.

Meteor, or Chinese spy satellite?

With the meteor over russia being real (though 50 percent of Russians think it was something else) and the fact that it happened during a close approach of an asteroid, it is easy to think that everything in the sky is somehow associated with the recent near miss asteroid. However, In the case of this sighting over Louisiana, it was a chinese rocket.
I have a comment about that rocket however, and that is that the trajectory the Chinese put it on suggests strongly that it was the launch of a Chinese spy satellite, which is why it was on a polar rather than equatorial orbit. The odd trajectory contributed significantly to it´s originally being attributed to the asteroid. If Youtube blocks the link, open a new tab, and use this:

Check point resistance

This is a compilation of checkpoint resistance videos. There is probably some new stuff you have not seen here, and it ought to give you a few chuckles. Youtube has gotten nastier with this site, and now not only refuses embeds, but it blocks direct links as well. To circumvent this when it happens, open a new tab, and paste this link and it is my guess that the added complexity involved in messing with that approach will probably make it a permanent solution.
- - - -

Frontrunner of the Don´t hate, don´t descriminate "just say no to violence campaign" Israel once again proves it is a beacon of racial tolerance and human rights

This is WAY too much truth to pass over, especially when placed immediately before a "Zionist Bill Gates abandons vaccine damaged children" article. Get this! Israel clandestinely sterilized Ethiopian immigrant women via tainted shots, just to keep their numbers down in Israel. HOW TOLERANT IS THIS?
- - - -

Bill Gates is up against severe backlash for his vaccine campaigns in the third world

"It appears that Mr. Gates will go to any lengths to vaccinate the world, even if the world makes it very clear that they do not want his vaccines. Rather than vaccinating more children, if he was such a humanitarian, why has he allowed vulnerable, sick children to be dumped in the middle of nowhere to die? Surely the world would applaud him far more loudly if he spent his millions making sure that any vaccine casualties were sufficiently cared for.
Whether Gates believes he is doing ‘God’s work’ or not, dumping severely vaccine damaged children in a remote village in Africa without a doctor on site is almost certainly not God’s work and this is exactly what Gates has allowed to happen to the children adversely affected by the MenAfriVac Meningitis A vaccine.
Over the last few months I have written four articles covering recent events in Chad, Northern Africa, where 106 children became ill after receiving the meningitis vaccine, 40 of which were left paralyzed and suffering from convulsions."

Remember - All zionists believe that "god´s work" involves gaining superiority over mankind in any way possible, even ways which destroy us.
Here is an interesting comment left in response to the linked article -
"Gates and his sick fantasy of murdering billions by way of vaccinations is frightening to say the least. Nothing worse than a rich untouchable mass murderer." Unfortunately, that comment has more than just a thread of truth.
Feb 26 2013

Resurgent Russia returning to police state status

If you think Russia is a non issue these days, think again. Russia has better nukes than we do, will stand it´s ground and defend its interests, and does not appear interested in playing ball with regard to Iran. The recent Russian statements implying a will to go nuclear in any conflict may not just be smoke.
Russia is returning to centralization and a soviet style control system.
This article by starts out confusing, but read into it - it really discusses the Russian issue very well.Russia is one of two things, depending upon how you view things - a stabilizer and asset, or an obstacle and a hazard. If this trend towards centralization and control continues in Russia I would say that their excellent nuclear arsenal is probably a lot more of a threat than we all think. I can't say I am sad about what this article states, this resurgent sovietization makes Russia considerably more dangerous. SOMEONE has to put the brakes on the war machine and a re soveitized Russia just might be enough. I don't think New York and London Jewry wants to have their matzo balls heated by anything other than the kitchen stove. Iran may get to live after all.

Conan Obrien clearly shows the media is 100 percent controlled

There is a reason why Conan has had a few bumps in his career, and this particular hit piece against the media is one of them. It is important to realize what is going on while watching this - Conan proved with this video clip that even at the local level, it does not matter if the affilliate is CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, whatever, they are ALL under the same controller reading exactly the same script. Think we have a decentralized media? This may make you give that a second thought.
Youtube got a step nastier in their censorship of this web site. If the link above does not work, open a new tab and paste this in: It´s well worth the watch.

