Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Having just had this graphic taken out on the way over to America ...  actually, MUCH more nefariously CRIMINAL, REPLACED (with some bullshit about a movie) we publish it instead.

These bastards CANNOT be abllowed to RAPE CHILDREN and GET AWAY WITH IT!

Note the BBC can use press cutting services, too ... And so can the PRIME MINISTERS OFFICE!

Now then, now then ... For legal reasons, we'd better not say mor, but to the awake and aware, this, is going to tell you just about everything you need to know aout the CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT DAVID CAMERON (who was IN GOVERNMENT AT THE TIME!).  Not so much a case of CaMORON this time, as knowingly knowing KNOWN CHILD RAPISTS??????

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"Boy was sexually abused by members of the Royal Househo... on Twitpic

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 We'd better shut up.

We're SURE the police aren't going to let us down.  Right?! .... :/

You'll find a very, very instructive letter sent to THERESA MAY on Tom Watson MP's website.

You can add two and two and get GOVERNMENT PAEDO CONSPIRACY, can't you?

Just so you know, here what I see, when I look at this page you are reading now.  I do hope you can see the graphic .. #Lulz

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