Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Just in. If you think either of the two current CRIMINAL parties in the USA are going to save YOU from GENOCIDE, you're an IDIOT!  Only one thing is going to save America, PLURALITY at the ballot box, PAPER ballots and YOU losing YOUR mind control that you *must* vote for one of the two existing parties, the MIND CONTROL that YOU MUST VOTE FOR YOUR OWN GENOCIDE.  Go Thomas James Ford!  GO GO GO AMERICA!

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"Kansas Governor in 2014 is Thomas James Ford

Kansas needs to

be united, that will never occur with current governor Sam Brownback. He has shown his true colors, he does not represent the people of Kansas that I know. Whom does he represent? It is clear that his agenda is based on lies and greed. He is for change that we must not allow. I am driven and determined to defeat him!

I need all of you help dear fellow kansans. I was born to race, not in a race car but to take to the power back and away from deceiver’s. The crooks and liars posing as a people who represent each & everyone on you in this great state in the Republic!

Current governor Brownback is destroying what we have all worked very hard to accomplish. This man is dangerous, he has separated himself from the common man and woman. He must be stopped, I will never rest until he is out of office, so he can no longer harm the people he claims to be representing!

My convictions are unbreakable, my convictions are with our creator, and no man can break this bond! Do not get distracted from lies & propaganda I have NOTHING to hide. I am an open book ask me anything. You will receive only the TRUTH from me, the most intimate thing we can share one another is HONESTY!

Good people have worked to hard building this beautiful state and made it great. We must ensure that the efforts do not go to waste. You will know me by the fruits of my labor. What do we know about current governor Sam brownback? What he WANTS you to know, he has much to hide. Evil only occurs in darkness, I am a light the truth shall shine through me like our Sun in the sky.

Thomas James Ford Kansas Governor in 2014"

INTERVIEW: Thomas James Ford

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