FIVE nuclear aircraft carriers in SAME harbor at SAME time is perfect setup for Stuxnet / control system virus installation

I am sure everyone will breathe easy when these five aircraft carriers leave the harbor, apparently unharmed. But I have a different take on this. They are in that harbor for a "routine inspection", one which will no doubt include having inspectors gain access to the nuclear reactor rooms. And if it is the same team of inspectors going through all of them, WATCH OUT.
Not only is having FIVE carriers in the same location unprecedented, not only is it STUPID, it is, in addition to those two things a perfect setup for having ONE team of people sabotage all five. Why would Obama do this, - The same Obama that refused to allow the Marines to march in front of him not only without ammo, but also with weapons rendered incapable of shooting? I have a pretty good guess, and it is not one that I would want to sleep on.Something is fishy here, COUNT ON IT.

Oregon Democrats introduce horrendous gun ban bill

In typical two faced fashion, Oregon democrats - Representatives BAILEY, BUCKLEY, DEMBROW, FREDERICK, READ, REARDON, TOMEI, Senators , DINGFELDER, HASS, MONNES- ANDERSON, MONROE, SHIELDS, STEINER- HAYWARD introduced a massive gun ban bill which would allow inspections of homes and allow ownership of only ONE gun, while banning a majority of modern firearms on spurious random grounds. Full contact list with phone numbers is included in this article.

Indefinite detention is an old topic, but this is well worth a read

Gun and ammo shortages are in fact because manufacturers are maxed out

Though it may be difficult to get the guns and ammo you want now, it does not appear to be anything clandestine, it´s just that Obama is such a good salesman. The truth is that Americans are preparing for war.

Blowing a hole in the "herd immunity" myth

In this brilliant article by the Home Economist, the true effective vaccination rates are stated, and clearly show that a majority of childhood vaccines are totally useless two to five years after being administered. It goes farther and shows that in fact virtually all adults go through life totally unprotected by vaccines simply because their effects do not persist as long as stated.
The real truth behind lower disease rates is that cleaner foods, higher living standards, and an awareness of how diseases spread is the reason why we do not have the plagues of the past. But this does not prevent the fear mongering "get vaccinated or else" crowd from applying immense pressure on people to vaccinate, and if you have been placed under such pressure by brainwashed parents who do not want your kids among their kids if you do not vaccinate them, this article will give you plenty of ammo to fight back with.

Scorpion fun.

I got stung by a notably deadly scorpion
And now that I am fully recovered I will state it. I am perfectly fine now. It was a two inch long red one with small pinchers and a triangle shaped body, and according to a Mexican friend it was one of the nasty ones. I got stung on the left hand, and waited for symptoms to develop. It hurt like crazy and my arm started twitching. But I am really healthy and figured I would probably be ok. I decided to wait to see if the twitching spread to the rest of my body and it did not, so I just went to bed. My hand was numb for a couple days and now I am fine. This scorpion species stings with a neurotoxin, and it was obvious from the electrical zapping feelings and nerve malfunctions in my left arm. But I am completely back to normal now.

This is really good

A British man went to court to fight a cable theft charge, and did so on the grounds of not providing support to a terrorist organization. He presented a very clear cut case of the BBC aiding and abetting terrorism, and of the BBC itself being a terrorist organization because they knew building 7 was going to collapse 20 minutes before it did.
The judge even admitted the man presented a compelling case, but that due to the nature of that particular court he could not issue a judgement against the BBC. I guess the real news here is that the Daily Mail picked up the subject, and actually did a truthful representation of what happened, thereby validating the fact that the BBC really did have foreknowledge of and therefore supported the 911 attacks
Feb 22,2013

The real threat to our future is the Bacteriophage


I know a few medical professionals who are really spooked by genetically engineered phages, and in fact this is an old topic of mine.

