Friday, 26 April 2013


Vatican Bank (u DUMBFUX WHO WILL DIE SOON) ...


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Brazilian Indigenous SLAUGHTERS of the GLOBAL NAZI BRIGADES gains:

UK rationality (press, at least;  no status change on the INSANE BALD DWARF nor any updates on the BRITAM CHEMICAL WEAPONS US AUTHORISAED SALES of CHEMICAL BOMBS (deisnged to blame Russia if I remember?!) ...

"Claims that Syria has used sarin gas should be treated with caution
The US has said the use of chemical weapons would trigger a response – so any concrete evidence must be made public
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Over to the usual neever0changing LOON status of every last American on PLANET EARTH in COSMOS ...

"Chuck Hagel says Syria used chemical weapons on 'small scale' – live blog

We did HAGEL

Yes, yes!  We did:

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

but ...

Back to your morning bagel.

Oh; the weather; just in. mor HAARP CHemtrials and NANO-NAN GENOCIDE, up in Scotland, no doubt.

Rite. ;)


Over in USA:
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