Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The TRAITORS of the United Kingdom!  Now we've got the NAILING of the NAZIS in America UP (see here) it's time to get SERIOUS about DEALING WITH THE NAZIS WAR CRIMINALS in the UNITED KINGDOM.  It's Time!  Let's ROLL!

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SUBVERSION: Known UK Traitors 

"Published on Feb 16, 2013

It is reasonably well known that Tony Blair cannot visit every nation around the world. Blair has been found guilty of war crimes, his central part in the killing of a million people...amongst his other crimes. Thatcher is hated by the majority of British people for causing more destruction to British society than Hitler, there is a list here of many criminals...for my mind there are many more...there is no mention of a Evelyn de Rothschild, one of the worlds most repellent evil criminals!!! The UK has a hotbed of morally corrupt elements in the establishment that must be outed, exposed and removed. Please share this clip and raise awareness...put the unity back into our community...we have all been divided for too more divide and rule....PEACE 4 ALL
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Published on 14 Feb 2013


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It's Time, Let's ROLL!

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Dare YOU personally answer the CALL?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
#GLOBAL Call For Peace Officers (We Are The Many)

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Humanity Arising #Ascension2013 #TRUTH
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