An alarming development regarding the topic of viral phages has occurred

To provide a background on this, I have a really close friend who is a doctorate of pharmacology and an expert in the related microbiology fields. While having lengthy discussions about the future of weaponized medicine, this friend went on and on about how bacteriophages were being re engineered to attack our brain cells rather than their normal host - bacteria, implant DNA directly into our cells to change us immediately and forever change future generations by delivering a DNA payload to the egg cells in the ovaries and also to the male reproductive system. This would have a permanent impact on the future of mankind. Once this type of phage was received via a vaccination, those vaccinated would have the vaccine induced traits passed along via DNA insertion by the phage to all future generations.

Though phages (which are viruses that attack bacteria,) of various types have been around virtually forever, they have thus far been harmless to anything other than bacteria, and are even highly selective in the exact type and species of bacteria they will attack.
When discussing this topic, I raised the question WHY were they modifying phages instead of common viruses that have a history of attacking people. One answer is in the fact that phages, more so than ordinary viruses which can cross the species divide, are highly selective in their targets and are programmed to only attack precisely what they were designed to - a bacteriophage will prefer only one variant of a particular type of bacteria. For example, there are many different types of salmonella bacteria, and among salmonella bacteria, a particular phage will attack only one variant while leaving other variants of salmonella alone. In the brain, not all neurons are identical, but all are similar so when administered via an intentionally tainted vaccine, the high selectivity of a modified bacteriophage can be used to target precisely the type of neuron a sabotaged vaccine would be intended to wipe out.
Another reason why bacteriophages were chosen as prime candidates for brain and DNA modification is the fact that they are not designed to attack people to begin with, so if any make it into the wild, re infection of people who never received the tainted vaccine would be impossible - a phage would not be likely to make it through the lungs or skin and into the blood stream simply because it was never designed to breach those biological barriers. But a needle, injecting it directly into the blood stream would bypass those barriers. So the elite, who would either want us emotionally numbed, dumbed down, or genetically altered would have little to fear while being amongst their victims, even as the disease raged inside them.
There are two modes of action phages operate with, one is the active assault, and one is a dormant mode. The active assault type of phage, called a lytic phage would be used for immediate personality modification of individuals, and the lysogenic type, which simply invades and makes changes to DNA while leaving whatever it is attacking alive, would be used for genetic modification of people, modifications that would span generations and be permanent.

And now onto this spooky robot like six legged fully hexagonal T4 phage that now totally dominates the web - I would like to know why the people who are pulling this tainted vaccine scam off on the people have somehow made this particular variant so dominant in the public spectrum. I was corrected yesterday, and as it turns out the six legged hexagonal phage is nothing new. So let me ask WHY is this thing almost completely dominant online, when MANY different types of phages exist?

Let me take a WILD EYED GUESS. It´s a matter of national pride. A form of cult like religious orgasm. All phages depicted now not only have six legs, but they also have a star of david body. This is NOT NATURAL, BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, AND DOWN RIGHT DANGEROUS. You know what the future holds now? It is something FAR MORE SPOOKY than any micro drone - it is the brain eating phage, specifically engineered to eat your emotional neurons and render you incapable of free will. I have been told it is being developed as a vaccine additive to be administered under strict controls and not be something that can survive outside the body, because that certain six pointed group of individuals has the same genetics as the rest of us, so they have no doubt made it certain that their own weapon cannot leap out of the wild and haunt them.
Tainted Nightmare needs an update, because it only speaks about vaccine adjuvants. This entire phage thing is something new, four years advanced beyond that article. I suggest you take Alex with a grain of salt and watch this video, it really is dead on.
I suggest everyone save a copy of the photo to the left of a different type of natural phage, because through expungement of history "they" no doubt want to drool in a religious stupor over how their little hexagonal leg patterns and star of david phage bodies wreak havoc on the rest of mankind. And on that note, I may have stated above that the reason for re engineering a phage to do the job rather than a known infectious virus would be to make good and sure it could not spread to other people in the wild, but I can´t help but imagine that such a profoundly Jewish looking micro organism would not be selected simply for its appearances. That stupid phage has six points on the body when viewed from above, six points on the body when viewed from the side, and six legs. PERFECT, DON´T YA KNOW!
. . . . . But I am sure it is just coincidence . . . . . ..


I have a pretty good idea why, and the following discusses it.

Doctors say "it´s like your brain is on fire"

"PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s a mysterious, newly discovered disease that strikes mainly young women, and it’s often misdiagnosed. Doctors who discovered it, here in Philadelphia, say it’s like your brain is on fire.
It starts with personality changes, and then young women lay dazed, restrained in hospital beds, acting possessed and then become catatonic. They’d been so normal, when suddenly their lives went haywire.
“One minute I’d be sobbing, crying hysterically, and the next minute I’d be laughing, said Susannah Cahalan, of New Jersey.
My comment:
Personality changes? That is EXACTLY what will happen if your emotional centers, which largely control personality, get attacked. And HOW can doctors just blatantly state that "it´s like your brain is on fire" if they were not in on the program and had no insight into what was going on? Furthermore, IT STRIKES MAINLY YOUNG WOMEN, THE GROUP THAT WOULD GET THE GARDASIL VACCINE. They state later in this rag article that "It´s an autoimmune response, where the immune system is attacking the brain" but oh so responsibly omit the fact that it is blatantly obviously caused by vaccines administered to a controlled group, and that vaccines are responsible for virtually ALL auto immune disorders.
The fact that this is a controlled administration of an illness is proven by the fact that it is so selective to "young women", not middle aged women, teenagers, boys, children, men or anything else, just YOUNG WOMEN. YOUNG WOMEN GET THE GARDASIL VACCINE FREQUENTLY, WHICH IS VIRTUALLY BEYOND QUESTION, JUST BY WHO IS IMPACTED BY THIS ILLNESS, THE MEDIUM THAT CAUSED THIS "DISEASE" IN PHILADELPHIA.Philadelphia no doubt got a custom batch.
Further deepening the pile of B.S. in the CBS report is the fact that the doctors called it an auto immune disorder at all. There is no way they could know that for certain, unless they knew there was a trial vaccination campaign happening locally to Philadelphia, and they assumed it was auto immune. My guess? My guess is this little six legged monster was being tested in a trial run, with a controlled group of the elite´s primary target - young women, to see how well it destroyed them. No doubt any woman who got these vaccines has it in her medical record, and they will use that record to see if "after complete recovery" from this illness she becomes the perfect wage slave they want her to be. They will no doubt track EVERYTHING she does, from the number of abortions to how many days her children spend in daycare, and how well she follows the programming inserted into her life via various media control mechanisms. Obamacare will be PERFECT for that.
“I was very paranoid and manic. There was something wrong. I thought trucks were following me,” said Emily Gavigan, of Pennsylvania.
And it got worse for Emily Gavigan, who was a sophomore at the University of Scranton. Hospitalized, and out of it, she couldn’t control her arm movements. Then there were seizures, and she needed a ventilator. Her parents were watching their only child slip away.
“It was life and death for weeks,” said Grace Gavigan, Emily’s mom.
“We were losing her. This is something that I couldn’t control,” said Bill Gavigan, Emily’s dad.
Doctors also couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Susannah.
“I had bizarre abnormal movements, would leave my arms out extended, you know, in front of me. I was a relatively normal person, then the next minute I’m hallucinating and insisting that my father had kidnapped me,” said Susannah.
Turns out, Susannah and Emily weren’t mentally ill. They both had an auto immune disease called Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, when antibodies attack the brain, causing swelling.
My comment Cool name for it - "Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis" and let me quickly explain what that means.NMDA receptor encephalytis means swelling of NMDA receiving axons in the brain. Anti is spurious. It gives absolutely no indication of AUTOIMMUNE, that is B.S. The bottom line, from that terminology, is that something caused swelling of the nmda receptor sites.

And now I got my weapon, to clear the BS with

Those doctors know exactly what caused this. Wanna know why? Because they said the NMDA receptors swelled up, and there is NO WAY YOU CAN KNOW THAT, UNLESS YOU DO BRAIN SURGERY AND REMOVE SOME OF THOSE RECEPTORS TO PUT THEM ON A MICROSCOPE SLIDE AND CONFIRM THEY ARE INDEED SWOLLEN. Those doctors KNEW this was a test, and that it would CAUSE those receptors to swell up. They KNEW THERE WAS A BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT GOING ON, AND THEY WERE THE OBSERVERS, ABSENT A BRAIN BIOPSY THERE IS NO OTHER WAY FOR THEM TO SAY WHAT THEY DID, OTHER THAN FOREKNOWLEDGE OF WHAT WAS REALLY GOING ON. No biopsies were ever spoken of. Conveniently, the probable death part of those receptors was left out.

Anything regarding "doctors could not figure out BLAH" is smoke and mirrors, if they spat an answer too quickly someone might ask how they knew. And the fact that this subsided after a few weeks proves that it was NOT any sort of autoimmune malfunction as this article states, because autoimmune disorders do not go away in a few weeks. Something other than auto immune caused this. I believe this was a GM bacteriophage virus test, where the virus phages went in, did their job, and when complete those receptor sites were not transmitting random trash anymore because they were DEAD. END of symptoms. Dead is SILENT.
The fact that such obvious fallacious statements from the doctors made it into this CBS report without getting caught proves that CBS is not qualified to cover topics of this nature. Autoimmune disorders clearing up in a few weeks? YEAH RIGHT.
Susannah says this is how doctors explained it to her parents, “He told them her brain is on fire. He used those words: ‘Her brain is on fire.’

If you did not watch this Alex video, I strongly suggest you do, it really is dead on.

You can see the original article here, the one released before everyone parroted it. However, this CBS news site runs like garbage.

Proof this web site is a potent trend setter

This web site gets watched by the elite very closely, and when I cover a topic all too often something appears somewhere else in the alternative media to defuse it, or take away it´s potency.
This happened to the phage report, which speaks about how bacteriophages are being re-engineered to attack our brains and modify our DNA because unlike the usual viruses that attack us, bacteriphages are extremely selective in what they will attack and can be used for precision strikes against the concience, and to precisely modify DNA in our reproductive organs. In response to this, a puff piece about how great phages are was posted on NaturalNews two days after I released this report.
Coincidence? I think not. When have you ever even heard of a phage before I mentioned it here, or before reading this natural news puff piece which seems intended to counter what I said above? The re-engineered bacteriophage, re designed to do precision attacks against cells in our bodies, has become the preferred method of destroying our children and our genetic futures via tainted vaccines. This is the heart of autism. Mercury is not enough to do THAT MUCH damage to the children.

Drones like these were spoken of over a decade ago

Drones this small, which will be designed to carry out the type of missions depicted, have actually been under development and discussion for at least 15 years. But this is worth looking at anyway
I´d say this mosquito, which appears to be real, is the actual state of technology now.

Iranian style "banker bailout" exactly what America needed

It seems that nowadays every nation is doing a banker bailout in one form or another. Iran had a unique way of dealing with their banker issue, one which follows common sense and was a genuine reach for a real solution to the banker problem. Don´t expect them to make any friends by handling said problem in such an appropriate manner.

"No More Hesitation" targets getting attention now

This is posted all over the web now, but I have a few comments about this of my own -
What would happen in Russia if the police trained with such targets? What would have happened in the 1970´s if America discovered Russian police with this type of target? What do you think the world thinks of America regarding police brutality now that this is plastered all over the web? There are certain things that mark the end of a nation, and targets such as these certainly fit the bill. What are they thinking with this? Do these targets go hand in hand with the 2 billion rounds now purchased by the DHS? What nation on earth has ever had anything like this before?
If you ever wondered where America is going now, this ought to tell you. What about an aware mother wanting to avoid getting her child "vaccinated"? And what about so-called "regimes" like Saudi Arabia? What would our media say if their police trained with targets like these? If America ever needed a wake up call, this is it, and remember this in the future when they come for you. In response to these preposterous targets, I would like to offer one of my own, to help thinking Americans combat the police state. It will be posted here later.
Shoot first, ask questions later, "NO MORE HESITATION" says it all, STORM TROOPERS DO NOT HESITATE, DO NOT THINK, THEY ARE KILLING MACHINES and that is EXACTLY what these targets are intended to produce. There is simply no way to avoid that conclusion.
Keep in mind that though these targets show people with guns, the police are programmed to view anything from a can of beans to a broom handle as a deadly weapon equal to a gun. Any "weapon" AT ALL is justification in their minds to shoot you.

No surprise, Amish children have few allergies

Since allergies are usually caused by vaccine adjuvants, it is no wonder why the Amish, who do not vaccinate their children, have very few allergy problems. This report covers the topic nicely. And since I am on this topic, how about a little insight into GMO, which is something that is related?

When given a choice, EVEN PIGS will not eat GMO

Pigs are eating machines. Any pig farmer knows that it is not a good idea to fall down in a pig pen, because even with domesticated pigs, doing so can get you eaten alive. Pigs are an ideal way to dispose of a corpse, and if they do leave any part of a body behind it will be the teeth, the pigs will eat bones and all.
Pigs will root around in their own crap looking for undigested morsels to re chew and eat, and also look for fungus growing in their own crap to eat as well. YET THEY WILL NOT EAT GMO. Interesting indeed.

BEWARE THE WAG - Socal shooting spree is hitting keywords that spell B.S.

Let's decipher this article
"TUSTIN, Calif. (AP) — A chaotic 25-minute shooting spree through Orange County early Tuesday left a trail of dead and injured victims before the shooter stopped and killed himself, police said."
Ok, First sentence hits a no brainer - the shooter "killed himself". How convenient. No trial, where people can come forward to call B.S., and why is it that all these shooters "kill themselves" anyway? Gosh, we would have NEVER had a wild west if all the killers shot themselves before the next heist. How convenient.
"The shootings started with an apparent carjacking"
Hmm, so someone jacks a car, and rather than steal the seats and turbocharger as usual, he decides to have a little shooting spree fun. Interesting twist.
"There were at least six crime scenes, Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino told KNBC-TV."
SIX CRIME SCENES, ALL ORIGINATING WITH THIS STUPID CARJACKING. Folks, if you ever see the number SIX get used in an article, it is highly probable that it is pure disinfo, and in this case ABSOLUTE PROOF that this is nothing but a TOTAL WAG THE DOG. Mass shooting spree starting at 5 AM? YEAH RIGHT. How do you find victims for your shootings at 5AM, when the early risers are brushing their teeth, TIMES SIX?

DEAR GOD: All I wanted was a turbocharger, and when I discovered the car I jacked did not have one, I SHOT MYSELF.

This is spooky, but I think they can do better.

This is real interesting, a small step from full dexterity.

It can be assumed from this, which they are allowing us to see, that this technology is much more advanced than this. In 1994 Sony demonstrated a game controller at Comdex in Las Vegas which used your brain waves to control your character in a video game. The scientists do at least say here that they won't need any brain implants to do the final version, which is how the Sony game controller worked. Obviously the game controller never materialized in the market and was instead thrown into the black ops black hole.

Reports like this got PressTV banned.

Chinese invasion


Jim Stone, 2/18/2013
I recently met a Mexican woman who is completely aware of the Rothchild banking scam, nuclear sabotage on 3/11, the antidepressant conspiracy, and many other major issues. It is unusual to find anyone as aware as she is, and with regard to issues in Mexico, she happened to be a gold mine of information.
She is extremely concerned about a new Chinese presense in Mexico called Dragon Mart. Dragon mart is a massive economic center recently established 13 kilometers outside of Cancun. It will be the largest center for Chinese trade outside of China anywhere in the world, dwarfing the next largest center which is located in Dubai by a factor of more than two. It will sell everything from medical equipment to agricultural machinery. Obviously things like food, electronics and computer hardware will be mainstays there but the list even includes construction materials and Jewelry. The only things that will not be sold are clothes, shoes and toys, due to local pressures from those who could afford to fight, but what about the poor Mexicans producing traditional goods?
The Chinese know no bounds in what they will produce and according to this woman, China has rendered many aboriginal mexicans unable to support themselves through traditional means because China even makes cheap knock offs of traditional Mexican products. These products are imported and then get sold to tourists at high markup while leaving the local producers with no income stream. If China can out do local Mexicans at their own game, Mexicans who are themselves low income, what on earth are the work conditions like in China?
If you are concerned about America selling off it's national treasures, such as the Escalante Staircase to China for the purpose of securing debt, you ought to know what is going on in Mexico. Mexico has long been rumored to be a major front for a hostile Chinese invasion from the south, with many Chinese troops rumored to be there.Heck, there may be many up in Canada as well, waiting for who knows what.
I find it interesting that not a peep about this is being spoken in the American press; Mexicans are very upset about this and see it as yet another example of the super rich cashing in livelihoods of average people simply to get even richer. I am not a communist, and though I am sympathetic toward the Mexican people over this, feel that the problem could be a lot bigger than the rich getting richer. It may simply be a way to provide cover while a Chinese military presense becomes firmly rooted to the south. After all,

everything going to this "Dragon Mart" will be routed through the Port of Manzanillo, and if the list involves agricultural equipment, automobiles and trucks, and the supply stream is 100 percent Chinese, military equipment would be fairly easy to get into the country and container shipped anywhere once in. Dragon Mart would provide an excellent front for military imports, especially since there are many ways to divert cargo between Manzanillo and Cancun. Why place this so far from the port city?

Pemex blast came after NO, and is not the first!

Want a good Banker / elite conspiracy? Anyone who knows what is going on in this world knows that there are two areas where the "elite" do not play games - Money and energy. And according to my source in Mexico, the recent Pemex blast which was attributed to "natural gas", a blast which totally gutted Pemex corporate headquarters, came TWO DAYS after Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto told the globalists that Pemex WOULD NOT be sold to them.
Pemex is a fully state run business, and an anchor of finance for the Mexican government. Better that than an income tax I say, and since the elite love to make wealth from nothing and then enslave you to it via interest, Mexico is definitely in the sights for holding on to Pemex which provides the government a way to support itself without nailing the Mexican people with an income tax. Real government finance based in real wealth rather than smoke and mirrors. Yep, Better watch out for "Al Quaida" in Mexico now.

Here is a really interesting mail regarding Dorner

Last night I was watching a video on Randal Quan. It was removed from youtube while I was watching it or I would share it here.
Basically they were accusing Quan of setting up a hit on his daughters black fiance that went wrong and killed his daughter too. Quote:A former Cal Poly Pomona police chief is suing the school and the Cal State University system, claiming he was fired because he refused to hire an unqualified black woman to be his second in command.
Randal Quan alleges that university officials pressured him to hire the woman as his lieutenant in the name of diversity, despite his protests that doing so would jeopardize campus safety.
Quan was abruptly fired April 8, about six months after starting the $107,000 per year job, sparking protests at the campus.
After the hit he would need someone to take the fall. Who did Quan know that had beef? Another black man?
The theory went something like Quan (or somebody from tha LAPD) contacted Dorner at his home in Vegas and told him he could get his job back/ clear his name. He just needed to get back to LA, pick up some scuba tanks (he was a harbor cop), check into a hotel and conduct some sort of off the books OP for the LAPD then they would let bygones be bygones. I think you guys can fill in the blanks from there. Quote:And Monica Quan's father told investigators that someone identifying himself as Dorner called him Thursday and told him he "should have done a better job of protecting his daughter," the federal affidavit states. Investigators traced the call to Vancouver, Washington, but based on the timing of other sightings, they don't believe Dorner was in Vancouver at the time, the affidavit states. “There are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

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